Christmas 2020 Prize Guide: Act 3, Prize 1 Moses

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Who’s up for another prize post?  Yea, me either…but they still must be done!  Otherwise, what else would I refer people back to when they ask what something does 6 months from now?  Act 3 of the 2020 Christmas event consists of 2 new decorations, 1 group, 1 building, and one new character.

Lucky for us, the first prize in Act 3 is a full character…Moses!  So that’s the very first item we’ll breakdown for the Act 3 prize post…

Moses is a  brand new character for Springfield and part of the Clash of Creeds: Christmas Royale Character Collection:

How You Unlock it:
Tire Fire and Brimstone Pt. 1
Make Rabbi Krustofsky Pray for Divine Guidance-4hrs
Make Ned Out-Pray Rabbi Krustofsky- 4hrs
Collect Menorahs- x150

Once achieved you’ll unlock the character…

Other Info:
Voiced: No
WDTCF:“Clown in the Dumps” S26, E1 (and a variety of others)

Moses does come with a full questline, however, that questline doesn’t trigger until you’ve completed the Act 3 prize track.  So don’t worry if you don’t see the questline start once you unlock him…it’ll launch once you’ve unlocked the final Act 3 prize.  Anyway, here’s a look at Moses’ questline:

The Chain of Command Pt. 1
Moses starts

Yahweh: First the Christians, then the Movementarians, and now the Burnsentarians? We’re getting our hats handed to us!
Moses: To be fair, the other religions don’t really have hats.
Yahweh: It’s not about the hats! We’re losing market share, and you need to turn it around ASAP!
Moses: Me? I’ve got my hands full with the Israelites. How about Noah? He spends all his time working on that boat — and he never even takes it out on the water.
Noah: It just needs one more coat of sealant.
Yahweh: You know why I don’t want Noah? Because he’s like his ark — washed up!
Noah: I used to pack them in back in flood times, boss!
Yahweh: How many millennia ago was that?
Noah: A few.
Yahweh: When I want someone to rescue a goat for me, I’ll talk to Noah. You’re the right person for this, Moses. You’re my number one rep. Just use the ABC method. Always. Be. Converting.
Moses: Okay but…seeing as you are all powerful, maybe you should just, you know, MAKE them follow you?
Yahweh: Maybe I should MAKE you into a rabbit!
Moses: All right, all right, I’m going!
Make Moses Help Sort Out the Town’s Problems- 4hrs
Make Yahweh Meet God for Brunch- 4hrs
Yahweh: He ran so fast he left his sandals behind! It was priceless!
God: I love it. When you’re the Creator, they just let you do it!
Yahweh: I know. Oh my God, you should’ve seen his face.
God: Hey, watch the language man. There’s no need to be taking my name in vain.
Yahweh: Jesus, you have to be offended by everything.
God: Don’t bring him into this!

The Chain of Command Pt. 2
Moses starts

Moses: Tell me, Reverend, what is in the heart of the people here? How do we bring them back to the Lord?
Lovejoy: Don’t know, don’t care.
Moses: Perhaps that attitude explains the sparse attendance at your services.
Lovejoy: What part of “don’t care” don’t you understand? We’re kind of a Christmas-and-Easter congregation, and that works for us. The rest is train time.
Moses: I see that I must consult someone with greater insight into the spiritual needs of this community.
Make Moses Go See Lindsay Naegle- 2hrs
Make Lindsay Naegle Conduct Market Research- 2hrs
Lindsay Naegle: According to our research, your commandments are seen as “stern”, “unfriendly”, and “shalt-y”. Comments included, “Reminds me of something my old roommate would put on the fridge”, and “I shalt give this guy plenty of side-eye”. Is there any chance we could lose the commandments?
Moses: Lose them? The commandments are our brand!
Lindsay Naegle: In that case, we’d better turn to the ultimate source of truth: a focus group!

The Chain of Command Pt. 3
Moses starts

Lindsay Naegle: Okay, what sort of things do you think you should be commanded not to do?
Moe: I don’t want to say, because I’m so ashamed of ’em — and ’cause I don’t want to stop doing ’em.
Lenny: Thou shalt not hang around with the same boring people every night?
Carl: Thou shalt not bring up the same argument every night?
Homer: Thou shalt not kill the buzz.
Barney: Thou shalt not NOT spend every night drinking in a bar.
Lindsay Naegle: What about gossip? How do we feel about prohibiting that?
Helen Lovejoy: That reminds me! Thou shalt never believe what I heard about Sarah Wiggum!
Lindsay Naegle: Are there any positive commandments you’d like to be ordered to obey?
Barney: Thou shalt rest on the Sabbath by drinking in the street.
Homer: Thou shalt find the keys to a new car under your chair!
Make Moses Analyze the Focus Group Results- 2hrs
Make Focus Group Suggest More Commandments- x5. 2hrs (Moe, Lenny, Carl, Homer, Barney, Helen Lovejoy)
Lindsay Naegle: Our research found 537 commandments that tested better than your existing ten. The highest-rated commandment overall was: Go Big or Go Home.
Moses: Well that should be pretty easy to carve.
Lindsay Naegle: The whole stone-tablets things tested badly, too. According to our testing, it should be written on a pizza — in pepperoni. And served with ranch.
Yahweh: Ranch on pizza? Maybe it is time to dust off the old smiting stick.

The Chain of Command Pt. 4
Moses starts

Moses: People of Springfield, thank you for meeting here today for the grand unveiling of the Springfield Commandments, sponsored by Bloodbath & Beyond Gun Shop.
Wise Guy: Home of the second commandment. I mean — second amendment. Whatever, same thing.
Moses: Now if someone could just give me a hand lifting these enormous stone tablets… …  No one? Okay, I’ll just read them down on the ground here. Commandment number one: “Thou Shalt Let Your Grandparents Live With You Instead Of Dumping Them at Springfield Retirement Castle”.
Homer: Ah, c’mon!
Moses: Commandment number two: “Thou Shalt Wear Hot Pants Only When The Situation Calls For It”.
Sea Captain: Yarr, ye’ve struck right to the heart of me!
Moses: Commandment number three: “Thou Shalt Konmari Fold All Your Clothes”.
Marge: Well, that doesn’t sound so bad.
Barney: That does NOT spark joy!
Moe: C’mon everybody. Moses is trying to ruin Springfield. Grab your pitchforks!
Nelson: Is this flamethrower okay?
Make Springfielders Chase Moses With Pitchforks- 4hrs
Make Moses Run For His Life- 4hrs
Yahweh: You were chased out of town!
Moses: I’ll be the first to admit that that didn’t go the way I wanted. I’m disappointed in myself.
Yahweh: We’ve got a 0.5 rating. There are ViewTube cults with more followers than us.
Moses: Well, I’ll get back out there and turn this around.
Yahweh: Put the tablets down!
Moses: What?
Yahweh: You heard me. Put the tablets down.
Moses: You’re kidding, right?
Yahweh: Do I look like I’m kidding? Commandments are for closers.
Moses: How can I chastise without commandments?
Yahweh: Here’s a commandment for you: Thou shalt hit the bricks. You’re fired! I’ve got a new rep: Gil Gamesh.
Moses: Is he even a monotheist?
Yahweh: We’re just following the numbers here, Moses.
Gil: Ol’ Gil is back, baby! *singing* Summertime and the living is easy!

Moses’ Permanent Tasks:


Task Length Earns Location
Check the Weather for Frogs 1hr $70, 17xp Channel 6/KBBL Radio/KJAZZ/Brown House
Observe Sins 4hrs $175, 45xp Outside/Visual
Carve Some More Commandments 8hrs $275, 70xp Outside/Visual
Attempt to Part Springfield Lake 12hrs $420, 100xp Springfield Lake/Catfish Lake/Other Various bodies of water in Springfield
Shop for New Sandals 24hrs $600, 150xp Victor’s Secret/Gold Navy/The Vast Wasitband/Abercrombie and Rich/Brown House

And that’s it my friends, the details on Moses…

Up Next? The rest of the Act 3 prize track.  I’ll break those down on Thursday…

Thoughts on Moses? Questline?  Tasks? Event? Sound off below.

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  1. Does anybody else’s citizens started shaking? Like, when I sent them chasing after Moses and Moses is supposed to run for his life everybody stays in the same place the were standing and turn left and right really fast. Is this some kind of glitch or am I missing some building?

    • mine did that too, I was worried my game was ruined. I just finished the task for everyone so hopefully everything is ok now.

    • I had the same problem happen, & I feel like it was making the game really slow too. I just finished everyone’s task so hopefully everything will be fine now.

  2. When you have everything from Santa‘s workshop and the daily tasks still make you do Springfielders do stuff for tickets, what happens when you get new tickets, will they automatically become tokens or donuts or land tokens or something?

  3. Thank you for sharing, Alissa ….. I’m almost at the end of Moses’ Questline (kudos to the Writers for all of the puns), and left wondering in Act 4 if Tappers will have Yahweh, or Noah, as a new Premium Character Combo (either would be great, especially if they are voiced!) ☺️👍🏻

    Happy Safe New Years Everybody! 🎉

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