New Update: Summer Games (200th Update for Tapped Out)!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well, it’s Friday afternoon and Alissa is busy at work,…so of course EA is going to choose now to drop the new mini-event update!  Yes, an all-new mini-event has hit our games, so let’s check out what’s in store for us this time…

It’s almost time for the 2020 Summer Olympics, so why not have a Summer Olympic Event!  Remember to download the app store update if you haven’t already done so.  You won’t see this mini-event until you’ve downloaded the update.  And if you don’t see the update available try these steps:  Hard close your App store, clear your cache, restart your device.  When it reboots, open your app store and search Tapped Out.

What’s included with this event?  Let’s take a look….

The event starts with some funny dialogue from Mayor Quimby, Miss Springfield, and Kent Brockman discussing the postponement of the 2020 Summer Olympics.

Note: You’ll need Mayor Quimby free for a one hour task to kick things off. 

Summer Games 2020 Mini-Event  (ends August 5th)

As it is the 200th update for TSTO, EA is giving everyone the Truck Truck Truck for FREEEEE!!!

Not enough? How about a FREEEEE large Parking Lot!!!

Still not enough FREE stuff? How about 30 FREEEEE donuts!!!


After you complete Mayor Quimby’s one hour tasks, the event will kick off…


Remember, this is a mini-event.  So it’ll run for 2 weeks (ends August 5th).

There is no new land released, no new friend level prizes, no increase in in-game money or Height REV limits, or no new Road to Riches Prizes.


Now onto the content…

We’ll start with the prizes:


Dancing Children (Decoration)- Unlocked via Summer Sportin’, Had Me a Blast Pt. 1 and 105 trophies

A building– Unlocked via Summer Sportin’, Had Me a Blast Pt. 2 and x trophies (I miss Alissa)

A Homer Outfit (Skin)– Unlocked via Summer Sportin’, Had Me a Blast Pt. 3 and x trophies (I miss Alissa)

A decoration– Unlocked via Summer Sportin’, Had Me a Blast Pt. 4 and x trophies (I miss Alissa)

A character– Unlocked via Summer Sportin’, Had Me a Blast Pt. 5 and x trophies (I miss Alissa)


Here’s a list of who earns the Event Currency…

Summer Games Chairman (New Premium)

5 trophies/freemium and 8 trophies/new premium


Now onto the Premium content…


Summer Games Chairman and Summer Games Villa- 150 Donuts.


Country Flag Bundle- 50 donuts

Tetherball- 20 donuts

Boxing Ring- 30 donuts


More info coming live!


And that’s it….something to keep you busy for the next few weeks in TSTO.

Thoughts on the update?  Excited for the content?   Plans for content locations?  Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

30 responses to “New Update: Summer Games (200th Update for Tapped Out)!

  1. Having a strange bug on Pt. 2 where Homer’s task is complete, but he can’t be harvested. Clicking on the checked Homer icon brings me back to the Simpsons house, as does clicking on his task in the event box. Neither brings up a thumbs up. The house shows no active tasks in its own box. Also odd, any applicable Springfielders jump back on the “Volunteer to Compete in Games” task, with each reentry into TSTO showing a long string of thumbs up from the Simpsons house. Six+ times, I’ve collected on that job. Thinking a delete and reload.

    • I had a similar bug. I just kept collecting for a while to get donuts, but I found out if I sent more characters to do the same task, it finally broke the bug.

  2. I forgot to post this on Friday/Saturday. I like the look of this update even though I was surprised to see an update on a Friday. It great to receive free stuff at the start of the update. The Truck Truck Truck is huge but the episode it was from it was also huge. The Parking Lot Lot Lot is a great decoration since you can put items on it and I wish it was possible to buy more of them. It was nice to get 30 donuts. The prizes I’m looking forward to unlocking is the Summer Games Headquarters and Stephanie Brockman. Patriotic Homer looks like a fun costume for Homer even though its Curling Homer. The Dancing Children are like the crowd decorations and the Sports Winners Stand looks like an ok decoration. The Summer Games Villa and Chairman also look like a decent character building combo. It’s also great to see the Country Flag Bundle return since its more flags and offers a great bonus.

  3. ReaganJellyBeansChimp

    I love the dialogue in this mini-event and all the prizes. Some of the funniest and most current dialogue in a while! Even the Michael Jordan documentary got a mention! 😂 Patriotic Homer is hilarious. Love him! No complaints from me. I’m grateful, especially under the EA Bob circumstances!

  4. Not available on iOS yet

  5. The parking lot is good. You can actually put cars onto it. 😁

  6. I’m not a fan of the SH and recycling centre tasks in the top left box it won’t let me cycle through my characters to set jobs anymore. Hot garbage if you ask me

  7. So, is the recycling center in the task list a bug or a feature?

  8. NOTE: If you want to move/store the new “Parking Lot Lot Lot” you must first tap at the *very top* of the parking lot in order to get a Green Bar. You drag that Green Bar to move the parking lot. (Also: Currently the section under the Green Bar will only go on grass; otherwise it turns red)

  9. The link connects to Pride Week? Am I missing something…other than the update, that is. Nothing in the App Store, either. 🤔

    • WOOT!!! Was able to get the update! Sooooo…a few months ago I pulled a Homer and blew up my Springfield. 🤭(Shame on me for playing TSTO in my sleep…Doh!) Have been sloooooowly putting things back in place…hoping to one day have enough track to connect all of my monorail stations LOL! That ginormous Truck and parking area fit perfectly in the zone behind my Springfield Dump and Recycling Center. Looking forward to using my Covid Time to plan out the rest of my Springfield! Happy Tapping! 👇😬👇

  10. True, true. I was too quick to comment. Thanks as always for everyone’s hard work on the site.

  11. I’m happy whenever we get anything new…considering what we’re learning from Patric….lol. but anything new is better than nothing. People will complain as upset,…yet they keep playing and voicing their disappointments here…I’m happy for the game, this site,..and the people that comment here.

  12. Italian Beauty

    The truck and parking lot are way too big. Does EA really think these two items need to be this huge, can easily fit into any town, and that long time players have the space to put them? How about shrinking them down to about 1/3 the size they are now? You’ll find much happier players if you do this. Since it doesn’t earn any cash/xp, I’ll probably store them after the mini event, or at least the truck.

    Can’t play the event until tonight when I can tap out all my characters early from their 12hr tasks.

    • I agree that scaling often has been a problem in Tapped Out. But have you seen the episode the truck is from? I’d say in this case the size absolutely makes sense. 1/3 would’ve been way too small.

  13. MangoFusion01

    Safi you rock!

  14. This is awesome — well not that none of this happened, but the comment itself — “There is no new land released, no new friend level prizes, no increase in in-game money or Height REV limits, or no new Road to Riches Prizes.”

    • They are usually the first few things I look for in an update.

    • Kenneth Ferrell

      I agree. I would just like to finish up that Road to Riches quest line. I’m kind of OCD about that. It’s only been like what, 5+ years since it is “Coming soon”?!!! I think they forgot about it. Can anyone put a word in to put up the final prize!!!!

  15. I can thank EA for the free 30 🍩’s (thanks EA!) and that’s about it!

    The FREE HUGE Content is a pain to find room for (EA knows this! It’s their lol at Long Time Tappers!)

    The New Event Prizes aren’t worth rushing thru with 🍩’s, nor Grinding for (my opinion!) … I got better Content left in the Mystery Box to enjoy (and you got to be kidding me with the crap EA brought back as Premium Content! Even the new Character Building Combo is meh!)

    This may be the 1st Event I sit out! 🤷🏼‍♂️

  16. still no sound

    • Same here, very annoying.

      There seems to be a solution though. If you uninstall the app and then reinstall using the amazon store app instead of google play the sound is supposed to be working just fine. Unfortunately I can’t verify if this will work since there seems to be a region lock preventing German users to download Tapped Out from Amazon. But various comments on the EA forum suggest that this is indeed working.

  17. Anyone else having a weird bug where the people in the top left you can usually click to send on jobs are now replaced with the recycling center things?

    • Yes, had the same happen with the recycling center resources.

    • Im my case, every time I have a character that can work on Springfield Heights, in the tasks list appears an icon of a Height building like Coffee Shop or Furniture Shop instead of a character. This is very annoying.

  18. Uhhh, while I always appreciate an update does EA not know the Olympics was delayed until next year?!?!?!

    • They discuss this in the dialogue. Seems to me that they had this update to coincide with the Olympics and then had a “oh crap” moment, and quickly changed some dialogue to make it make sense.

    • Good thing I read the comment’s first. Was gonna make my own comment on the Olympic’s being moved but now no need.

      • I mentioned the dialogue in the start of the post too: “The event starts with some funny dialogue from Mayor Quimby, Miss Springfield, and Kent Brockman discussing the postponement of the 2020 Summer Olympics.”

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