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Friday Filler- Wait…So This Is Still A Game??

Thank Grog It’s Firday! 

I had to laugh at the opening screenshots of this new “event.”  The whole bit with the mysterious “TGM” (The Game Master) revealing that their reality was a simulation.

With the response being a very appropriate “Duh!

But, of course, as I have discussed in many other posts over the years, I absolutely loved the possibility that there may not only be different versions of our reality, but that all of what we know is but a simulation…like a video game.

Until recent events.

If this is all just a simulation, then the “player” (our own version of Sky Finger) is a total jerk.

But, let’s be honest…this event also proves once again, that “those who make our reality” in TSTO, are also a bunch of lazy jerks.  Yes. I’m talking to YOU BOB!!
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Game of Games Calendar and Math You Need to Get It All

So…BOOM!  Right on schedule, as if they don’t have a clue what’s going on in the world, another TSTO “event” has shown up. Same format. Mostly the same math.  With some funny dialogue.  OK. So what’s new?  (Don’t ask…and don’t watch the news!).

But…as I am still “loyal to the cause,” I spent a few hours cobbling this together for all of you!
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App Store Update: Game of Games Sequel

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

There’s an app store update available now!

This is a Game of Games Sequel…and this is another 4 Act Multi-Event.  It runs until July 16th.

I’m currently going through everything associated with this event.  So I’ll be back shortly with a rundown post for Act 1.  For now, know that things kick off with a task for Milhouse, Bart, and Martin for 60s…

Back soon….