Friday Filler – Things That Have Gotten Weird(er)

Thank Grog It’s Firday!

I have to admit that this has been a pretty great week, if you want to ignore the fact that it’s still weird out there.  I mean, yes…it’s still very weird out there. And depending on who you talk to (from a safe distance), it is even weirder than usual.

People are losing it.  Not just about the game not working right, but other stuff too.  I think it has to do with realistic expectations.  I mean…come on…did you really thing that TSTO would work great during an international pandemic, when it hardly worked well before???   Bob can only do so much…even though working at home has been great for him!  He doesn’t have to wear pants, and his cat “Frederick-Von-Cattinburgh” loves having him around.

But, if you start to look at some of the other hints, it’s obvious to me that the writers were losing it, BEFORE the rest of us were losing it.  Bearing in mind (not baring…that’s different…ask Bob), that a lot of this had to be planned, and most likely written and programmed way before the Pandemic Panic hit.

So there are some weird twists…even for TSTO.
Like the writers deciding that Homer can use the term, “A-Hole.”  I’m not certain (and I’m sure Saffi will correct me on this) but A-hole is not the kind of language that Homer usually uses in the series.  He may be a lazy, insensitive, lout…but, he rarely goes into the “gutter mouth” region with his vocabulary.

And come on. I know that Bonebreak is supposed to be based on Hulk Hogan…who is a very multi-dimensional dude (he looks weirdly ripped from any angle), but a Buddhist?

Let’s just open the whole mess up to another xenophobic rant against NON-VIOLENCE by someone who is supposed to be the picture of violence. But then again…xenophobic rants ARE protected speech…Just ask Lisa…or YouTube…or FaceBook.

But, none of this is why this week was so special.  First of all…the Rotary Food Box program I am working to expand is working. Super well.  We are up to over 200 food boxes weekly for families that have not eaten for a few days.  Very cool. Very rewarding. A lot of work by a handful of people. But worth it.

Second…I got word that my eyes are coming back next week.  I was scheduled to have cataract surgery the day AFTER they shut everything down.  Missed it by one day. Bummed.  I went from March 17th to June 15th.

But, I just got a call that they are moving me up with the latest re-opening of medical clinics to NEXT MONDAY (and Friday for the other eye).  Bring it on.  Now I can see my golf ball again. I know. I know. First world problems.

And finally…while we are still SUPER worried that my future son-in-law Josh, is working the front lines of the ER at the Portland VA hospital (ground zero for Portland), he was able to celebrate his 30th birthday with a huge outpouring of love and support.

What you have to know about Josh, is that as crazy as his life can be professionally (trust me…he’s seen it all), he has the ability to escape, and enjoy life to the fullest.  He has a laugh…that you will never forget.  It’s is infectious in the best kind of way. When you hear it, you can’t help but laugh.  It is this loud, rhythmic, deep laugh…that goes on and on.

And because it is so rhythmic…it caught me ear, and I was able to turn it into a Birthday Hip Hop Song.  Oh…and you have to see him dance.  Good God. Take a look!

So…yes…while the rest of the world just seems like it is dividing itself into weird camps of insanity…we can all agree that Laughter…is REALLY needed.  Thanks Josh!

That’s it. Short and sweet this week. I have to go deliver food boxes.

I will see you next week…with at least ONE improved eye…followed soon thereafter by another.  I’ll give you the report.

Keep Safe. Keep Sane.  This too shall pass. 

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  1. Great video😁

  2. Do you love it? I do! I can’t stop grinning. I’m going to go play it again. You’re a very cool F-I-L, Patric. Good thoughts for your surgery.

  3. Robyn Hayward

    Can anyone help me out? My game won’t start and I have no clue what to do lol it’s been days, I’ve restarted my phone several times but it’s stuck at the main page… Should I uninstall and reinstall?

  4. Good news on your eyes by the way Patric.

  5. Jason Cheshir

    Happy birthday Josh!

  6. Best of luck with the cataract surgery.
    My dad was due to have his done at the end of March, and it is on hold for now….
    Mum had hers done last year, and is convinced it was the best thing she’s done in a long time 🙂

    Stay safe everyone!

  7. Keith Rooney

    Games a dud and think it’s all down to habit, been playing for that long it’s time to break that habit, the events are all the same format and boring, and Bob who’s real just doesn’t have the motivation or resources to do it any differently.

    • While TSTO is still a distraction from the world (free to download with no ads – who knows how long that will last with Team Disney), I still wish EA would use it’s social networks to engage Tappers (inquire what we want, have polls to vote on, etc – you know everything Alissa does already, but act on it!)

      Poor Bob (or Babs, as I still don’t know which respective gender to address them with) is probably trying to keep TSTO going on a smaller budget and limited hours due to the pandemic.

      Patric offered up the best suggestion – take a break from tapping and go do some things to benefit the real world (I did and during this pandemic it’s very necessary to safely volunteer in order to help those in need – just don’t put your health at risk).

      TSTO can still be a distraction from life’s stress, but it can also be annoying for exactly how you described this Event (same Format and it’s boring, those dumb Prizes – which I will add).

      I mentioned Team Disney (going to chuckle at those who said “Disney is not involved contractually with TSTO!” as we already had 1 brief promo for Disney – Fox – Pixar). You & I know more of Disney will show up in TSTO (EA can’t afford to say “no Disney, you can’t do that!” when Disney owns this FOX i.p.)

      Let’s all wish Josh Happy Birthday (and Stay Safe) 😀👍🏻

    • It takes 30 days to make or break a habit. So far, I’ve only been able to stay away for three days. So addicted? Yep. But it is like other addictions…”doing it more, but enjoying it less.”

  8. Good Evening / Happy May Day 🌝

    I’m still working, safe from exposure to Covid-19 (because I’m not an eeediot taking unnecessary risks!), but more irritating than when EA offers up Dumb Event Prizes? (Act 3 was more dumb then rewarding (lol!) … it’s when people who become temporarily unemployed begin to make bad decisions – such as bailing on their pets “because I can’t afford to feed them!”, when (with the support of the SPCA & Best Friends dot Org) we’ve created a free pet food pantry to solve that! 😏

    Yes, people who are bad pet owners – that makes me cranky – and so do demonstrators demanding that “everything must open up” who are not wearing masks, using gloves, practicing social distancing (because they don’t care!) 🤬

    I’ve cracked jokes about the Game App, made some constructive criticism about TSTO Events (FYI if you use @EAHelp on Twitter, feel free to start with “Hey Bob” or “Hey Barbera” and state your case – you’ll get a reply, just thank the Tech Support by their real name please), I’m having what fun I can with some of the new Content (I’m with every Tapper that just wanted to see Characters visually ruuuuuumble, because that would be funny to see!), and yeah I noticed Homer did use a term not seen in TSTO before (I guess we need a swear jar in the Game App?)! 😂

    If all only had to deal with was EA having another snafu involving their Network (or Origin Account) vs real world, I could laugh it off without a care …. but it is the weekend when I don’t Tap, and I will continue to volunteer at the Local Food Bank for Humans & Animals (free delivery to the disabled!) aka this is how you help a community survive the worst of times. 👉🏻

    Maybe this whole Wrestling Event is Kayfabe, but what’s not Kayfabe? Wishing Patric a speedy recovery from cataract surgery (I could only handle one 👁️ procedure a year, so I applaud you for doing one 👁️ a month!) and hoping his son-in-law (Josh) stays safe on the job (ER) – actually, I wish every Hospital could get a USAF Thunderbirds flyover like we got honouring those putting their lives on the line (it’s a nice way of saying ‘thank you’!) 👍🏻

    Stay Safe Everyone 😊

    • I wrote about the idiots PROTESTING the right to come out of lockdown a while ok but the post was either censored or lost.
      Do these people look at the daily figures coming out of the USA ?

    • Re people’s pets, I just can’t understand why the owners pick up there pets dodo,crap in a bag and then throw it into the bushes or up a tree 🤷‍♂️ Go figure pet owners

      • That does seem counterproductive. I get a hoot out of seeing the sizes of bags being carried, in direct proportion to the pet. Those tiny little dogs…with tiny little baggies, crack me up. But, you don’t see a lot of gallon size freezer bags being carried by Great Dane owners. I think there is a limit…or maybe they’re too heavy to heave into the trees.

    • I live in Colorado Springs, home of the Air Force Academy. I find little ” nice” about the needless air and noise pollution, not to mention the waste of taxpayer money. But, I guess some people think it’s inspiring, so, why not? …U.S.A.!!! …etc.

  9. Call it fate, coincidence, chance, serendipity, fortune, providence. Just finished this Quarantine classic. Then came here to see your post about Bob. Love Bill Murray

    • CO got a flyover
      NY got a flyover
      (well they got Thunderbirds & Blue Angels)
      PA is getting one

      Yeah they flew over my Condo an I could see Hospital Staff nearby (Henderson Hospital) applauding – which tells me they appreciated the gesture.

      Actually? this costs less 💰 in tax payer funds compared to the canceled Red Flag Operations in
      NV at Nellis Air Force Base / Area 51 (I’m fond of cracking ‘murica jokes, but with family in 🇬🇧 & 🇺🇸 Military? I do support them & this moral booster)

      Stay Safe 👍🏻

  10. Thanks for all the people like Josh in the world and belated happy birthday wishes to him.
    I am sure that your song will be very much appreciated by him, but I have not been converted to hip hop – Sorry!
    I will be thinking of you on Monday when you have your eye surgery and I wish you a speedy recovery so you can get back to your golf.
    Very best wishes,
    Jackie x

  11. I’m a fairly regular reader here, but I feel like I missed something along the way. Who is this “Bob” that is sometimes mentioned in the posts and comments? It seems to be a reference to someone at EA. But is Bob a real person, or just a general term for anyone at EA who works on TSTO?

    • Bob is a fake person Pat refers to as the only person programming TSTO these days. It’s not a real person, just an inside joke from Pat related to EA’s lack of support for the game over the last couple of years

      • Fake? Fake you say? He is neither fake nor real…much like the other EA employees with whom we have contact. Well…at least he is as productive as the other employees with whom we have contact.

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