App Store Update: Game of Games Sequel

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

There’s an app store update available now!

This is a Game of Games Sequel…and this is another 4 Act Multi-Event.  It runs until July 16th.

I’m currently going through everything associated with this event.  So I’ll be back shortly with a rundown post for Act 1.  For now, know that things kick off with a task for Milhouse, Bart, and Martin for 60s…

Back soon….

38 responses to “App Store Update: Game of Games Sequel

  1. Rosalyn Wright

    I have no sound

  2. Gemma Stevenson

    Why have I got no sound in tapped out .

  3. I have been having severe technical difficulties with my iPad, lately, which have been interfering with my ability to play TSTO, but I don’t have any other compatible mobile devices that I can download the game to.

    How do I make it possible for me to play TSTO on my laptop computer (as an emergency backup) when my iPad is malfunctioning and/or not working properly?

  4. Wasn’t expecting this so only found out about it today ( 11th June ) at about 8:30pm UK time, strangely it updated automatically ( Didn’t need to visit app store, ) albeit over a day late!

    Have been redesigning my original ( bigger of the 2 ) town and donut farming on an industrial scale using 300+ Kwik E Marts and Rat Trap Trucks. The event is kind of a distraction but as it only needs to be attended to briefly every 4 hours I will continue with the redesign and donut farming and will probably buy all the premium stuff from the event, provided it will be useful in the new town I’m building!

    Happy Tapping All! 😀

  5. 2nd – Welp, I’m super duper busy that while I appreciated the new Event with New Content? (including the funny writing that pokes fun at EA aka themselves, and Sky Finger aka Tappers gets name checked) I rushed thru Act 1 using Strawberry (Act 1’s Premium Character Combo who comes with the Malibu Stacy Car), because Act 1 is filled with Crap Prizes (in my opinion):

    1 Building – Captain Blip’s Zapateria (which is awesome)
    3 Decors – 2 of which are Crap (Dragon Tennis Ball Shooter, PaDubba the Dubsteppa), 1 is a toss up you can improve upon (Arcade Cabinets) if you want to spend 🍩’s (Arcade Cabinet Walls at 75 sprinkles each) or it’s Crap, too
    1 Token – for the Game of Games The Sequel Mystery Box (I got Conflict of Enemies Battle Arena w/SmellYaL8r , I’m left with just Mr. Dirt – I’m gathering plenty of Content in it is available in our Regular Mystery Box – so take it as a freebie when you get a Token, unless you have everything already – then you’re not truly being rewarded for your time Tapping! And that’s Crap!)

    You get 1 new Building, maybe something from the new Mystery Box worthwhile, 1 new Character (if you spend sprinkles!) and th-th-th-thats all for Act 1 folks! 🤷🏼‍♂️

  6. 1st – thank you Alissa for the heads-up (better use WiFi to download this update, or it’ll be a l-o-o-o-o-n-g wait – unless you’ve got 5G!) 😀👍🏻

  7. !!!Attention!!!
    💩Where can I view the friggin Strawberry character card intro ‘My name is Strawberry & my face is on a lunchbox’? …1st time ever in 7 years I screwed up my screenshot to save in my perfectly obsessive character collection…
    I require this stupid thing ASAP!!!💩🤓💩

  8. Thankfully I checked this site today. New iPad never has the update available unless I search for it. I had 3 updates available and TSTO was not one of them.

  9. I havn’t been able to access the game for two days, even after having dowloaded today’s update. Just the loading card and the donut spinning forever. I see there are similar comments on the Play store rating page. Does anyone here have the same problem ?

  10. Updated on IOS,event has started but one of my buildings has disappeared and in its place are *glitching characters* What’s all that about? I think it’s the ‘Chuck e cheese’ type but it’s all a bit odd

    • My “Knowledge Center (for kids)” seems to have a glitch with the Wall-E-Weasel character’s head (while the character isn’t released in our game yet, while plenty of other glitches around that building but, each time I leave and come back the characters head is pretty much the only consistency..
      I took LOTS of screen grabs, some of the glitch poses of characters are funny and yes plenty of weirdness.
      It seems like someone might be messing with the space-time continuum, and it is not me this time… or not the current me :p

      • After further deduction and experimenting with moving buildings on and around the glitch, the consistency (head) remains in that location and has nothing to do with the “Knowledge Center” but (yes, as reported from others) the place where my Wall-E Weasels building would have been and I can’t transform it back so we’ll have to wait for the patch.

  11. First, thank you EA for not making the start tasks 4 hours long like you did with the wrestling event. Secondly, has anyone noticed the music and SFX cutting off? Thirdly, another thank you to EA for bringing back the Bowling Lanes since I only had one from 3 years ago. Fourthly, has anyone else had any freezes with the guide and in the mystery box?

  12. Won’t let me in. I get the Can’t Connect To Server message.

    And I hope that everyone is staying safe. ^^

  13. Opening dialogue for act 1 looked promising then you get the prize track….. terrible. Nothing but more lame decorations and final prize is a mystery box token for a mystery box full of more decorations for the most part.

    Thinking it’s time to be done with this game now, same redundant events every time

  14. Can someone please tell me which character starts the event?

    • It’s an auto-trigger. It’ll start on its own, as long as you’ve downloaded the latest update. However, you need Bart, Milhouse and Martin free for the first task.

  15. Tarry 'Bricks' Carapezza

    Got it for Kindle 5:02pm EST

  16. OK, is this another event where you have to throw the same group of characters onto nothing but 4 hours jobs and grind away, or will this event actually have some other stuff to do, challenges, or something besides setting an alarm to recycle jobs on the 4 hour mark?

    • It’s the same Characters doing 4 hour grind Tasks + a few different on the side doing separate Tasks (this hasn’t changed, it never will, yes it can suck)🤷🏼‍♂️

  17. “‘MADMAX’?! Who’s ‘MADMAX’?”
    Oh wait, wrong franchise…

  18. No update in APP store, restarted iPad still not there.

  19. I’m so excited about this event
    that I almost dropped my corn dog and cotton candy .

    See ya bye . 👽🛸

  20. Nicole Martinez-Martin

    Also there’s no availed updates in my App Store for the game

  21. Nicole Martinez-Martin

    The event is not starting for me

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