Friday Filler – Things To Remember When Commenting

Thank Grog It’s Firday!

OK. So…Mom got mad. I don’t blame her. She has to deal with so many whiners and tattlers and hurt feelings, that she just reaches a breaking point and “loses it.”

My Mom used to be that way every once in a while. She would get that look in her eye and say stuff like, “How many times do I have to tell you???” or “What is it going to take for you to stop doing that???” or “For the love of GAAAAAWD!!! If you don’t stop doing that, you are going to wish you hadn’t!!”

These are all semi-rhetorical questions that are best left unanswered, if you know what’s good for you. The fact is, when you are a kid, you really have no idea as to how many times it will take for something to finally change your actions, or if there is some magic solution to a clearly repetitive and annoying display on your behalf. And let’s be honest…by the time you get to that last one, you are already wishing you hadn’t done it!

But, these are the actions of children. You don’t expect the same kinds of annoying behaviors from adults who are supposed to know better. I know…I are going to blame your actions on Covid, and being locked up inside. You are going to push to the limits your dissatisfaction with something that is supposed to give you pleasure, onto someone else, whether it be EA, Gracie, or the admins of this site.

But, let me assure…we ALL have a breaking point. And there are simply some things that are going to make us GO BATSHIRTCRAZY!!!!
I’ve been part of “the Addicts Team” almost as long as there has been an Addicts Team (with a brief, but pointed time, searching for my own meaning to TSTO).  What I know, is that Alissa is the most patient, dedicated, and yes…benevolent admins I have ever known.  

So, if you provoke her to the point of her “going off on you” as she did last week, I am going to go with the “she was provoked” defense every time.  And let’s face it…she was. 

But, let’s just lay out some basic realities, that should be clear and obvious to anyone who takes the time to think about it (as opposed to those who just rant and run, without thinking). 

Alissa does at least 90% of the work, posting and comment moderation on this site. Maybe more. When you look at the number of comments that I have made and moderated over the years and years and years we have been doing this, it comes out to less than 10% of the overall number. As in way, way, way less than 10%.  

If the truth be told, I pretty much just “push” comments through, after giving them a super-quick read.  I answer a handful…but, am happy to let “the community” weigh in on such heavy duty questions like, “should I Donut farm” or “why did that thing I want, not do that thing I wanted it to do?” Stuff like that. 

I mostly answer, if it is short answer, or if it is something directed at me, specifically.  That happens a lot, because I do write a lot of opinions, in addition to smatterings of information about the game. Opinions usually open up the flood gates for others to voice their opinions.  So, it has to be no surprise to me when they do. 


If you respond in a personal way…attacking me as a person, and not just my opinion, you are going to get a slap back.  I know the popular term is “clap back.”  But, I’m pretty sure that clapping at someone who knows they are being an ass, deserves more of a response than you would give a dog who is about to piddle on the carpet.  If you go after me personally…on a site that is about a silly game…you can bet that I will come back hard.  And if you continue, I will delete and block you…and likely write you a personal email to let you know I did. That’s the way Dad rolls. 

Mom? She just gets snarky…and then gets REALLY snarky…and then, every once in a while, does the “I don’t need this crap in my life,” and threatens to pull the plug.  And who could blamer her? 

So, here are a handful of comment topics that will get snarked, slapped, and maybe deleted. 

Politics. Yes…I dance around this one on occasion. But, know better than to cross the line into actual media commentary. And let’s face it…these days the lines between “News” and “Commentary” are pretty blurred. There are enough places for that. And we’re all pretty much burned out on the state of Government, no matter which side of the insanity you fall on.  Alissa and I disagree on much…but remain friends. So there’s no reason I’m going to let someone else blow up that balance. Got it?

Religion. This is right up there with politics, and trust me, there are even fewer “right answers” on this topic than there are with politics.  So when the writers decide to stir the proverbial pot, with countless sacrilegious (depending on whose sack you are carrying) story lines, it isn’t going to make Alissa happy. 
And looking ahead in the files…I guarantee you, The Sack of Sacrilegious that is headed our way is bigger than the one Santa carries on Christmas.  

I look at the Gracie team as being equal-opportunity offenders. And now that they have poked huge fun at Scientology, we are rounding the corner on every possible religion and cult out there.  But, trust me…it doesn’t come close to what the guys at South Park did with “Tom Cruise in the Closet.” 

Whining about not getting information up soon enough, just isn’t going to win friends anywhere…much less here.  We get the info up as soon as humanly possible for people who also have lives (unlike those who seem to have no lives, and plenty of time to whine).  Again, Alissa puts up most of the details…I mostly put up opinions. One is very time consuming. The other is just annoying. I get to be annoying. 

Acting like we are Part of EA’s support team is just insane.  Even EA’s support team is barely part of EA’s support team!!  Have you tried to get a straight answer out of them?  I suspect they are being paid in farmed donuts. If any of us here at Addicts had our say, we’d DOX the “support leadership.”  I suspect most of them are hiding in the suburbs of Redwood City, living off of their ill-gotten donuts and ordering edibles from home delivery “medicinal services.” 

Finally….Baseball.  Alissa is nuts for baseball…and most especially the Yankees. Trust me…just don’t go there.  I’ve tried to point out the vast differences between a PED-guzzling slimebucket like A-Rod, and one of the best players of the modern era, Derek Jeter.  One deserves the Hall of Fame, the other a place next to Pete Rose selling autographs in an empty hallway in Vegas.  And, as many report, the two barely got along,(see article) while racking up great numbers. Oh. Wait. There I go again.  But, you get the picture. Alissa is loyal. And that’s what makes her so endearing. 

She is loyal to this game like almost nobody else…even though it may not really deserve it.  She hangs in there…believing that “the next update just might be great!” while so many of us know better. 

So GIVE US A BREAK (especially Alissa!)!!!  Stop whining. Stop trying to play “gotcha!!” with your comments…and stop wondering if your comments get scrubbed if they cross the line.  They do.  I love nuking…I don’t do it often…but when I do, I smile. And sometimes when I write a “Get A LIFE email,” I chuckle…because when you comment, we have your contact info. Silly you…silly us. 

Remember. It’s just a silly game, and not a very compelling one at that. None of it really matters. It’s supposed to be fun. So lighten up. Get over it. Get a life.

Oh…and have a GREAT CHRISTMAS!  


41 responses to “Friday Filler – Things To Remember When Commenting

  1. “I suspect they are being paid in farmed donuts.”
    Not gonna lie, I laughed out loud at this. 🙂

  2. OK, I am a confused. I admit I am not an avid follower anymore (lots of things to do), so I went to the last weeks post and couldn’t find anything that relates. Has it been deleted? (I don’t get mad -but I do make other people mad 🙂 ).

  3. If it was the 1 comment from the other day about not being able to do math or whatever….i had to do a double take and thought oh god….here we go, where’s my popcorn?
    I couldn’t believe that after ALL THIS TIME someone was gonna start stuff. Like, do you know the community youre messing with? Lol
    Anywho…..hope all of you are enjoying the season! 🎄🎅 xoxo

    • “Like, do you know the community you’re messing with?” LOL! Exactly!

    • My exact reaction, Sandytoes! Alissa is an astounding QUEEN who has unwaveringly provided a wonderful site for us addicts and Patric, you know how I feel about you! Meanwhile, I’m watching Clemson soundly revenge-clobber Notre Dame…Go Tigers!

  4. I’ve been playing since the first Christmas event and found this blog during the following Valentine’s event. You all are the greatest! With all of the personal money spent on donuts (Alissa mentioned how much she spent on the game a few years ago and the amount was mind blowing for me, a freemium player) and the personal time invested gathering info to post, we sincerely thank you and appreciate all you guys do.

    Patrick, your title made me laugh because I knew exactly what you were about to comment about. I think Mom has definitely gotten more patient over the years (although she may disagree). I remember another thing that would set Mom off…answering the same question multiple times. It was funny to watch her comments change from answering the questions to ‘see post above’.

  5. I have to say, that it absolutely amazes me what a good job of staying cool under extreme provocation Alissa does!

    If I had a pound for every time I’ve read a post and thought “Why didn’t you read the thread first, you clueless bleep!”, I could probably afford to fly out and buy the addicts all a drink… 🙂

    Thanks again for all of all your efforts, and here’s to a decent christmas and a much better new year, for everybody!

  6. Thank You dedicated TSTO Addicts Staff (without this site, Tappers would have to go elsewhere – and not even the official EA TSTO Facebook Page is helpful most of the time!) 👍🏻

    All EA jokes aside, we’re fortunate to still have TSTO as a Game App (what gets sent to the TSTO Addicts Staff by EA isn’t always accurate, so we shouldn’t blame the messenger!) 🤔

    Let’s all have a Happy / Safe Christmas – Hanukkah – Solstice – Kwanzaa etc ❄️🎄⛄ 💙

  7. I was introduced to this game by my young grandson who was eager to involve me in anything he was interested in. We have been playing for many years (the grandboy is now 18 and I’m in my 70s) We still dabble, if I’m honest me more than him! I have taught the grand boy over the years to be respectful of others, be kind and slow to anger. It has been a particularly hard year this year and sometimes our anger, fear and helplessness can come out in the most unexpected ways. I’m hopeful next year will bring more peace and harmony. Be kind to those who give up their time for our benefit, have a great Christmas and stay safe.

  8. Rock on Alyssa, lay the smackdown on the troublemakers. Not much better than seeing an admin put someone causing trouble in their place. I can’t imagine ever needing to on here but I guess I was wrong…I missed it.

  9. I didn’t see it…but there’s little better than seeing the admin lay a smackdown on troublemakers. I can’t imagine it ever being needed on here but I guess I was wrong. Rock on Alyssa!

  10. Sometimes we all forget how much work is put into this site. For the most part, the moderators of this site are informative and fair as to what they publish on their own behalf and the comments they put through. Some segments have continued on uninterrupted, some have been retired or replaced. I, personally, come to the site for information related to playing the game. I like to know what’s coming down the line, what things do or earn, and insights for better gameplay. The moderators are good at giving out that information. The rest is just filler which I sometimes read, sometimes don’t. The bottom line is this is just a game and the moderators are doing the best they can so give them some slack.

    • Yes…and the “filler” is what we do to stay sane. The game can be mind-numbingly repetitive. So the “filler” makes it easier for us to endure.

  11. I don’t come close to seeing every post the gets posted. However the rant and run type is very annoying. The rejected comments can probably get far more personal and we likely don’t see half of them. Keyboards produce an sense of anonymity and Jackasses!

  12. Sit back, relax, pour yourself another egg nog and take a moment to reflect upon those less fortunate than ourselves.
    Things very soon start to fall into place,
    Merry Christmas everyone.

  13. Alissa deserves lots of love but you to too. We shouldn’t weigh how much we love on the amount of work one does but I’ll pass out a lot for determination and dedication. I really miss the “olden days” when this game was so much fun and the community responses came by the dozens and we all seemed like real neighbors and friends. Don’t know why I still check in each day. I really don’t play the game like I used to. I get something and plop whenever in my town. I have one neighbor I tag, and she me, every day so I come to do that. I’ll be sad for a little while when the game either ends or I quit. I think of all the people that visited here often and wonder how they are doing. We learned quit a bit about each other over the yrs.
    I hope when this does all end you and Alissa don’t have withdrawals.

    • Thanks for the kind words. But, I will be honest..EA is making it easy to “withdraw.” I’ll hang in there as long as Alissa does.

    • I look for your graffiti everyday and it makes me smile. Thank you Bryson.
      Especially since it’s the only thing you can do as the glitch is still in my game. I’m lucky to have a few persistent neighbourinos that have hung in there despite only being able to tag 4 buildings.
      Hanging on by our fingernails and hoping that maybe, just maybe, EA will bring back stuff to share with our neighbors and their towns 🙏

      • I miss the interaction with neighbors too. Look forward ,when I can, tagging you each day. Some days my neighbors disappear, I get the BART screen or someone got to you before I can.
        Merry Christmas,
        Pam aka Bryson

        • Merry Christmas to you faithful friend 🎄
          And a safe and healthy 2021 to you, your family and everyone on this site

  14. Here Here for Her Her (and you +-10%).

    Alissa does a great job, and probably doesn’t hear that enough, along with the droning whiner noise. Hard to believe people have so much time on their hands to complain about a free game and the volunteers that freely blog about it. Glad you took the time to write this post.

    We can all agree to disagree and still get along. Heck, you are a Duck, and I am a Husky and we would probably get along fine in real life, except on one specific fall Saturday every year, except this year, ugh.

    Merry Christmas and Go Dawgs!

    • Wow…don’t get me started. Huskies…Covid…weird, and then even weirder!
      Ducks get another shot in a couple of hours…but I’m not holding my breath!

      • Yup, Covid wins the Pac-12 this year. The Border War canceled, and would have been a great game to truly decide who wins the North. The Apple Cup cancelled (UW vs WSU for those who don’t know). And then Covid strikes again and the Huskies don’t get to play for the championship, for whatever that might actually be worth this unusual season. At least the kids got to play a couple of games, more than they expected in August.

        • It has been too weird for me. But, I watched. I actually wish the Pac had stuck to their guns and just cancelled the season. It would have been more safe, and very much justified.

  15. A favourite blogger of mine once suggested that we consider comments like a conversation we would have in her living room, with others looking at us and listening. Just because we can be anonymous on line, doesn’t mean that our manners should be lessened.

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