App Store Update: The Van Houtens

ALERT: This is currently, as of this posting Tuesday night ET, an APP Store update only.  The event is NOT live in-game.  So please don’t ask why the update hasn’t started for you yet.  It won’t go live in-game, even if you’ve downloaded the update, until Wednesday, August 12th at 11am ET, 1500 UTC. 

Also, if you don’t see this update available in your app store try hard closing the store and reopening.  Then do a search for Tapped Out.  It may not appear in your “update” list right away.

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well, it looks like while I was busy feeding, bathing, putting my kids to bed, and handling the constant “Mommy I need to go pee!” or “Mommy I need water!” or “Mommy I’m not tired!” calls coming from a certain 4-year-olds bedroom…it seems EA has released the next update in TSTO. Right on time, for a change.

This is currently an APP STORE update, and not live in games.

So who had a Milhouse family reunion in the TSTO update pool?

The Van Houten Event will start on Wednesday August 12th and 11am ET (1500 UTC).

Here’s some quick info about the update…

-Sorry to disappoint, but there’s nothing super new about this one…as far as format is concerned.  4 Act Event.  Each Act runs 9 days, for a 5-week total multi-event.

-The event will end September 16th

-A look at some of the new characters…


-Loads of new premium combos (150 donuts each) and a Gil Deal (199 donuts) with this one

-Mystery Box

-Mystery Box tokens will be on the prize track.

-2 Costumes (for Milhouse) on prize track and 2 full characters on prize track

-Loads of decorations and a couple of buildings on prize track

And I think that covers all of the burning questions.  Remember, this goes live WEDNESDAY August 12th at 11am ET (1500 UTC)…so once it goes live we’ll have the full Act 1 rundown available for you.

Thoughts on the event? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

41 responses to “App Store Update: The Van Houtens

  1. So like I can’t get the characters to do the job to get the sunglasses. It says that the job location isn’t available. Maybe a bug?

  2. Still waiting for the update. Tried powering down my iPad, but sometimes it takes a day to show up. At least the events are easy enough to catch up without m8ch effort.

  3. TallSpiderCandy

    Yay!!! 🥰 Thanks so much for this info!! Take care 💕

  4. I just hope more ppl are used for this instead of the same 8 or 9. I have over 144 ppl roaming around my town and they arent doing anything during these events.

  5. We need more land tokens! I have a ton of money and can’t buy any land! We get new items and buildings and nowhere to put them. Help us out, please!

    • If you weren’t able to snag GGR (Golden Goose Realty) one of the few times it’s been offered, your only real option for acquiring additional land tokens is doing the daily challenges.

      You get a lot of donuts (which I don’t know if you need or not), but the real treat is when you make it through ‘the cycle’, the final reward isn’t donuts, but… a land token!

  6. Is this splash screen similar to the Valentine’s Day 2014 event’s splash screen since the beach looks very familiar to me?

  7. “Will Bart finally prove it’s a bad idea to date your cousin?” Ha Ha.

  8. Go Milhouse, from a boy to man?

  9. Wohooo, excited! Been waiting for a new event to start since I came back to the game finally but right as summer games was ending so I only got to the second reward there. So glad to be back to this game, I made my first purchase(s)…. I guess once you open that door the little voice that keeps saying “don’t do it, be frugal!” just gets quieter. 😆 can’t wait to blaze through this one to make up for missing the other one. I’m ready!
    My name is ****

    • Please limit all friend requests to the designated posts. Helps prevent the other comment sections from getting bogged down with Add Mes. Anywhere else and they get deleted. Thanks! 🙂

      • Barto! Have been having issues with friend requests lately. Is it fixed with this update?

      • It was within my comment in regards to this article so it’s not like I made an entire comment solely dedicated to getting some new neighbors. You literally just deleted half of what I said, mid-sentence nonetheless and that’s just nonsensical. I get it if someone is spamming it but my comment is there regardless, now it’s just missing half. I see some people just love moderating a bit too much and get censor happy.

        • Has nothing to do with loving to moderate “a bit too much”, or being “censor happy”. The last thing I want to do is spend time editing or deleting comments for Add Me requests. This isn’t my full-time job, I’ve got about a thousand other things to do…trust me my world doesn’t center around editing your comment.
          A rule is a rule around here, sorry if you don’t think it was fair. You’re not the first person it’s happened to and you won’t be the last (here’s one from a week ago
          Add me requests, regardless of how they’re written…if it says “Add Me” or “My name is…. find me to add” etc….written on any post except for the add me pages will be deleted or modified.

          • Mean mommy.
            Mean, mean mommy.
            (Self censoring, I remain wickedly obtuse I my warped sense of humor)
            AND, I’m learning to speak ‘Chinese’
            (Sorry, i again crossed the one and brought politics here)
            Tic-ing and twitch-ing, I shall depart

  10. ZOUNDS!!!

    I mean SOUNDS are back!

  11. It’s all coming up Milhouse!

  12. Good to see the focus on a different character with this event. Lost track of how many Homer skins I’ve got.

  13. Just got done downloading 8:30pm Pacific Time …. and it looks like the Ned Flanders Family Reunion …. only it’s the Van Houten’s (with returning content in the Mystery Box, such as Grandma & Uncle Gilbert). 😉

    Take it for what it’s worth, hopefully I have the space for it (or I will be doing more shuffling & storing of Content). Depending on how bad EA’s Network is (and how bad I want anything?) rush with 🍩’s ! 🤷🏼‍♂️

  14. It’s gonna be a rootin’ tootin’ (Van) Houten Update!

  15. Says it’s the 200th update. Got the big truck of trucks, parking lot to match and 30 donuts!

  16. Saw the updated picture on FB and went to the App Store and got the update. Glad it’s not live yet since I just sent everyone on 12 hour tasks. Can’t wait for new content. Everything’s coming up Milhouse!

  17. Splash screen
    Millhouse hugging the finger
    Bart glaring
    Seagull flying directly over Homer
    Homer scratching his head
    Then again, I’m always looking for humor

  18. Thanks Alissa! For the update on the update! Milhouse gets his moment in the sun! Happy to hear there’s lots of new premium. Looking forward to seeing what content this event brings. Happy night friends and happy Tappin!!

    • Kwackers McCorquack

      I’m just praying for a multi-part event a lovely change of pace. Please a multi-part event, pwease.

  19. Thats alotta milhousesssss…

  20. Thanks for the heads up! Love me some Van Houtens.

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