Game of Games Sequel Act 1 in Live! The Rundown and What You Need To Know

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Update time in Springfield!  Just when you think they’re going to skip a week, EA jumps in at the eleventh hour with an update!

Anyway…what’s in store for us this time?  Well, it’s return to last year’s Game of Games event.  The Game of Games sequel!  Loads of dialogue with this one, so be sure to read along to see what happens! And of course, I’ll be posting it as each week wraps up…

Once again we see another multi-event in Springfield.  So love them, or hate them, they’re still here.  So let’s all try to make the best of this…

Anywho….things kick off with 60s tasks for Bart, Milhouse, and Martin.  

After you’ve completed these initial tasks you’ll kick off the Game of Games Sequel…

First, remember this was an app store update available for download.  So if you haven’t already done so, and you don’t see the Splash Screen above for your game, head to your app store and update TSTO.  You may have to search the store for Tapped Out, as it doesn’t always appear on the update list initially…

We did not receive an event package from EA for this, as of this post time, so I don’t have the traditional event overview and Act Synopsis for you.  If/when we receive those I’ll update the post(s) to include them.

We should all know by now unless of course, you’re new to TSTO that the prizes for this event follow the same questline format to unlock as our regular mini-events do.

Just like every large event recently, this is not your typical Major Event.  And there are pros and cons to that, and everyone will find their own pros and cons.  And some people’s pro will be someone else’s con.

As always, I just ask that you have an open mind, and reserve judgment until we’re into the event.  It’s 5 weeks long, it should be fairly easy to complete, you’ll unlock a bunch of new prizes and no crafting to grind through,  so let’s just have some good old fashioned TSTO fun! And, as long as you don’t rush things, you won’t get bored because it’ll change each week!

As I stated above, the initial quests are 60s tasks .   Once completed you’ll start the Dubstepping Up Your Game questline, which is the Act 1 story to follow.  This is how you’ll unlock the Act 1 prizes.

Note: Some of you have mentioned you are having trouble getting the event to start.  You need to download the latest update and the requirements for this are: Level 15 and you MUST have Comic Book Guy AND Nelson unlocked.  It won’t trigger without those two.

The Mysterious Gamer
Auto starts

Milhouse: Man, summer is like, in my top-five seasons. No school, spending all day indoors at the arcade watching you play Touch of Death…The only thing more fun would be if you ever let me play. But hey, we Van Houtens know our place.
Bart: Milhouse, I’m on a once-in-a-lifetime run here, and I can’t afford a single mistake. So zip it!
Milhouse: Got it. Consider my lip zipped. Won’t be hearing from me anymore!  No sir, not a peep. Because I’ve never seen you so in the zone before. You’re gonna beat your high score!
Bart: C’mon…c’mon… YES! A personal best. Now, to just add my initials to the leaderboard, so thousands of years from now, people will still marvel at my achievement. Wait a second, what’s this? There’s a new name on the leaderboard…
Milhouse: “TGM”? Who is “TGM”? Look! Escape from Grandma’s House also has “TGM” on the leaderboard!
Martin: It’s on Larry the Looter, too!
Bart: This “TGM” is still among us, I can feel it in my joystick blisters… Spread out, men!
Make the Kids Search for the Mysterious Gamer x3. 60s, Bart, Milhouse and Martin
Martin: *pointing* Who…is that?
Milhouse: Wow, look at his fingers! I’ve never seen someone with such pristine hand-eye coordination. He must file his nails. And his eyelids!
Bart: Ah c’mon, he’s not THAT good.
Martin: He set a new high score!
Milhouse:  *running over* Hey, Mister. What’s your name?
The Game Master: You may call me…The Game Master. *THUNDERCLAP*
Martin: The Game Master… “TGM”…like the prophecy of the leaderboards foretold!
Milhouse: Pretty lame handle. I would’ve gone with “The Gaminator”. Or maybe “The Extermigamer”.
The Game Master: Silence! As The Game Master, it falls on me to blow your minds by informing you that this world we live in is nothing but a mere…SIMULATION! *ANOTHER THUNDERCLAP*
Bart: Well, duh.

And this triggers the entire story premise for each act…

(and yes, just like I did for the past multi-events, I’ll be posting full dialogue for this one before each week is over)

Now let’s talk about what’s included…


I’ll lay out specifically what you need to do for each part in the turbo tappin’ post, but I don’t want any of you to get messed up with this.  So don’t forget to SCROLL!

Currency Act 1:  Arcade Tokens

Here are the prizes for Part 1:

Captain Blip’s Zapateria- Dubstepping Up Your Game Pt. 1 and 175
Dragon Tennisball Shooter- Dubstepping Up Your Game Pt. 2 and 125
 PaDubba The Dubsteppa- Dubstepping Up Your Game Pt. 3 and 125
Arcade Cabinets- Dubstepping Up Your Game Pt. 4 and 125
 Mystery Box token- Dubstepping Up Your Game Pt. 5 and 125

Questline, which I’ll post later, will show how each is unlocked. 

Characters who can complete tasks for Act 1:
Strawberry (New Premium)

Each Act will have a new premium character that will earn event currency.  From what I can see, based on the info from EA, characters will be used throughout the entire event.  So Act 1 will be used in Act 2, 3, and 4…etc. 

Characters earn:

5/4hrs for Freemium
8/4hrs for New Premium

The Store

Here’s what’s included today:

New stuff…

   Strawberry and Malibu Stacy Cart- 125 Donuts.  Earns event currency for entire event. Cart earns 3.5% bonus on cash and XP.  Leaves stores July 16th

Arcade Cabinets Wall- 75 Donuts. Earns nothing.


Mystery Boxes…

Game of Games The Sequel Mystery Box-  Mystery Box Token Only.  Includes:

Sequel Stop
Marching Band Arcade
the Detonator
General Splattin
Satellite Station
Mr. Dirt
Conflict of Enemies Championship Arena
Conflict of Enemies Indoor Stage
Grief Counselor
Conflict of Enemies Battle Arena
Stick Up Walrus
Dash Dingo

The Mystery Box requires tokens to unlock.  You can either earn tokens for FREE on the prize tracks (there will be 1/Act).  Or you can purchase them in the store for donuts.
1 Token costs 70 Donuts
or you can buy
5 Tokens for 280 Donuts

Returning Premium:

 Crowd of Gamers- 10 Donuts

 Bowling Lane- 25 Donuts.  0.60% Bonus on cash and xp.

Coolsville Comics and Milo- 150 Donuts

Sophie Krustofsky- 100 Donuts

Wendell and Zip Zap and Za- 150 Donuts

Queen Helevetia and Castle Equalia- 175 Donuts

Item Limits

Waiting to see if they’ve been upped.  I’m not at the max so I can’t check…feedback would be great 🙂

And that’s it my friends.  The details of Act 1 of the Game of Games Sequel Event!

Your thoughts on the event?  Thoughts on the content?  Excited to see the storyline? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

67 responses to “Game of Games Sequel Act 1 in Live! The Rundown and What You Need To Know

  1. Since Alissa has addressed “audio issues” before (we’ve all experienced being kicked out of the Game App, then Login again only to have no audio at all), it’s not worth repeating …. let’s just say EA Bob (or Babs) hasn’t fixed the “audio issues” (and probably never will).

    Why expedite Act 1? I’m too busy at work an at home remodeling (amazing work remodeling by Patric and Alissa, too) …. and it’s too many Bart Simpson Screens (it’s occurring too many times), even with 5G speeds (or 1 Gig WiFi) with 6Gig RAM & 100Gig ROM of extra space on the device …. so it’s not Me, it’s L-EA-Z-Y and their Network (get what you can done quickly in the Game App, then walk away ’til Act 2 starts) you can confirm that at EA Help.

    The new Content is fun, especially when you can create a new Section in your Springfield …. and it’s not when you hit Item Limits (Patric nailed it! having the ability to create taken away due to Item Limits just ruins the desire to Tap!) I’m not Nuking my Town, I just carefully Edit (unless I get the Bart Simpson Screen again when trying to do that!) 🤷🏼‍♂️

  2. Figured it out. No happy with App Store.

  3. wooohooooo a COOL update…. for gamers that is… hence me… and once again.. for the 100th time.. i left my table at home to start the event… AWWW… donut rush to the rescue!!!!!!!!

  4. The item limit have not been upped 😩😩

  5. If I look at the character collection for this event there’s not much that I’m looking forward to except for Cosinus. But a certain Hugh Jass was added to the Barflies collection, so I hope he also is part of this event.

    • If it’s Hugh Jass
      Then this will be fun with our resident Bartender Moe 😂👍🏻

      Ehhh, you want New Characters? You’ll be spending the sprinkles (I get a feeling it’s not going to be Character heavy as Event Prizes – maybe Character Skins again).

      I did have fun with Act 1’s Premium 😀

  6. It’s weird that the Blocko Dungeon Set isn’t included in the mystery box along with the rest, I’m still missing that one.

  7. I got the CoE Battle Arena, Mr. Dirt and Stick Up Walrus in my mystery box. At least there’s a way to get more tokens since 10 of the mystery box items are not in the yearbook but 70 to 280 donuts is a lot for 1 and 5 extra tokens.

    • I’ve got exactly 4 items in my mystery box [ CoE Battle Arena, Simpson’s Laser Tag, Satellite Station, Stick Up Walrus] so it works out nicely to finally get all that stuff I didn’t want before. ;p

    • 1 Token an Act
      I think you will get that you mentioned in this Event?
      (all I have left is Mr Dirt)

      • SB GIBBS: at least you won’t have to buy tokens and you can store them when you completed their questlines. IMO, The Satellite Station and CoE Battle Arena are the best ones because they come with a 4% and 1.5% bonus plus the arena comes with a premium costume for Nelson.
        CJBrownLV: Thanks, Mr. Dirt and 36 donuts isn’t bad for 4 prizes.

  8. I have no sound in the game. It starts with the opening sound then cuts out. Anyone else have this problem?

  9. Hey Alissa, you can add the Simpson Lasertag to the list of Mystery Box items. At least, that’s the only thing that is in mine together with the satellite station. So I assume I already have the rest although I don’t know what it all is, lol. 🙂
    This will then be the first time for me getting donuts instead of items from the box (well, hopefully)


  10. Only one item in the box for me, so I’m hoping the rest of the tokens will give 12 donuts & there is no glitch as in the last 5 week event !!!
    Nice little % bonus with the premium character.

  11. F*ck while checking out the new event this morning I accidentally purchased a token for the box (i obviously didn’t want it in the leastest!!). Anyone has any advice? I already contacted EA to try to get my donuts back (70 for 1 item when 60 get you two in the YEarbook??!!!).
    Anyone had a similar experience?

    I hate that they got rid of the safeguard “are you sure you want to spend x donuts on..” message. now I have to be careful and i’m visually impaired unfortunately.

    Thanks in advance

  12. Wait, one of the arcade cabinets in the 4th price is POLYBIUS?


  13. Hi there!

    Not sure if this is event-related but it did pop up at the same time – in the donuts purchase screen, the 300 donut offer has changed for apparently a limited time – I can get 25% more donuts (great!) but Jebediah Springfield is gone (bad!)

    Now I get paid in about ten days and, as I play with my son, was planning on getting the 300 donuts to spend and use Jebediah. But now I can’t! Any idea how long the limited time offer will last?

  14. Donald MacAlpine

    Has anyone else had the game go silent?
    I no longer have any sound when playing on my Chromebook (Lenovo C630, ChromeOS 83), but it still works on my (Android) phone.

    • Donald MacAlpine

      To clarify – the sound works on the loading screen, but not in game.
      Clearing the cache/data and un/re-installing didn’t fix it.

  15. After the event triggered, my Wall E. Weasel’s building disappeared and in its position all I see is glitched characters and decorations. And if I try to select it for e.g. to store it to my inventory it simply selects only the pavement giving you the sense that there is now only pavement there and not a glitched building. Tried to force quit the app, even restarted my iPad but no luck. Does anyone else has this issue or is it just me?

  16. Just updated game for new event and I’ve lost my sound. I have checked my settings in game and on phone itself and they are good but I still can’t hear anything from the game. Anybody else lost their audio?

  17. I’m not sure if it might be that I have auto-updates on or not, but I haven’t been forced to download any major update for months now, the update always start automatically for me on a Samsung S10

  18. Bowling alleys just what I wanted, bought 3 and the character and 3 walls and some crowds, great😁

    • I know! Happy to be excited about designing again! As a Con- I had to move my Pin Pals to an entertainment district on the outskirts of town where there is more space. As a Pro- doing that gave me room to place Curl Up and Dye and Turn Your Head and Coif and expand my Pride area, which now has a virtual monopoly in the hair salon department.
      Off to search the old showoff to see how other Tappers did their bowling alleys.

    • If I eliminate some of the Item Limits problems, I’d like to pick up some extra Bowling Lanes, too (enough for all the Pin Palls) 25 🍩’s each isn’t bad (I can farm that back quickly) and it’s better than Dumb stuff like that Dragon Tennis Ball Shooter. 😀👍🏻

  19. No new event in my store. Anyone else?

    • For Google Play, I had to manually look for it (found it & downloaded it quickly). I feel bad for Amazon Kindle Fire Tappers … it seems there is no support for the older models.

  20. Man, I was hoping Nikki and the Skate park would be in the returning content. No such luck, but super-stoked the bowling alleys are! I somehow missed those in the store 1st time around. Finally The Pin Pals will be able to bowl together in my pocket-sized town. Idk, so far looks like a fun content update to me!

  21. Been a very busy day…
    Just checked my email and saw a delightful one from the
    Divine Ms. A

    Starting late, but….
    Every one was free because,….
    I’ve been busy.

    Thank you for the update on the Update.

    The tired Mr. T

  22. Thanks for the info, this one wasn’t an auto update; at least not for Amazon Kindle.

  23. I started my year sabbatical from the game right at the start at last years Game of Games event. Looking back at all I missed, that was the event I least missed the chance to get the stuff from. So now that I came back, I start right with the sequel. Yay. Act prizes look underwhelming but the store seems to have some cool stuff. So this might be OK

  24. A lot of this stuff looks like I already have it! That is disappointing!

  25. Grrrrrr….I don’t know why…..but I have a strong dislike for anything Malibu Stacy. Have not purchased any Malibu Stacy junk. What is the first offering?!?….Malibu Stacy Cart….Grrrr. My Mystery box has one item in it CoE Battle Arena.
    The good news is that EA didn’t get me this time 😁…was gonna send all the gang on a 24 hr task and decided I better only do 1 hr in case EA fools us 🤣
    And because I’m now hearing Alissa’s voice in my head saying wait and see before judging this event, I will follow her wise judgement. Happy tapping everyone!

  26. I had to reinstall the game (iOS) to get the update to load.
    I only have 4 items (that I haven’t already purchased/won) in the Mystery box, one of which is in the yearbook still, so I’m wondering if I should try my 30 donut luck on getting that item from the yearbook or if I just wait it out and hope we receive 4 free tokens during the course of the event… care to chime in on that topic, I seek your wisdom (at your convenance) :p

    • 1 Token for each Act

      Obtain what you can for free with each Token

      Then visit the Regular Mystery Box for Content

      (You may enjoy some of the new / returning Content – especially the Premiums).

  27. You get 1 new Building, maybe something from the new Mystery Box worthwhile, 1 new Character (if you spend the sprinkles!) and th-th-th-thats all for Act 1 folks! 🤷🏼‍♂️

    So, as much as I appreciate the new Content? I hope Act 2, 3, & 4 are better than Act 1 … or this wins the Crap Event of 2020 (in my opinion) 🤔

    I will say the Act 1 Premium Character Combo is worthwhile if you’re ‘meh’ about most of the Act 1 Prizes (not voiced, but fun Side Quest). 👍🏻

    • I’m actually pleased so far with the prizes on this update. I could never arrange my E4/CofE area to my satisfaction like I pictured it in my head so it’s just been randomly placed all this time. I’m thinking the new games will help finally flesh it out.
      I’ve always had trouble designing the cut away scenes, so I’m not sure about the arcade- but the add on walls are interesting. Can’t wait for the calendar to see what else is in store.

      • Item Limits is still a problem (new Buildings with permanent Character Tasks are cool, so are new Characters – but Dumb Decor I have to Store? yeah that’s not worth Tapping for!)

        IF I manage to deal with Item Limits? I may evaluate if it’s worth the 🍩’s to expand the Arcade area (but only if it has Character Tasks).

        Act 1 is weak.
        I’m OK with the Prize I got with the Token.

        I have 1 Prize left for a Token to use in Act 2
        (either we get 🍩’s for a Token when there’s nothing left in the new Mystery Box, or we’re back to the same problem as last time).

        I had fun with the new Premium Character Combo (but if you don’t spend sprinkles for it? Act 1 is still weak). 🤷🏼‍♂️

  28. I don’t understand why they keep giving out old items as prizes using the tokens. They add one or two items with each event but most is content available though the yearbook but at a higher price.

  29. Yay, a new event!

  30. Is anyone else disappointed there isnt more use of the kids for the 4hr grind in this event?

    • Yes

      But that’s not all I’m disappointed about … 🙄

    • I’m surprised that Martin, Milhouse, Nelson, and Sophie are not used to earn the currency, hopefully in acts 2, 3 & 4 they will be used and its not the same 8 freemiums for the entire event.

      • it’s the same

      • Yes

        This Event should be All Kids, All Nerds, All Geeks only (including University Needs, Professor Frink, Comic Book Guy).

        The use of the same Adult Characters not relevant to Gaming / Arcades is dumb (even the ‘teen’ version of Homer & Barney would’ve made sense).

        • That sure would have been nice.
          Lazy EA…as a fan of the Madden games I’m quite used to the half hearted efforts they give us if it doesnt directly get them money

          • Thanks Alissa. It is lazy that all the freemium characters used to earn currency is the exact same as the freemium characters from the wrestling event and that its the same freemiums for the whole event. I think Maggie, Martin, Milhouse, Nelson, and Sophie (if not Sophie then maybe Ralph instead) should’ve been used instead of all the adult freemium characters, at least the Evergreen Terrors are used in the main questline so that’s something different.

            CJBrownLV: I agree the kids, nerds and geeks would make much more sense than Burns, Grampa, Homer, Marge, Moe, and Smithers plus last years GoG characters like The Detonator, Dash Dingo, Mr. Dirt and Blocko Angelica Button could’ve helped with the currency.

            WADE: I haven’t played any other EA games apart from Plants vs. Zombies 2 but at least TSTO isn’t a massive pay to win since the game is freemium. with only some content and donuts costing real money.

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