Friday Filler – When Hell Is Not What You Expected!

Thank Grog It’s Firday!

I am really cracking up with some of the dialogue in this update. It is pretty funny, and frankly a bit “Hell lite,” compared to what they could be doing. I mean, hell…even as a concept…is pretty damn scary!

The great thing about Hell, is that for you to believe in Hell, you pretty much have to believe in the afterlife. Even that is a complicated thing, when you start trying to bring different concepts from different religions into the conversation. And you really do need to do that. But, trying to settle on a common theme can be a bit of Hell itself.

In fact…right away, I had some fun with “Ned Flanders Personal Hell,” when I won it. I found it irresistible to place it in the one place that would actually really be Hell for Ned…

I placed it at the opening of my version of “Parallel Heavens.”  Being a super devout Christian as Ned is, the one thing that would be “HELL” for him, was finding out that there was more than one version of Heaven.  But there he ends up, standing near all sorts of options, including the Alien Nativity.”

In fairness to good old Ned, I did a quick refresher on other versions of Heaven and Hell. I had studied them in a “comparative religion” class back in my college days (while trying to avoid more mundane required classes).  But it was good to see if any of them had changed course over the past almost 50 years.

They hadn’t.  But then again, a couple of these religions have been around a lot longer than Christianity.

Just to start with the closest version to the Ned’s faith, there is the Jewish version of Hell.  By definition, “Sheol” is described as a region “dark and deep,” “the Pit,” and “the Land of Forgetfulness,” where human beings descend after death. The suggestion is that in the netherworld of Sheol, the deceased, although cut off from God and humankind, live on in some shadowy state of existence.

While this vision of Sheol is rather bleak (setting precedents for later Jewish and Christian ideas of an underground hell) there is generally no concept of judgment or reward and punishment attached to it. In fact, the more pessimistic books of the Bible, such as Ecclesiastes and Job, insist that all of the dead go down to Sheol, whether good or evil, rich or poor, slave or free man (Job 3:11-19)

OK…so good, bad, indifferent, you are going to end up in Sheol… maybe. 
And maybe, if your “Sheol” is like my version…it is like some of the anxiety dreams I have, where I am back at school…and have to do a speech, or sing in front of an audience…and have no idea what I am supposed to say or sing. 

I placed my “cursed desk” in front of the “hellementary school” as a reminder to this fear…just a stone’s throw away from the megachurch where  the Patriarch is busy trying to buy his way into Heaven. 

On the other side of the spectrum we have the Muslim faith.  Their version of the afterlife is a bit more complicated, but perhaps more promising than Jewish beliefs.

Akhirah is the term for life after death. Muslims believe that no soul may die except with God’s permission at a predestined time (Qur’an 3:145). This links with the belief of al-Qadr. Belief in life after death is important within both Sunni and Shi’a Islam as it relates to both the six beliefs of Islam (Sunni) and the five roots of Usul ad-Din (Shi’a).

Muslims believe in the concept of Paradise (Jannah), which is where people go if they have lived a good life. Muslims also believe in Hell (Jahannam), which is where people go if they have lived a bad life or have committed shirk. 

Before Muslims go to Jannah or Jahannam, they go to Barzakh. This is where souls wait before the Day of Judgement. It is also a place that divides the living from the dead.

Once the soul has passed this stage, it goes on to the Day of Judgement, where it is judged by Allah. When they are judged, Muslims have to accept the consequences of how they behaved in their life.

At least here, there seems to be some sort of reward for living a good life. So Ned would likely pass muster into Akhirah, as he is generally the nicest guy in all of Springfield. 

And while there are countless other versions of the afterlife, with countless other sects, religions, and even those who don’t believe in God (I’ll get to those in a minute), you have to acknowledge the Buddhist version of the “ever-after-after” life in a discussion like this.  I got this from a site that should be called, “Ask A Buddhist.”  As it is mostly just a lot of answers to common questions about Buddhism.  Very helpful. 

Do Buddhists believe in a heaven and hell? Yes. And no…. No, Buddhists do not have a heaven or hell in the sense of something in the afterlife. There is no reward or punishment at the time of death.

Yes, Buddhists have the concept of the universe that we call Samsara which describes the world we live in and it refers to this life (not an afterlife).

There are Six Realms of Samsara. In each Realm, there are beings who dwell among:

  1. Heavenly Beings
  2. Human Beings
  3. Ashura (Fighting Spirits)
  4. Gaki (Hungry Ghosts)
  5. Animals
  6. Hells

These are the Realms that we are constantly migrating through in our present life. One moment, we are filled with goodness and dwell among the Heavenly Beings. The next moment, we may be angry and dwell among the Fighting Sprites. (Which I am going to assume is the “Hells”…#6?)

Buddhism always has been concerned with this life. While we are alive, we have to seek Enlightenment. The Buddha taught that knowing where we came from or what happens after death should not take up any of our energy. (Which explains why Lenny and Carl spend so much time at Moe’s and not the Temple).

Of course…if I was to end up fighting sprites…they may be in the shape of raccoons, as those are the peskiest of pests in our neighborhood (even more destructive and sneaky than the turkeys). 

OK. So, it’s mostly about how you live your life NOW…HERE…and not worrying about having to spend your next life fighting sprites.

I admit that I look at all of these with some sense of interest…especially as I am much closer to “the final chapter” now, than I was back in college.  But, having had an NDE in the mid-1990s, along with a bit of a glimpse of what I perceived to be the afterlife, I came away with a different version of heaven and hell. 

There are loads of physicists who get stuck in the definition loop of “where does our energy go, if energy is eternal” (which they believe to be true).  Does that residual energy retain a sense of sentient intelligence along with some semblance of our personalities?  I don’t have enough space in 50 posts to cover that one. 
I tried once…a long time ago…but, as I get older, and live more life, I move away from some of what I believed/perceived from that experience. 

I did immerse myself into the writing of one Scientist/Physicist type, Thomas Campbell (no relation to Joseph) who tried to make sense of it all with his book(s) titled My Big TOE (Theory Of Everything).  There was actually loads of things he wrote with which I agreed…but, he also went way down the rabbit hole of quantum physics, with a ton of “What Ifs” stated as fact. 

If you want a taste (please make sure you have your safety harness firmly strapped) you can go to his forum…which is populated with loads of his “followers” asking questions.  But, I warn you…some of this stuff makes QAnon sound feasible.

The best part about the concept of Heaven and Hell…is that nobody really knows the answer.  Nobody has ever come back…even those like me, who have had Near Death Experiences. The word “near” mitigates the entire conversation. Sorry. 

The single fact, is just like your choice of religion, or your choice to not follow one, is just that…choice.  And without question, it is that gift of “Free Will,” that is truly the thing that makes our human existence so interesting and varied. 

If you threw all of the great religious texts together into a giant word/concept blender, the end result would pretty much be the same.  The question comes down to how much “faith” you have in the final concoction you are drinking. (And yes…I am avoiding references to Kool-Aid out of fairness to those who like Kool-Aid). 

It doesn’t matter what you believe. What matters is how you live your life, here in Hell. Oops… yes…I went there. Many folks believe THIS is hell. I’m not that fatalistic.

Perhaps the best versions of “Heaven and Hell” are of our own choosing…and unfortunately, our own making. It is perception.  And one could certainly make a case that this existence is merely a version of “Purgatory,” “Barzakh,” or just one of the loops of learning in the Buddhist version of gaining enlightenment.  I would have to say that personally, 2020 pretty much defines a bit of “Hell.”  But, it sure as hell could be could be worse! 

No matter what you believe…my guess is that all of us are hoping for a tad bit less of the “current hell” that we are living. As long as we KEEP living…right? 

Heaven, Hell, and anything in between…even one of Thomas Campbell’s parallel realities…WE CHOOSE how we react.  And for me…it’s with a smile, that occasionally turns into a grimace…but comes back to a smile again, with a sense of HOPE for the future. Because, if there isn’t anything better than this in an afterlife, I’m going to be very angry that I spent so much wasted time, trying to figure it out!

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  1. No rest for the wicked they say..until we close our eyes.
    One of my top 50 songs. Little dark but seems relevant lol.

  2. I have spent far too many of my time as a human trying to figure out “what’s it all about”

    I have come to the conclusion that our little brains are unable to answer such questions, paradoxically the moments where I accept this tend to be filled with the most profound understanding.

    Everyone has their own answers, if only we can be at peace long enough to hear them.

    Meditation helps, I would recommend this over any belief system.

  3. Maddiethecool101

    What happened to the bistro table and chairs in the store? Where did it go? Is this my own personal hell? Give me Hell’s Kitchen (with a bistro table) and not let me design with others?!?!? EA’s torment knows no bounds.

    On another design note: when will we have picnic tables?


    • The Bistro Set was never available in the store- the patio set is. The Bistro sets were last available in one of the Christmas decoration bundles last year. I remember it well because I got the whole bundle for that reason alone. Don’t hate me for my bistro tables outside my Hell’s Kitchen. ;p

  4. A 85 year old woman passed away and went to heaven .
    One day she got a phone call .
    Ring ring ring ring …
    This is Mr Smith I am with a collection agency and would like to talk to you about your student loan .

    See ya bye . 👽🎃

  5. It’s nice to imagine that human existence on this planet is the “Hell” we don’t want to return to next time around 🙂, and if there is a next time it is better (like a more peaceful “Quantum Leap” episode)

    all I know is, I’m not considering reading by Donte’s “Inferno” any time soon 😄

    It seems like the game writers have a thing for raccoons, because the story line with Frankenstein’s Monster and the “Monster’s Castle” mentioned Raccoons too.

    I agree it’s best not to worry about such things, just put your headphones on and listen to a good song *I chose to listen to Norman Greenbaun’s “Spirit in the Sky” 🎵

  6. If there is/are God(s) is always seemed strange to me that an eternity of pleasure or punishment would depend on a life no longer than 120 or so years and as short as a few seconds. That is the vast universe with billions of galaxies with billions of stars, that we a recent species in a small corner on a single galaxy are that important to this (these) God(s). I could be wrong.

  7. Great post.

    I myself have always come back to the bible verse that says that all were all really guaranteed is “today”. An just make the most of it.

    That’s basically why God ” whichever one you choose to believe in” calls it the present, cause that’s exactly what it is.

    Iv always explained this way if thinking to others on how I myself view things, an often they tend to tell me ” that makes you humble”.

    To me I’m just happy. No worrying about the future or the what’s already happened an how that effects things, stress isn’t good for us anyway.

    An basically just enjoy life an make every day count regardless of whatever that day holds for me, us.

    An I can honestly say, it’s alit of fun. After omost being killed in a car wreck, omost drowning, twice, an omost getting hit by speeding car, who cousin saved me from, thanks cous, there’s no telling when will go or what happens after, an I don’t plan on stressing on it, ever lol.

    They say, a person spends 1/3 of there life sleeping, 1/3 working, an 1/3 waiting in some form, weather it be while in line to use the restroom at the mall, or for the latest episode of the simpsons to come on, an the rest is what we’re given to do with what we want.

    Make the most of it, an be happy.

    Again, great post pat. Iv been following you since you had your tapped out site, an your post are always a fun read. Have a great day, an a happy holloween.

  8. The first day the devil had the task of being chased by raccoons, we had a bit of a problem with them outside. Late at night, two of them knocked over something very heavy on our porch. We saw two hugely fat ones running off afterwards. I don’t know how they did it, but seeing the devil being chased afterwards by two of them on the game made me laugh.

    I sure hope EA fixes the game issues soon. My kids are waiting to start the second week.

    • The little devils in our neighborhood are super smart. They actually take off the sprinkler heads to get to the water without spray. Bastids!

  9. Give me a break. Devout?? Laughable. I know you won’t print this….like so many others. I had to jump in here….when it comes to religion…just shut up, you have no clue. Devout…man….come on!! Freewill coincides with preordination perfectly…but you can preach what you want here right? Ass…are you going to allow this post God?

  10. You would think with all of the complaints regarding Network issues that this Game App has gone to Hell (oops! it’s gone full Gehenna a loooong time ago!) 🔥

    ‘School is Hell’ theme has grown on me (I agree with those Tappers that this would have been better as a Mini Event). The Buildings (Animations) and Characters (Visual Tasks) are funny (Old Scratch being chased by Raccoons , but poor Ned Flanders can’t seem to get anyone to believe in Heck!) 😂

    Thank you for bringing up the concept of Hell …. correct, not every religion has a Hell (but where do bad people go? I can’t answer that without breaking the ‘no politics’ rule, but you get the idea 😉). I guess we can learn from this Event that there is a moral to every action (good and bad), even though I join many Tappers wishing the Event was more Halloween 🎃 themed.

    TGIF safely at home (wishing everyone stays safe!) 👍🏻

    • My guess is that the bad people all end up in Florida, in August. Humidity…not my thing.

      • Or working on the political campaign for (🤫 I don’t want to break any rules here) …. I will take a little humidity if that will bring some rain to Nevada (184 days without measured rainfall is Hell)

      • Damn Pat, you had to make me laugh at a Florida joke. As a Floridian I can’t even pretend to take offense because it’s true. There is a reason I call the Orlando area Satan’s Armpit! The humidity is only a part of it.👹

  11. This event hits a little too close to home, but at least I can laugh about it with this game. I am spiritual but have never been religious. I prefer a personal relationship with God. I am a Christian, but really don’t feel like I have the answers at all. I think there must be something behind all this – why not just have nothing otherwise? But beyond that, it is just guesswork. The guidance in things like the Bible is not to be taken literally, and it takes faith to believe anything.

    • Guesswork and faith do kind of go hand in hand. The key is to not let faith turn into dogma and then presence. Being spiritual is far more important than labeling or joining a single view.

      • I also agree with you about this not being hell, since there is also happiness, beauty, and kindness. But it could be some in between area or testing area.

        • I think you just pretty much described purgatory. That is the “in between” where we are supposed to be working things out for the final judgement. Or, if you are Buddhist, where you work things out, over, and over, and over…in different forms, looking for enlightenment.

    • Matt

      I appreciate your path with choosing to be spiritual without being trapped by anyone (any faith) telling you how to be spiritual. 👍🏻

      Yes there is Hell 🔥 in this Event, so if anything hits close to home – it’s the burning 🔥’s (2020, a terrible year due to climate change). It would be interesting if TSTO chose to represent Hell in it’s other forms (Cold, Dark), but in the end …. I’m waiting for the payoff by Act 4 (ie did Lisa and Bart learn their moral lesson?) 😉

      • I am slightly amazed that Lisa was so easily demonized. But then again, she does like the thought of being popular, and people have certainly sold their souls to the devil for less. Ask the Kardashians.

        • Maybe that’s part of the moral lesson of this Event (Lisa learns the price to be paid for the thirst for adulation). 😉

          Poor Lisa, she couldn’t get help from (🤫 I don’t want to spoil who’s of no help to her in Act 2).

  12. Personally, I’d just be happy if I didn’t keep getting the server error. Act 2 won’t load.

  13. Maybe we could all benefit by taking on board the lyrics to John Lennons’ Imagine. Concentrate on this life and not the next.

  14. Is anyone having problems downloading Act 2 ? I’ve been trying since this morning and it keeps going straight to the BSOD.
    I stopped trying for about 3 hours and its still won’t download. Baaaaah Humbug. 😫

  15. No matter what or who you believe in, the world would be a better place if we were all just a little more kind to each other.
    This was a great read. Thx for that Patric.

    • Very true. Thanks Hobbes!

    • Hobbes7714

      Covid-19 has made it very difficult to volunteer (for the homeless, for pet shelters, for food banks – especially blood drives at the Red Cross) … I wish for a vaccine to be available (when that works without side effects that are dangerous to the immune system) …. but I wish it took more than Thanksgiving (or Christmas Day) for people to get out and volunteer more. Imagine is once a week most volunteered …. and most of society’s problems disappeared (I agree 💯 that we need to be kind to each other and cannot say anything further without sounding ‘too political’). 😊📿

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