Game of Games Calendar and Math You Need to Get It All

So…BOOM!  Right on schedule, as if they don’t have a clue what’s going on in the world, another TSTO “event” has shown up. Same format. Mostly the same math.  With some funny dialogue.  OK. So what’s new?  (Don’t ask…and don’t watch the news!).

But…as I am still “loyal to the cause,” I spent a few hours cobbling this together for all of you!
For all of us longtime players…there are a lot of repeats, in the form of Tokens that really can’t be used, if you already have everything that is in the mystery box. But, what’s new?  (wait…I already said don’t ask!).

But, Alissa assures me there is some funny dialogue. So there’s that.

Here’s the calendar..and the math.  Pretty simple…EAsy…and relatively, kinda, fun…in a “meh” sorta way. A character, three skins, a handful of clutter, and some repeats.  Yep. Everything in the EA world is just as we expected.


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  1. Can someone please tell me what the numbers in red are in the calendar?
    They are confusing the hello out of me!!

  2. Thank you. It’s awesome what you all do. 🙂
    Have a nice weekend!

  3. Cile MacKinnon

    Act 2 is not starting for me!
    Am I correct it was suppose to start today at 10 EST?

  4. Do I need to Complete every Act if I just want some prices of later acts?

  5. I hope we at least get 12 donuts for the token this time as the box is empty for me. Also I hope r2d2 playing the bass can be seen when barts moon mansion is unlocked.

  6. Is anyone else is having infinite loading screen or is it just me?

    • I have to do a hard stop of the app every time I want to go play it. Otherwise, I get stuck on an infinite loading screen. This happens even if I switch screens for a few seconds like to respond to a text or something.

    • Yeah, I get that too. It’s aggravating to have to reboot each time I leave the game and try to get back into it. This happens on my non-apple pads. My IPad has no problems freezing up or getting back into the game…

  7. I like the Cosplayers and the arcade cabinets but nothing much else, playing this event to ease the boredom and take my mind off the operation my wife is having on Monday, strange and worrying times between the operation, isolation, statues, viruses ect

    Nice calender Patric glad something don’t change 😁😂

    • I hope things went well for your wife. I played this game through many a sick family member.

  8. I’ve downloaded the update and no new event. Erased and downloaded the whole game, and still no new event. I’ve got the event screen when I open the game but that’s it. Any ideas?

  9. Well…yes. It has been discussed a lot. Because the game allows people to farm donuts, it is pretty counterproductive of a profit model…and yes, sustaining the game. No money? No game. I buy donuts very rarely these days. I do so when they deserve my money. It’s been a very long time.

  10. WOW the prizes are so….so….so…..CRAPTACULAR!

  11. Thank you for the Event Calendar, Sir. 😀👍🏻

    Yep – Waterslide Tree is a retread (do Tappers get a 2nd One? 🍩’s instead? Or Nada? I guess we will find out during that Act).

    The New Buildings are cool, so are the new Characters (at least so far).

    The Writing is amusing, some of the Content in the new Mystery Box isn’t (it’s free for a Token, so at least it’s free).

    I actually enjoy what’s new in the Store vs the Dumb Decor Event Prizes (I feel they are worth adjusting Item Limits for).

    Now back to remodeling in the backyard (OMG you got 2nd Story Subfloor! that’s a project!)

  12. eleanorhenderson511296214

    Do you think maybe it’s all meh now because it’s possible to farm large amounts of donuts which might mean that not many people are paying real money to play the game? I’m curious as to your opinion, Patric. I’m a die hard fan. I watch a whole season almost every day and I fall asleep to it every night so I’ll keep playing but I do agree that it used to be better.

    • I’m kinda in that boat too. The game certainly changed for me when I learned about farming… not for the better. It’s now mostly just an addiction…imagine

    • El

      I used to religiously buy 🍩’s twice a year (Halloween and Christmas Events) $30 total for 6 years straight ($180 total given to EA!) even with 🍩 farming … and then they got L-EA-Z-Y …. and I know it’s not just Me who said “no more” (EA has got to increase Item Limits, open up Vacant Land, improve that Network, etc of they want real 💰)

      • I would not give EA a penny , just KEM farm for donuts, it’s easy and will give you way more donuts than you will ever need.

        • …. I’m sitting on 4,000 🍩’s …. waiting on Act 2 …. still haven’t obtained everything from the Mystery Box (and editing my Springfield of content so I don’t get further Item Limits warning)

  13. Thanks Patric appreciate the calendar. I’m just going to go ahead say it and get it over with….. this doesn’t look to exciting. Ok yes I’m happy we are still getting updates but there isn’t really anything here Im interested in. Going to stay positive and say at least there will be premium stuff to grab. Happy Day Friends and Happy Tappin! Stay healthy! 🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩

    • Agreed.

    • I have to admit I was excited to see the calendar for the rest of the event prizes, then I was confused for a minute, then I acknowledged it was a few left overs and retreads. Bobera is on furlough and only the writers care any more.

      • EA Bob / Babs is on corona-vacation …. the writers at home delivered ….. there’s new Content (and it’s the new Premium that feels rewarding).

        Maybe things will improve IF EA HQ makes it to Phase 2 Covid-19 restrictions?🤔

  14. MangoFusion01

    Hmmm, I see an interesting strategy playing out here.

    Summary: in my mystery box, I have 8 items. I will earn 4 in the prize track, leaving 4 more to possibly obtain with tokens.

    Tokens cost 70 donuts for 1, or 280 donuts for 5. So the cost of 4 individual tokens (assuming I want to get all items in the mystery box) is 280 donuts, which is the same price as buying 5 tokens.

    So if I buy the 5 tokens, but can only use 4, then I will have 1 left over.

    So here is the interesting part, in the past EA has allowed players to convert unusable tokens for donuts. If that holds true, i can then convert that last token for a donut prize. Meaning my effective outlay would be 280 less whatever is returned. Even if I cant convert the extra token, I am no worse off by taking this strategy.

    However, things would change if I were to earn an additional toke. In the prize track, or if one is gifted to us for Independence Day.

    I’ll probably look at doing this as we get closer to the end. That way I will also see if the prize are worth going for. As it stands, there are quite a few characters in my box.

    • Well…those who have played the longest, have the fewest items (if any) in the mystery box. So, good for the newer players! Not so much for long-time players.

      • Yes I think that for a while now the way the game has been set up is good for the newbies, especially if they have only been playing since EA introduced the 4x mini series events.
        What they don’t know they can’t miss !!!

    • Or you can just farm a bunch of donuts and get everything for free and need zero strategy.

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