Christmas 2020 Premium Questline: King Herod

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

In our games, the snow is falling and TSTO is calling yoo hoo!  It’s the most wonderful time of the year Tappers, Christmas in TSTO!  This year is no exception with the 2020 Clash of Creeds Event!

Act 3 of this Event ushered in one new premium character to help navigate this event.  King Herod is an all-new premium character for Springfield, who not only helps earn event currency but also comes with a short questline.

So let’s take a look at King Herod’s questline.  Here’s the full dialogue for Filmed to Death…

Filmed to Death Pt. 1
King Herod starts

King Herod: I heard a rumor that Baby Jesus was here. But you’re telling me that’s not true?
Ned: Here? At my house? I…don’t even know who Baby Jesus is.
King Herod: You’re Ned Flanders, yes? The same Ned Flanders who just published an op-ed in the Springfield Shopper titled “Baby Got Back: The Return of Our Diapered Lord and Savior”?
Ned: Oh, THAT Baby Jesus. Sure. Sure. Yeah, um…I’m pretty sure he’s uh…getting a haircut.
King Herod: Getting a haircut?
Ned: Yeah. Those long locks were really starting to get in his eyes.
Make King Herod Track Down Baby Jesus at the Barber- 2hrs
Make Flanders Go Next Door to Warn Baby Jesus- 2hrs
Homer: *answering the door* Flanders. This better be good.
Ned: Homer! Homer, you gotta warn Baby Jesus for me. King Herod is after him. I think he might be out for murder.
Homer: Pfft, fine I’ll tell the baby. *slams door* Maggie! Some guy wants to kill you!

Filmed to Death Pt. 2
King Herod starts

Wiggum: Excuse me. King Herod? I, uh…heard a rumor you were gonna murder a kid.
King Herod: And would this be a problem?
Wiggum: Eh, depends on the kid. I mean yes, I would probably try to stop you.
King Herod: You’re a policeman, yes? I could actually use your help.
Make King Herod Make a Proposal to Chief Wiggum- 4hrs
Make Wiggum Listen to King Herod’s Proposal- 4hrs
Wiggum: Kill every baby boy in Springfield, huh? It’s an interesting strategy, I’ll give you that.
King Herod: You don’t want to do it?
Wiggum: I feel like it wouldn’t go over well. But hey, what do I know? Anyways, good luck with all that.

Filmed to Death Pt. 3
King Herod starts

Ned: Reverend, I’m at a crossroads. On the one hand, if I do nothing then our lord and savior Baby Jesus could get murdered. On the other hand, if I sacrifice my own soul and murder King Herod first, it’ll save Baby Jesus. What’s a good Christian man to do?
Lovejoy: Yes. Murder or not murder. It’s a classic struggle.
King Herod: Excuse me, are you the reverend? I was thinking you might know where to find Baby Jesus.
Ned: *gasp*
Lovejoy: Ned, why don’t we just let Herod have this one? I mean we already have adult Jesus. Isn’t that enough?
Ned: *gasp*
Make Lovejoy Let King Herod Have This One- 4hrs
Make Flanders Gasp Louder to Make Sure Lovejoy Heard- 4hrs
Make King Herod Thank Lovejoy for His Fealty to the Crown- 4hrs
Ned: Reverend! Do you know what you’ve done? If Baby Jesus dies now then it means he never dies later!
Lovejoy: So you…want Jesus to die?
Ned: Of course! But…at the time of my choosing!

Filmed to Death Pt. 4
King Herod starts

King Herod: Well, well, well. If it isn’t Baby Jesus. And to think I’d find you here, at the Bowlarama.
Baby Jesus: Herod. How did you know I’d be here?
King Herod: The reverend was easily exploited. Once I explained that your death now would mean your lack of death later, and as a result the failure of his religion to ever form in the first place… …he seemed very interested in no longer having to write sermons every week.
Baby Jesus: So this is it, huh? You’re just gonna off me right here? In front of all these cameras?
King Herod: I can wait for you to leave. I’ve waited two thousand years already.
Baby Jesus: Perhaps I could interest you in a little proposal instead?
Make Baby Jesus Propose Faking His Own Death- 4hrs
Make King Herod Listen Intently- 4hrs
Baby Jesus: And so, you see, I get to live and you get to tell all your friends back home that you took care of that pesky messiah.
King Herod: Okay, so we film the faking of your death. But…none of my friends back home have phones or DVD players…
Baby Jesus: *sigh* Fine. We’ll have my faked death carved in stone and we’ll get it notarized.

Filmed to Death Pt. 5
King Herod starts

Baby Jesus: Okay, so I’m gonna fall from this high ledge here. Flanders I think you’re gonna wanna set up with the camera over there to get the best angle on my fall.
Ned: Right-diddly-o, Baby Jesus.
King Herod: Looks like my guards are done placing all the mattresses down below.
Baby Jesus: Right. Let’s do a tracking shot across the balcony here as I run into frame. Then we’ll need to get close-up coverage on my monologue, and we’ll shoot B-roll after lunch.
Ned: So…do I press this button here with the red circle?
Baby Jesus: And…ACTION!
Make Baby Jesus Fake His Own Death- 4hrs
Make King Herod Pretend to Kill Baby Jesus- 4hrs
Make Flanders Get a Good Tracking Shot- 4hrs
Homer: And so that’s where I’m still confused. Because Baby Jesus was killed, but somehow you’re still here?
Jesus Christ: Homer, what’s the one thing I’m kinda known for?
Homer: Making fish sandwiches?
Jesus Christ: Okay, what’s the OTHER one thing I’m kinda known for?
Homer: Ooh, it’s gotta be your abs. They always seem so toned.

And this concludes King Herod’s questline.

Thoughts on the event?  Did you buy King Herod? Thoughts on the dialogue? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

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  1. King Herod – halfway thru this silly Questline (he’s voiced with silly phrases, too!), his Visual Character Task at the Citadel (oh my!), hey this Premium Character Combo gave you your sprinkles worth!

  2. hey, i won the greyhound sleigh these days, but i can’t send any of the characters to him, in marge’s tasks it appears blocked with the following sentence: logicwrapperrequirement: visible conditional … can you help me?

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