Simpsons Wrestling Act 3 Starts Sunday

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Posting this a little early because of the impending weekend….so, just a friendly reminder that SUNDAY morning, April 26th, Act 3 of the Simpsons Wrestling Event will be starting.  The official start time is 10am ET.

The Act 2 (and Act 1) questline won’t be going anywhere, so if you haven’t finished the prizes you’ll have a chance to complete it even after Act 3 starts.

Also, here’s some inside info to help you prepare for Act 3 to start…

During Act 3 it’s up to Bart and Dr. Bonebreak to save Springfield! Of course, you’ll have to follow along with the dialogue to find out what happens, but the same characters used for Act 2 currency tasks should be used for the Act 3 currency tasks, including a brand new one for Act 3! So we’re looking at:
Prof. Werner von Brawn (Premium)
Rumbleina (Premium)
New Premium Character for Act 3

You’ll also need Burns and 5 Springfielders free for the initial questline objective…

There will also be one new premium character combo introduced during Act 3 (a Gil Deal!), and that character will be able to help with the currency earning for Act 3.  (150 donuts will be needed if you’d like to purchase the combo)

And that’s it my friends!  Be prepared for Act 3 to start up Sunday morning!

Thoughts on Act 2?  Ready for Act 3?  Excited to see where the story goes?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

29 responses to “Simpsons Wrestling Act 3 Starts Sunday

  1. awhile ago I rebuilt my Springfield to mirror the “unofficial“ Springfield map with what buildings they offer in the game but there are so many on that map not in the game. EA should release all those small buildings in the Yearbook Mystery Box

  2. You are wonderful!‼️

  3. What a drawn out event, this could have been a 2 week event, I finished act 2 on Monday morning, bored silly with this dud hope better time ahead of us, stay safe, the force is strong here 😎

  4. Well, with the two premium characters it was a breeze and on my other game with just the regular Joe´s more or less the same. Not much of a challenge but hey, new buildings so who cares. Prices are okay, dialogue is good imho.

    Bring on Gill and Week 3.

  5. Tomorrow?
    Or Sunday?

  6. Good Morning 🌞

    I’m 3,400 deep in 🍩’s and ready to ruuuuuumble into Act 3 (bring on the new Premium Content / worthy Act 3 Prizes!) 😀👍🏻

    It’s getting hotter out West / South West, so have your A/C ready (or else!) 🥵🌡️

    Thanks to Alissa & Patric & Safi we all know what to do – how long we have to do it – what to look forward to with the newest Episodes (we even got great tips for keeping your Game App from crapping out on you!) ☺️👌🏻

    Stay Safe / Back To Work For Me 🕊️

    • It tried snowing here yesterday, so I think I am ok on the AC front for a couple of weeks.

      We just bought a new house in the fall, the fins on the AC have about 5 layers of grime, as soon as weather gets better i will clean them up with the garden hose. That will make it much more efficient.

      • Don’t forget to recharge the non freon coolant 😀👍🏻
        (For Home and Car)

        California Deserts are already in the 100°’s
        It will be 93° today in Las Vegas

        Stay Safe

  7. See, now I’m conflicted. I’m enjoying and want to finish the event, like the new premium characters, but Gil deals always seem to be such a poor return on investment for all them donuts. Need a pros and cons breakdown methinks.

    • Pro

      You will get a new Character that helps earn Event Currency (paired with either a Building, or Decor, with Character Tasks)

      Probably better than the potential Dumb Decor (or Building Skin) coming soon as Event Prize


      you got to have 🍩’s

    • They are not really Gil’s deals anymore, no different to what we are normally offered at the start of each act. Just EA’s lazy way, that they are so adept at, at the moment.

  8. Still can’t open my account for 2 days
    It’s won’t load and stuck on the loading screen😔
    Do anybody has the same issues?

  9. Can anyone else still exchange Krustyland tickets for cash..via the Krustyland entrance? Can’t in my game all of a sudden.

    • I believe this shuts off once you have 3 billion of in game cash.

      Did you recently pass that amount?

      If you spend down, the option returns.

      I don’t know why it shuts off, but I guess that if you are at 3 billion, do you you really need the exchange?

      • Ah that explain it. I indeed passed the 3 gazillion limit recently as well. It is starting to look like Brewsters Millions… it is next to impossible to spend that much money to lower the limit. Guess I will max out at 4.3 gazillion at some point.
        (Wasn´t there supposed to be a follow up for Springfield Heights? Would not mind getting rid of some in game cash…. luxury problems.. moan moan moan….)

        • My donut farming consists of selling an buying oil rigs.

          I know it’s not the most cost efficient, but I find it better than having to buy multiples of whatever

    • Then again, my other level 42 game (no pun intended) with 35.000 game cash as we speak does not offer the Krusty-bucks for real in-game currency exchange. But that could be a matter of “not yet”.

      So either I am underlevelled or overpaid…..

  10. Thank you! I thought it was every 9 days and was just about to look up the calendar. Have a great weekend everyone!

  11. Tomorrow?

  12. I feel like Ea could have done so much more with this event than just a simple 4hrs send them off and repeat. It could have easily been a competitive unlock wrestling characters by doing tasks then level them up and wrestle against other players to make them stronger and get more victories, or just the ability to build own wrestling arena. But for what EA has given us this Event the thing that disappoints me the most is that we are getting 3 rings and so far not in a single one have they given us character animations to show them wrestling inside the ring. However on the plus side the one good thing I will say for this event is the writing is definitely on par again and has had me chuckling a few times and a few of the other prizes aren’t too bad although I will probably store the rings.

    Sorry for all the complaining and congratulations if you made it all the way through.

    • Don’t get me started lol 😜😠

    • You made plenty of valid points that would’ve made this an A+ Event 😀👍🏻

      We’re lucky to have an Event (who knows if we will have another). I believe enough Tappers wanted to see Characters in a ruuuuuumble!

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