Friday Filler – When Einstein Meets Jesus

Thank Grog It’s CHRISTMAS EVE!

So, right off the bat, let’s recognize that “Friday Fillers” are usually posted on Fridays (hence the name).  But tomorrow is Christmas…and I really hope that you have better things to do on Christmas, than play your game, and read a post from me. 

And I sure as heck didn’t plan on feeling the need to write a post about why Einstein needs to be in our games to make sense of what EA/Gracie have done to the time/space continuum, as it pertains to beings that are supposed to be eternal. Yes…ETERNAL (outside time/space)

In fact, I am going to lobby now (or whenever you read this…as time is relative), for Einstein to be a permanent character in our games. We need him to make sense of what is going on in our Springfields.  It’s one thing to try and have younger versions, older versions, and future versions of a single character walking around. But characters that are eternal???

Understanding this event is as difficult as trying to make sense of “Star Wars” coming out in an order that requires the first to be the fourth (or was it the fifth) until there was the Mandalorian, which tests us all to suspend space, time, and just go “Ahhh…look at that cute baby Yoda!”

And I feel that EA/Gracie are trying to pull off the same kind of slight of hand, as we now have “Baby Jesus” (or Josh as they tried to name him) buying real estate, while the older version of himself watches on, and the Dad/Grandpa/God does nothing about it…well…it makes the Mandalorian make sense. But, look at that cute baby Jesus!

But, there is a difference here.  Yoda is a being with a finite existence (unless you buy into his ability to come back as a Ghost-oda in some of the other episodes). Jesus is different…
Let’s start with the tenet that Jesus is part of the “Trinity,” defined as the “Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.”  They are all one…while remaining separate, at least in the Bible.   Christ was God incarnate; a human that was never totally human.  But, Jesus also often prayed to his “Heavenly Father” which can be confusing, if you agree with “Jesus as God” part of the Trinity.  It seems that the “Holy Ghost” is always kind of in the picture…over-arching creation and heaven, while God does the judging, and smiting, and creating, and Jesus brings the humanity to the equation.  

Again…I guess it all makes the Mandalorian make sense.

But, if you are also a believer of Science, and the concepts of Relativity, as Einstein laid out, you also know that two points in time cannot exist in the same space time, making it (and the movie Back to the Future) impossible to have Jesus and Baby Jesus wandering around town at the same time. 

Oh…I can hear you now…BUT WE ALREADY HAVE SEVERAL VERSIONS OF CHARACTERS in Baby/Now/Future versions!!!  True, but these are cartoon characters….and physics don’t apply to cartoon characters. (just watch a Roadrunner cartoon).

I prefer to think that the original characters are the REAL versions, and the others are just actors, portraying them.   

So…maybe, just maybe, I can imagine that Baby Jesus really is just a character played by a diminutive actor named “Josh.”    It would make as much sense as having Baby Jesus buying real estate. Right?

This can all get very complicated quickly if you take any of it on literal terms. But, let’s face it…whether you are talking about your belief in Christianity, Buddhism, Movementerianism, or any other “ism,” the most basic bit of the belief structure is “FAITH.”   You have to suspend a bit of Einsteinian logic, to make it all work. 

It can get pretty confusing when you are trying to decide which denomination of Christianity is the closest to the “real intention of God.”  And the fact that there is so much confusion, consternation and dissention between the different flavors of faith, is exactly why those who believe in science, smugly dismiss it all! 

OH…WAIT…SNAP!!  Hold on there ye of little faith, smugly calling out religion with your faith in science!  

Even Einstein knows that trying to figure out even the most basic aspects of creation, can last a lifetime, and will likely result in being derided in the future (if there is really such a thing a future/now/past). 

The fact is, science is about as logical and solid as almost any religious text.  Every theory, and even most of the “laws of physics” have become malleable, and tested to the point of breaking, with every new discovery that comes around the corner.   

As it turns out, just in the past few weeks, a couple of scientific creation stories have been blown up (banged up?) by new theories regarding the Big Bang. One talks about a previous Big Bang, before Our Big Bang.  

And there are countless new theories coming out of Quantum Physics research that make very good cases for multiple realities, and “dark planets” that can co-exist, with “dark matter” holding it all together. 

Heck…even SANTA got into the act this week, with an explanation of his “gift giving prowess” being explained by Quantum Physics (suspending space/time to travel to every home in the world in a single night).

It’s all great fun…and all requires FAITH IN SOMETHING to make it real. 

Faith. Intention. Free Will to “Make it so.”  These are the ingredients to making the world a happier, safer, more just place to be. 

Science, Religion, Politics…things that seem to be completely at odds as of late, can all prosper and co-exist by understanding that they all offer some aspect of the solutions we need at this time in human existence.  

Faith comes in many flavors…but without Intention, to get things done, it is just idol wishing (and perhaps idol worshiping).  The greatest gift of this life is “Free Will.”  It is our ability to know intuitively what is right, what is wrong, and when we are kidding ourselves into ignoring that voice of reason.  

So, I guess I would ask that in the coming year, we all apply the same intense faith we seem to have in religion, politics, sports and other entertainment choices (along with our “right” to ignore common sense about any of these), to just doing the right thing! 

If we have figured out anything in this past year, it is that there are no right answers…especially if the “answer” is to suspend common sense, set aside reason, and simply choose to believe the unbelievable...because it makes our “team” look better. 

It simply comes down to taking that same “undying commitment to team” and applying it to a greater test of your faith in doing what it right. 

In every instance, whether it be Christ, Buddha, Einstein, or any great name that brought about social change…they were all fighting against the status quo…going against the popular beliefs, and willing to be more than just “another in the throng.” 

Faith. Intention. Free Will. Powerful stuff. 

This Week…many of us got to witness the “Christmas/Solstice Star.” Which many theorize may have been the very “star” that the three Wise Men saw, that guided them to the Baby Jesus with their gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh…or depending on your beliefs…was the “BIG SOLTICE” that brought about the age of Aquarius to the world (male power succumbing to female power, and obsession with wealth giving way to obsession with healing and health across the world). 

Both equally “out there” beliefs, that require faith to suspend the facts.  But pretty cool, nonetheless. 

The Christmas Star (that isn’t actually a star)…the dawning of a new age of earth power…or just a fun light show that comes around every 800 years or so…it all depends on your level of Faith in something bigger than yourself. 

No matter where your beliefs in creation sit, we REALLY need some change. 

And that change has to come from understanding that division, hubris, and too much commitment to a single idea or belief are to detriment of coming together to find commonality between us.

In 2021…we need to come together…not find new ways to separate and divide. We need to lead with our hearts, and stop relying on others for “facts.”  Free Will. The power of choice to do the right thing…even when others are doing something different. 

So…go ahead…let Jesus, and Baby Jesus roam around your towns, while Buddha, mingles with countless versions of the same Springfieldean characters, from different space/times.  It all makes sense, if you suspend science and have a little faith. Right?

No matter how you celebrate…HAVE A GOOD ONE!! 
Change is coming…

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  1. Star Wars is awesome


    Not sure how serious you were regarding Star Wars but it’s easy:

    George Lucas outlined a space opera in 9 – 12 parts.

    The middle portion was filmed first and is nowadays known as Episodes IV-VI (A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, Revenge of the Jedi).
    This trilogy, frequently referred to as the original trilogy, show the empire at the height of their power with a lot of destruction, waste and poverty everywhere.
    It further shows how the son helps the father to find a way to redeem himself because he was touched by that the son has so much love and good attitude that he does not give in to fighting.

    This story has a large backstory, a good portion was brought to us through Episodes I – III (shot in the 2000s but storywise years before the Original Trilogy).
    It shows how Darth Sidious (aka the emperor Palpatine) wanted to create a kind of ultimate Sith by manipulating Shmi Skywalker‘s womb through the Force – but he did not know that the Force has a way to balance things out. The being that he created, Anakin Skywalker, later helps killing Palpatine and this bringing an end to the empire.

    The sequel trilogy takes place after the original trilogy and shows what is left of the Empire is not dead – and neither is the emperor! Like in real life, you can’t kill something widespread in just one war.

    And since the Force is inspired by Daoism (aka Taoism), spirit/soul and body are not the same but the spirit/soul is eternal (in Star Wars and Daoism though meditation/training). Hence, the dark arts of the Sith brought Palpatine’s spirit back one last time.

    Then there are two more live action movies set between the prequel and original trilogy.

    Finally, there is The Mandalorian. A wonderful series set between the original and sequel trilogy.

    I am looking forward to learn more in its next season and the Boba Fett series. I bet we will hear how Boba survived the Sarlacc in ROTJ and I hope Din Djarin (Mando) and Grogu (the Child, als Baby Yoda) will meet again.

    ASK me anything about Star Wars if you like. I‘m not one of those guys who just complain about everything lol.

    • Regretfully, for both of us…I was very serious about my take on Star Wars. I stopped caring after Jar Jar showed up…but, did enjoy the one where Han and Princess Lea show up again (Ep VII?). I am that rare breed that isn’t a dedicated fan of any huge “series” of movies…especially the super hero or space adventure types. So shoot me…or laser me…or whatever. It all just gets silly pretty quickly for me.

  2. Merry Christmas to all the team and fellow addicts 🎄🎄🎄🤶🎅☃️☃️☃️

  3. Thank you Patric for taking the time to post a most thoughtful filler! Aretha sang about it and we all need to respect each other, like not blowing car horns the instance a traffic light turns green. I want to “go” too!..
    It may not be easy but it is not hard to give Respect!
    I thank you for the star video too for it’s been cloudy.
    Our game is reminding us with the Christmas tasks of the funny tasks Tapped Out has for its characters. I look forward to finding all characters who can sit and drink at Moe’s Express, especially since its on the boardwalk, and all characters who do B.S. Related items from previous holidays update!
    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

  4. A cook book details the how.
    But you still need a who.
    And based on the most recent occurrences, this years cook is pretty dang lousy.

  5. “Einstein was right.”
    “Einstein was probably one of them.”

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