New Update: Summer Games 2020 Mini-Event Rundown

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

First of all, thank you Safi for getting a basic event rundown post up for me!  Really appreciate the help!  Guys, like I said yesterday…work is CRAZY for me right now.  Trying to balance it all has been….interesting.  So grateful to have Safi back me up!

Anywho, who had mini-event release on Friday for the win?   It is 2020.  The year where nothing seems to make sense.  And it’s peek 2020 that EA would release a mini-event on a Friday afternoon.  Especially one that, according to the game files, was supposed to be released on Wednesday.  That’s 2020 for you…

So to get started on this mini-event you’ll need to download the update in the app store.  This update will remove the Game of Games 2 Splash Screen from your game, and bring in the Summer Games 2020 files.

Basement, eh… 🤔

Once you’ve downloaded the newest update you should see the dialogue launch right up for this mini-event.  (Quimby kicks off the dialogue)

Note: You will need to be, at least, on Level 15 for this to start.

What’s included with this event?  Let’s take a look….

Note: You’ll need Mayor Quimby free for an hour to kick this off

Summer Games 2020 Mini-Event Ends August 5th

Some of you may note that the 2020 Summer Olympics has been postponed, maybe, until next year.  So this may seem a little out of touch given the current times.  However, based on the dialogue, I think this is an event that EA had planned to do prior to the world ending and then altered the dialogue to make it work with the current state of things.  So it makes sense, given the dialogue.  So, read it!  Because it’s funny!

Things kick-off for this event with some dialogue about sports…

Quimby: Aw, I’m missing my favorite summer activities: the rallies, the ribbon cuttings, the close distance affairs…
Miss Springfield: At least we have summer sports to look forward to.
Kent Brockman: And this just in, the 2020 International Summer Games have been canceled due to health concerns. In other news, I will continue to broadcast from my closet for the foreseeable future.
Quimby: If I offer Springfield to host the Summer Games, my popularity will skyrocket!
Miss Springfield: The Summer Games, here?! But Springfield’s a dump!
Quimby: A dump with four taxpayer-funded NFL stadiums.

This is followed by a 1hr task for Mayor Quimby

After you complete the task, the event will kick off…

Remember, this is a mini-event.  So it’ll run for about 2 weeks (ends August 5th)…because it started 2 days later than it we supposed to, it’s just shy of 2 weeks long.  Still plenty of time!

Now onto the content…

We’ll start with the prizes:

Dancing Children- Unlocked via Summer Sportin’, Had Me a Blast Pt. 1 and 105

Summer Games HQ – Unlocked via Summer Sportin’, Had Me a Blast Pt. 2 and 140

Patriotic Homer- Unlocked via Summer Sportin’, Had Me a Blast Pt. 3 and 175

Sports Winners Stand- Unlocked via Summer Sportin’, Had Me a Blast Pt. 4 and 210

Stephanie Brockman- Unlocked via Summer Sportin’, Had Me a Blast Pt. 5 and 210

Here’s a list of who earns the Event Currency…

Summer Games Chairman (New Premium)

5 /freemium and 8/new premium

Now onto the Premium content…


   Summer Games Villa and Chairman- 150 Donuts.


Ice Cream Truck and Ice Cream Homer-  120 Dounts (Previous Post)

Tailgate- 200 Donuts (Previous Post)

Country Flag Bundle- 50 Donuts (30 Flags) (Previous Post)

Tetherball- 20 Donuts (although this isn’t really a limited-time item)

Boxing Ring- 30 Donuts (Previous Post)

Freedom- 40 Donuts (Previous Post)

Springfield Games Cauldron- 50 Dounts (Previous Post)

Springfield Games Podium- 50 Donuts (Previous Post)

Springy- 60 Donuts (Previous Post)

And that’s all the details for the Summer Games 2020 mini-event HOWEVER, that’s not all that’s included with this event!  EA says the Summer Games 2020 mini-event is the 200th update to TSTO! (although the Addicts Count has it at 196, so either we’re missing 4 updates or they’re counting 4 Gil Deal Updates in their count.  Even though there are WAY more than 4 Gil updates… 🤷‍♀️)

To Celebrate the 200th Update, EA is giving away STUFF!

The Truck Truck Truck is huge huge huge!  5×24…wowser!

It’s animated when tapped.

But that’s not all!

EA’s also giving always somewhere to put the Truck Truck Truck…

The Parking Lot Lot Lot is also Huge Huge Huge!  But it would have to be to hold the Truck Truck Truck.  The Lot Lot Lot is 13×29, yipes!

And the Lot Lot Lot doesn’t do anything when tapped, however the Truck Truck Truck can be placed directly on it.  So that’s a bonus.

And EA’s still not done with the 200th Update Giveaway.  If you’re still not satisfied with the Truck Truck Truck and the Lot Lot Lot, EA’s giving you Donuts Donuts Donuts! 30 to be exact.

And now they’re done celebrating the 200th update!

And now I’m done with this post!

So here’s the deal.  It’s Friday, just after 4pm.  Don’t expect any more mini-event coverage from me until Monday.  Monday I’ll have a Turbo Tappin’ up, in addition to Safi’s Musings.  But tomorrow will be week 3 of Safi’s Bracket Battle…and of course Sunday’s the Open Thread.  So this kind of covers everything you’ll need to get you through the weekend with this event.

Thoughts on the update?  Excited for the content?   Plans for content locations?  Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

54 responses to “New Update: Summer Games 2020 Mini-Event Rundown

  1. Anyone else got the bug where all of Springfield keeping doing the first summer games task at Moe’s nonstop? I had every character there, even though I only sent 12, and now they keep going back after I tap the 👍 x200 or so. I can keep collecting money and xp without any waiting, over and over.

  2. I have a problem, in my character collection screen I see no groups after the wrestling event one, where are all the character collections?

    • The Simpsons Wrestling character collection is the one right at the end of the character collections. Most of the characters and costumes after the wrestling event were added to already existing character collections and the Game of Games The Sequel ones are put in a new character collection of the same name between two 2019 events.

      One costume (Glamazon Marge) from the Pride 2020 event (since there wasn’t any new characters in the update) was added to the pre-existing Springfield Pride character collection in between the Swashbucklers and Homerpalooza Rock 2017 character collections.

      The Game of Games The Sequel character collection is put in between the first Game of Games and Simpsons Babies character collections, also Hugh Jass got added to the pre-existing Barflies character collection between the Wise Guys and Helpful Guest Stars character collections.

      The Summer Games (current event) characters and costume were added to the Springfield Games character collection in between the Old West Villains and Interdimensional Travellers.

  3. All of the kids are stuck on the task Make children wash windows. There’s a check mark by milhouse, but there’s no one showing at the quickie mart. Tried restarting but no luck.

    • My friend and I are having a similar issue. Jobs seem to be completing but they’re not clearing in the upper left of the screen. When I click on Frink it takes me to where he should be but no jobs of his are still acknowledged at the site.

    • Kathryn D Soukup

      I’m having the same problem with the adults. I cleared it but they all went right back in the building!

    • me too. Apu is done but I cant clear it. when I mog in it shies all work is done and I collect the cash but cant get the characters out of Mo’s therefore the two tasks never finish. Obviously a bug.

      • Kathryn D Soukup

        Yes, store the building. Even after I stored the building the characters were kind of frozen in one blob. But I logged out/in and I was able to send them all on tasks and reset the building.

    • Store the building they are in.

    • Same for me, except when I restart, it lets me collect the task again! Since I sent everyone available, it’s an infinite loop of money and XP. I guess I hope they fix the glitch, but for now, I’m watching YouTube and leveling up for free.

  4. Donut farming doesn’t seem to work anymore. I’m a looooong time player / fan and probably have nearly all content that’s been on offer for past 5 years. Today I spent 10 donuts for 3 days of extra XP with the collider (I think that’s what it’s called, can’t remember), bought 15 blood mobiles and got ready to farm those donuts. Then….nothing. It let me farm 3 donuts and that’s it. I can usually get between 12 and 15 donuts, sometimes more, for 15 blood mobiles. Has EA “fixed” this? Did it need fixing? Was it a bug? I saw it as sort of a bonus for long time players or anyone willing to buy some stuff. Seems not to work anymore. Has anyone else noticed this?

  5. This giant truck thing is a disaster. It’s allowed on the parking lot. It’s like a big middle finger saying”you still can’t park cars in the parking spots”

  6. The update didn’t show up in the Amazon app store until this afternoon On a Saturday the day after it was officially released .
    Funny thing is the update automatically installed itself when I started up the game this evening.

  7. Any new content/event still makes me happy. I just wish the golf course (hole really haha) would have returned!

  8. Haven’t they fixed the sound issue yet?. Bit of noise when it first opens, then nothing.

  9. Grateful for a new event 💙 but honestly a little disappointed that they didn’t bring back Britney Brockman from the zoo event a few summers ago. I’m an on and off player depending how hectic my life is 😂 missed certain events, I only caught the end of the zoo one. I Completely missed the real moms of Springfield and wanted both characters and some how I’ve moved got kimono 🥺 I wish they’d add more stuff in the yearbook mystery box tbh!

  10. I honestly can’t say that I’m bursting with enthusiasm over this mini event, perhaps because I’ve spent a very intense month or so on redesigning my town AND there’s been a major update in Minecraft that has rekindled my enthusiasm for that game.
    This won’t stop me from coming here though, in fact the loss of this place would be perhaps a greater loss to me than the end of TSTO itself.

    Has anyone considered the fate of TSTO addicts, could we continue without the common factor that brought us here in the first place?

    I would like to think so as I reckon I’d really miss this place and the people who are IMO the best part of it.


    • Good Question regarding “what next” when / if TSTO ends …. and I don’t know (Rollercoaster Tycoon?) as I could be Tapping less once Cyberpunk2077 is available (Console, PC).

      Very sorry the download was delayed for Amazon Kindle (you’re not missing much, except for the free 30 🍩’s ….. these Mini Event Prizes are dumb).

  11. The only annoying thing about this update is that EA hasn’t wiped the Pride tasks, even though the event ended months ago. I have no intention of doing the Pride task, yet it is still in the game.

  12. The parking lot is… odd…

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice looking. But the method of moving it and its propertiesare quite peculiar. As others mentioned you have to move it with the strip at the top, but that’s not all. It doesn’t like concrete at all, and doesn’t give a ($&:€#{ about roads…

    Seriously, you could slap the thing right in the middle of a6 lane superhighway you made and it wouldn’t care!

  13. 🌈Right on time for CaddyShack’s 40th🌠

  14. Bug alert!📢📢📢
    So a couple hours ago i updated the game. I get everything the donuts,free decorations,quest for the event, etc
    But 4 hours later i log in to the game and ALL OF THE ITEM/THINGS RELATED TO THE EVENTS ARE GONE! The event,donut,decoration all of it. If this a bug i would recomendded you guys made a new post!


  15. Is somebody struggling with the portrait function? I’ll explain myself: i just finished this update hence i took an overall picture of my town, everything went as planned and when the progress bar from the second and last process to get your picture get to the end the picture didn’t save at my gallery… does anyone have an idea of what could have gone wrong? Or is the brand new update with some ol fails? Thanks in advance

    • I have the same problem on my Samsung S10. Out of the blue it stopped saving. To take the portrait, I now use an old slow tablet that successfully saves it, but it’s annoying. I hope someone had the solution.

    • It’s a long existing problem. My only workaround was to install bluestacks to my PC and play TSTO on that (it’s an android emulator you can log into the ea servers on) I have successfully taken the town portrait – just remember to go into the file explorer app in bluestacks and move the image to the PC, bluestacks keeps the image separately

  16. Drat. I sent all on a 24 hour mission at about 11:00 am PDT.

  17. Some of you may have an easier time finding the Update (Google Play Store) vs others (App Store) …. and no word from Amazon Kindle users (which usually get the last push). 🤔

    I guess Stephanie Brockman (Kent’s Wife and Channel 6 Weather Woman) is the ONLY New Content worthwhile (not worth expediting, or grinding for). I stored the Springfield Games Cauldron & Podium years ago (most of what EA is dumping on Tappers with this Events as Prizes will be stored, too). 🤷🏼‍♂️

    I don’t want to waste 30 sprinkles for Tailgate in the Mystery Box, is anyone foolish enough to waste 200? (EA must think so!) 😂

    This Mini Event screams “we can’t think of anything, so here’s something for 2 weeks while we think over if there will be a multi week Event coming soon” (thanks for the 30 free 🍩’s , EA).

    • The update didn’t show up in the Amazon app store until this afternoon (Saturday 25th July ) the day after it was officially released .
      Funny thing is the update automatically installed itself when I started up the game this evening.
      There has been a similar delay with game updates for the Kindle, with regards to the last few events. Usually a bit less than 24Hrs !!!

  18. Thanks for the update! I definitely know the ‘hectic at work’ thing!

    On an update related note, Anyone else having an issue with moving the Lot Lot Lot? I can’t select it or move it after having just randomly placed it. I hope that’s a bug!

    as for the truck truck truck! it’s likely going into storage storage storage! xD

    • To move your new parking lot:
      Tap at the very top of the parking lot, and a Green Bar will appear. Place your finger directly on the green bar section to move the parking lot. This green bar section can currently only be placed on grass.
      (This question is going to come up a lot)

    • You need to tap on the very top row or column of the Parking Lot Lot Lot which is where the 2 lamp posts are in order to move it.

  19. God damn it! I already sent my characters on 24 hours job. And it woudn’t be finish until 8 more hour, well guess i’m gonna be late for the event😂

  20. No update in my store. I went to the ap Store, clicked on the button that only said “open.” And it brought me back to the game screen.

    • See my reply below………

      • I know. I saw that and tried that before I commented. I just rebooted my computer and looked in the ap store again, and it’s still not on there. I clicked on the “open” on the generic game ap, and it still brought me to the screen with the gaming. I don’t know what to do.

    • The update JUST hit my ap store this afternoon. Must be an ipad thing?

  21. So……..Bob decides to drop an update on us on the same day as a Friday Filler about the game? Coincidence? I think not…

    • Definitely no coincidence with that HUGE NEW CONTENT EA Bob knows most Tappers have no room for? (can we thank him for the free 🍩’s?) 😂

  22. Lot Lot Lot Actual Size

    The amount of space that the Lot Lot Lot actually takes up is 1×27. it’s that narrow green strip on the upper right side of the lot. the rest of the image just floats underneath whatever it’s next to.

  23. ReaganJellyBeansChimp

    I’m on an iPad Pro with latest iOS updates. No TSTO update in App Store! Nothing different in my game, either. But I wouldn’t have had anything to look forward to without this site that I’m always checking. Love you guys! You rock. And Thanks, EA BOB, should you be reading, and his coworkers! Lots of love and respect to you. This little pastime and all the fun updates mean a lot!

    • You may need to shut down your device…go into the App Store…search for The Simpsons Tapped out…and even though it doesn’t say there is an update, click on the app…and you will likely see the update icon.

      • ReaganJellyBeansChimp

        Meant to reply days ago but going into the Store and searching for TSTO indeed allowed me to update. 🙂 Thanks!

  24. Thanks for working the late shift on a Friday!

  25. I can’t move the parking lot. Any suggestions?

    Sent from my iPad


  26. ugh can’t get the update to load. keeps crashing. after multiple times i deleted it and trying to reload the app and it keeps timing out. perhaps this is the universe telling ,e it’s time to stop playing.

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