Friday Filler – When Aliens Come a Calling…

Thank Grog It’s Firday!

I don’t know about you, but I am laughing hard about the storyline in this “Christmas” event. A couple of years back, the Interwebs were abuzz with the audacity of the Gracie writers to have a Pagan Christmas. And now…well, if I am reading ahead in the storyline that we were sent by their female version of “Bob,”…you may come to a place where Pagans are the least of your worries.

But, let me assure, you…it is funny stuff. Really funny stuff.

Almost as weirdly funny as the coincidental way that this update hit, with it’s references to Alien spacecraft, during the same week that a so-called “reliable source,” leaked that the US Government had cut a deal, to work with the Space Federation…for “experiments.”

I hate to say it…but that may actually put me at ease in a weird way, knowing that reality has seemed like a bad Sci-Fi movie, with more than a handful of crazy, archvillain types to keep the headlines abuzz.

Wait. You think I’m making this up?? Read on…….

While Homer was “driving the Movemetarian Ad Truck” (which weirdly took place in the Alien Space Ship, if you already had one), the interwebs were abuzz with news….

And not just from sources in the “alternative” news world…from places like NEWSWEEK, and The Weather Channel.


The Weather Channel for heck’s sake!  If you can’t trust news from the Weather Channel, all hope for figuring out how aliens shape weather patterns will be called into question!!! 

Here is a basic Google Link…
There, you can find links to stories from hundreds of  “most trusted” news sources (and not so trusted) about the same story!
Names like, NBC , Newsweek, Forbes, and Slate.

So, if you thought 2020 couldn’t get any weirder…it just did. 

However…one quote from the Newsweek story caught my attention…

So…wait…you’re telling me that aliens, who just flew here using extremely advanced technology, want OUR “help to understand the whole fabric of the universe?”  Did they pedal here in pedal-driven spacecraft that somehow allow them to exceed the speed of light? 

They want OUR HELP??  Pfffffttt~

Like I said…2020 just keeps getting weirder. 

But, the opening dialogue in this latest TSTO event really, really made me laugh.  It takes a brilliant piece of writing to skewer both Alien conspiracies and Scientology (which is thinly veiled as “The Movementarians”), and do it in the first few “scenes” of dialogue. 

The “F-reader” is clearly a reference to the “E-Meter” that Scientology uses to measure your “bad mojo” (aka Thetans…placed in your body by aliens, millions of years ago!). 

High tech stuff… and certainly more believable than the simple methods that the creeps who ran NXIVM used…as in just TELLING people they needed help (and needed to spend tens of thousands doing so) and needed to get branded (to be special enough to have sex with the leader) and…well…if you haven’t watched the two series yet, “The Vow,” and “Seduced,” then you haven’t actually been binge-watching enough TV during the Covid Lockdown.  But, I digress…

But, the writers don’t stop there with their “cult-cajoling.”   Nope…there are references tot he Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh and his plot to poison towns people with tainted salad bars, and  a jab at the King Whack of the Wackiest Scientologist, Tom Cruise (thank goodness Nicole escaped that action star elf, and found love with her Country Star elf…she clearly has a thing for short guys). 


I admit it.  I would love to be able to simply figure out a way to become “Frazzle Resistant.”  All of the events of 2020, have left me completely frazzled. 

So yes…I am willing to turn myself over to just letting this event play out, and see who shows up.  If you look at the Calendar, there are going to be a TON of TWISTS and TURNS!  And if the political season, and the plethora of murder, crime, conspiracy, mayhem series on Netflix are any indication…we LOVE TWISTS AND TURNS!! 

Sit back. Enjoy the show.  What else do you have to do?  

On a more somber, thankful note…I am gratified and thankful for all of you who posted kind comments, or sent emails about my Mom’s hospice care.  She passed last weekend.  I pulled the “short straw” on the hospice shifts my sister and I were doing since rescuing her from Rehab.  But, I am glad to spare them from the final days, which were challenging to say the least.  In the end, she was able to die on her terms. In her home…with love around her.  A life well lived. 

For those continuing to read this far… I’ll share what I posted on social media, as that is so much easier than the old days, of having to call and write 400 friends.  And besides…nobody reads the obits in the newspaper anymore (remember the newspaper?). 


Margot Rose Miller – 1932-2020

Since my Dad’s passing, in January of 2012, my Mom has talked of “wanting to be with Dad.” Almost everyone who met her, heard her stories of their love for one another, and being considered by many as “being one.” Time, her body, and her insistence on living on her own, “in the house that Dad made,” took a toll, but anyone who knew her, realized that this was a determined woman, who was going to live life on her own terms.
Taking a fall on October 1st, spending weeks in rehab, and then being “rescued” from the facility by her children who took shifts to make her last days comfortable and happy, was made all the more challenging by the constant threat of Covid.
As her children, we were blessed by the opportunity to give back the love and compassion that we experienced as one of her brood, and to share the grief, love and final relief as Mom was finally able to be back in the arms of her one true love in life.
She and Dad were a part of the fabric of “the golden years” of Parkrose, who as educators, shaped the lives of countless children and adults over their time together, always as a single unit, to friends and family alike. Decades of sports, music, church, laughter and love in a house that remained timeless, over more than 60 years that Mom and Dad made it home.
Their legacy of education, volunteerism, and compassion for others, has been seeded, grown, and well-tended by their children, grandchildren, and growing batch of great-grandchildren. Their commitment to one another, their family and friends, will live on far longer in the generations who loved and admired them both.
Mom’s passing Saturday morning left those behind with a combination of sadness and relief that her suffering here was finally over…but with the knowledge that her reunion with Dad must have made heaven ring with joy.

In closing; do your best to enjoy the holidays…however you celebrate. Give love…figure out how to heal…and forgive. It just makes life easier, and will save you THOUSANDS in Thetan-Auditing from the Scientologists. 


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  1. Your description of your parents reminds me of my parents! So happy they are together again. Even with the sadness, there are many blessings when you’ve been given great parents and family members. Prayers for you and your family. 💚

  2. Veganella Luxellence

    Very sad to hear about your loss, Patric. May they rest in the peace and love they created. Thank you for sharing.

    P.S. give me some good old Rigelians, Morbo and Lurr from Persei 8 any day. Puny human cults being mocked by the writers make the Xmas a bit more delish

  3. That is the most beautiful obituary I’ve ever read. *wipes away a tear*

  4. My condolences Patric – find joy when and wherever you can. Have an Anxious Hissmass!

  5. My condolences to you and your family. It’s never a good time to lose someone, but around the holidays it makes it that much harder. I love that your parents were considered as one. What a great way to describe them. God bless.

  6. So sorry Patric. 😞
    “A life well lived”
    What more can each of us wish for?

  7. My deepest sympathies for your loss. Losing a parent is always difficult. My father spent his last 4 months in a nursing home, 600 miles away from me because he refused to leave his beloved Oregon.
    A long difficult journey each month. The combination of grief and relief took some acceptance.

    Welcome to the world of being an orphan.


  8. I’m sorry for your loss. I want to let you know that I really appreciate you posting on this blog. Myself and tons of other tsto fans look at this blog daily, and it fills us with so much joy! Even though I don’t know you personally, you have given me moments of happiness from your blog. You take time out of your day to writes these posts for us, something you don’t have to do, but you do it anyways cause you are a wonderful person. So even though I don’t “really” know you, I will be praying for you and your family, and I wish you guys all the best. Thank you for everything you do!

  9. Dear Patric, I feel with you. We are in a similar situation. Please know that the ones you love are always there and visit you.

  10. When one visits neighbors, does it matter (regarding one‘s own account) what symbols one taps? Dollar signs, Krustyland tickets… do I get always the same payout (same XP, money…)?

  11. Sorry for your loss, Patric.

    I’m sure I don’t need to remind you to remember the good times.

    We lost Anne’s mum fifteen years ago now, and I still find myself thinking “Flo would have liked that!” at times.

    There is some better news, though.

    My parents are both past 85 now, and they got phone calls from the doctor yesterday, booking them in for their first Covid vaccinations next week.
    It’ll be a while yet before things are back to normal, but there are encouraging signs out there at last.

    Roll on next year!

    • So wonderful to know there is light at the end of the tunnel. My Mom’s issues and ultimate death had nothing to do with Covid, outside of the lack of face to face visitors. But she was excited for the vaccine, for that reason.

  12. Best wishes, Patrick

  13. I am so sorry for your loss. I believe a lot of us in this community understand what you are going through and grieve with you. I’ve dealt with way too many losses this year (family and friends), three in this month alone. You and your family will be in my prayers.

  14. Dear Patric,

    May your Family be at peace 📿 as your Parents are together for eternity.

    As for this Winter Event? Nope, it’s not Christmas-y, it’s not causing a widespread angry mob (like 2016’s Winter Event), but it’s funny! I’m still hoping for the lampooning of “storming Area 51” and “those metallic monoliths” that have appeared (Utah, Romania, Germany – and hey even one on Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas!) and “tin foil hats” for our Springfielders!👽🛸

  15. Sounds like she lived a good, long and full life! Something to celebrate and mourn. Condolences

  16. I am very sorry to hear of you loss Patric.

    My mother passed 8 years ago and there is never a day that goes by without me thinking about her. To start with it was hard, but as time has passed I think only of the good times we shared.

    I am praying for you and your family at this time and also for your mother in receiving her wish to be with your father again.


  17. Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for sharing and I’m very sorry for your loss. Reading about your parent’s relationship made me tear up because of how sweet it was and because it reminded me of my grandparents (They were married for 73 years and still just as in love at the end). By conincidence, today is the third year anniversary of my grandma’s passing. That’s why I felt compelled to post.
    I really appreciate your contributions here because I started playing TSTO back when it first came out, but then lost interest after a year or two. However I find myself coming back to it in short bursts from time to time and your posts are incredibly helpful for me to understand what I’ve missed and what I need to know about the current update.
    Thank you! And may our loved ones Rest In Peace.

  18. Condolences on your mom’s passing….I know these last few weeks (months?) have been difficult for you.

    2020 has been truly sucky year…besides the whole pandemic thing and the election stuff, my stepmom died last spring (less than a year after my dad died) and one of my close friends just lost her mom a coupe of weeks ago, too.

    Let’s all hope for a better, happier 2021!

    • It was difficult…but thankfully short run compared to what it could have been. When she decided she was “done,” it was only a matter of days.

  19. My sympathies to you and your family❤❤❤.

  20. So sorry for your loss, Patric. Thoughts and prayers for you and your family. As for the event, I agree with you. I like the content and the writing is very funny. It would have been nice to change up the format though. I miss those challenging games! Regardless, I’m going to enjoy it because…snow.

  21. First of all, my condolences for your mother’s passing. My father died last month, so I share your grief.

    About the event, I’m enjoying it so far, and I dare to recommend the book “Bare-faced Messhiah”. Very informative (and entertaining) read.

    • Thanks, and my condolences for your loss as well. Will check out that book for sure! I think I read it a while back…but I see that it is free on my Kindle reader, so I’ll check it out. It’s the biography (mostly) of L Ron Hubbard as I recall. I’ll wear my tinfoil hat while reading it.

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