Musings on All This Jazz…

Happy Musings Thursday Tuesday my friends! I’m back with another musings post for you.  With the Halloween event expected to hit this week, I thought it’d be prudent to fully wrap up All This Jazz before it hits.  So, I’ve got some thoughts, let’s get to ’em…

Before we get to Hallo-Richard-y (throwback to this Addicts Live, for those not in on the joke), time to look back at the All This Jazz mini-event…

As I did with mini-events prior, I’m comparing this mini-event to other mini-events.  It’s the only fair way to assess each event, to compare it with other like events.  So, comparing All This Jazz to other mini-events, and reviewing it in the same light…

This was hands down, the best mini-event of 2020.  I know that’s not saying a whole heck of a lot, but it was (in my opinion) very well done.

The prize track contained a new character and costume, as well as buildings and decorations.  Very good mix of items, and not difficult to unlock.

Now let’s get into the Good, Bad, and Ugly…

The Good

-Springfield Memorial Bridge, with the added bonus of both Lisa and BGM having a task to play the sax on the bridge…BEST part of this update.  Hands down.

-Full character for Springfield on the prize track.  Marbles was a nice addition, with fun animations.  Always nice to have a full character as a prize.

-Once again, great dialogue.

The Bad

-This Blues Vomitorium & the Bourbon Street Band I felt was pretty pricey for that type of Combo.  150 donuts is ok for a full character/building combo…but a decoration/building combo, way over priced.

-Skinny Palmer’s questline was a little…odd.  Not terrible, just odd.

The Ugly

-The issue some players had unlocking the Memorial Bridge.  I know for some folks they unlocked it, but couldn’t find it.

Final Thoughts

Overall I give this event an A.  Again, best mini-event of 2020.

Thoughts?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

23 responses to “Musings on All This Jazz…

  1. I hover between an A- / B+ Grade, as it was a few things that kept this from being 100% / A+ ….. but that doesn’t stop All That Jazz from being my favourite Event so far in 2020! 😊👍🏻

    A Mini Event that doesn’t last too long, isn’t padded with Crap Prizes, has decent Premium Character Combos / Premium Decor that increased Bonus XP %, New Voiced Characters, zero reliance on Tokens – that was all GOOD! ❤️

    I guess the only thing BAD / Dumb is trying to tie this Mini Event in with Homerpalooza (lol! if it wasn’t in the Regular Mystery Box? then you got a chance to obtain it!) and another Character Skin for Bart Simpson (over it! just make it a new Character!)

    UGLY is , well by now we all know that we got increased Item Limits, but that “vacant space adjacent to Springfield Heights” (I understand that’s not Event related, but it’s UGLY not having it available!)

  2. Love the bridge and the tasks there! 💙💙💙

  3. I can’t wait until the Halloween event. Getting exited!

  4. Thanks Alissa
    I agree totally that if ea wants to stick with this format then this is the way to go. Getting a character and the ability to buy bourbon st bands was great. I know it’s not great as a stand-alone but when I used all the donut I stockpiled for such an occasion on the bands, and a good chunk of land, farming is a breeze now. Tks ea.

  5. Don’t forget how the purchase of the premium item gave you the option to purchase bundles of band members for 20 donuts, giving a whopping 4% bonus. That’s even better than catching the jet bike in the vault as far as a % bonus per donut spent ratio. I’ve got conga lines of band members all over Springfield.

  6. I’m so happy with the bourbon street bands I bought, those got me like another 48% bonus percent points 😄

  7. A- event. Took points off for the Memorial Bridge being stand alone. Also had a glitch where the final task would not show as completed. But I agree with your points.

  8. It does feel like Thursday. Bring on Halloween!!!

  9. Totally agree and glad there was a task for bgm and Lisa on the bridge, made the event for me 😁👍, 🤞 for a special Halloween

  10. Anyone else unable to log in? Spinning donut since yesterday. And like Hugh says I’m disappointed the bridge can’t be placed over water or connect to a road.

  11. I agree with you Alyssa this was a great mini event. No bucks given was also great this year. These two mini events were the best events of the year imo.

    As for the memorial bridge: I like it. I think it’s great to have it finally but I do agree that it looks odd like this stuck between two mountains. It would have been much nicer to be able to connect it to a road or a river (or both).

    I’m a newer player so I’m still excited for what’s to come.
    Happy tapping!!

  12. I unlocked the Memorial Bridge. I have both Lisa and Bleeding Gums using it, but between unlocking it and the end of the event, I’d get daily warnings that the event was coming to an end, but I still had time to unlock all of the prizes 😒.

    • Me too, and my fear is that during my next forced re-download (seems to happen 2 or 3 times each year), thhe bridge will disappear because EA’s server has it wrong.

    • You may have not noticed but when you got the bridge as the last prize.. the prize box wasn’t checked off like the other so it left it open
      But with that said.. every event in the past.. with completed prizes and being checked off.. I still got the notice that I had time to unlock and finish.
      Event is gone.. the event icon is gone.. and the bridge is still in my springfield.. so Yeah… win win.

  13. Hugh Parker (DiagonalLine)

    I was unhappy that the Memorial Bridge cannot connect with anything — no roads, no water — nothing. It just another meaningless item to try to stick somewhere, or like many of its cousins, wind up in storage. I wish I could remember what kicks off the demolition derby or what is that flying radish thing all about? This is my seventh Halloween coming up and I just wish the writers cared as much for their product as we do.
    ——>>> Thank you TSTO Addicts!

    • if this was your query

      The Radstation Air Fortress is a limited-time decoration that was released on February 24, 2015 during the Superheroes Event 2015. It was made available on the same event on March 31, 2015. It was re-released on July 10, 2016 during Issue 2 of the Superheroes 2016 Event.
      Even though it’s not mentioned in the description, the Radstation Air Fortress (much like the Ghost Pirate Airship) does increase the Conform-O-Meter bonus by 5%.

      To activate the Demolition Derby… you have to tap on the checkered flag and it starts up.. after you place a bet.. just like Springfield Downs

      • Hugh Parker (DiagonalLine)

        Thanks very much! What a memory!

      • Hugh Parker (DiagonalLine)

        MichealK — thanks for your reply. I misspoke– I was actually curious about the “Springfield Destruction Derby.” It has a pink Simpsons car marked 25 and a black sedan with the number 5 on the door. There is also a big screen. It does absolutely nothing! Do you remember from whence it came and does it have any purpose at all? Thanks very much!

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