Uhm…yes…the servers are messed up.

So…as has been reported (about a zillion times), there are sporadic server outages from EA today, starting with the update this morning.

There is NOTHING you can do about it, but wait for them to fix it. Reinstalling, uninstalling, holding your breath, dancing on one leg, and poking holes in the screen of your padular device to “let the evil out” DOES NOT WORK.

Solution…wait. Go do something else. The new Borat movie is on Netflix. Go have a laugh while you wait.


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  1. Patric I poked a few holes in my device and tapped out works now but I have a few holes in my screen do I contact you/ea or apple for help with this !!!!!!!

  2. Are there still issues?
    I STILL can’t get into the game. Now I’m told that I have over 800 updates to download but then it just stays on the same front page screen with no progress – I left it for over an hour left night just in case there were actual updates but nothing.
    Now days behind on most recent challenge.

  3. Ah thought it was just me, just get the donut circle of death for the last 24 hrs, still not working for me Saturday afternoon now (in Europe)

  4. jozefvissers@yahoo.com

    I got the lovejoy residence and I tapped homer more than 10 times but no jerebedia statue. I looked for it in the trash and there a damaged version you can use once you have the statue? In the store I can not find the statue neither?

  5. It looks like EA network is back up .
    Good luck.

    See ya bye. 👽🎃

  6. Since I couldn’t switch games I decided to farm donuts (RTT) to fast forward on the one game I was able to get in. Pretty funny.

  7. Hopefully they will fix it soon.

  8. Borat, ugh. Would rather watch the “Cannot Connect to Server” Bart screen of death for two hours. Just one person’s opinion.

  9. Weird I’m not having any having issues.

  10. Remember back in the day when we all cussed out our dial-up modems for being slow? 😂

    I think life was less complicated back then …. so yeah, it’s okay to take a day off from Tapping (there is always tomorrow). 👍🏻

  11. It’s on Amazon Prime

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