Love and War Premium Dialogue: Marge Ziff

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Love is in the air!  Although maybe not so much in the Simpsons’ household…
Love and War is the latest event to hit our pocket-sized towns, and it’s an all-out romance novel affair!

The second act of this event ushered in one new premium character to help navigate this event.  Marge Ziff is an all-new premium character for Springfield, who not only helps earn event currency but also comes with a short questline.

So let’s take a look at the questline for Marge Ziff, here’s the full dialogue for Live, Love and Loathe…

More details on Marge Ziff can be found here

Live, Love and Loathe Pt. 1
Marge Ziff starts

Marge Ziff: Oh, Artie. I’m so happy I married you instead of Homer.
Artie Ziff: Yes! Finally, a timeline where Marge marries me instead of Homer! It’s only been seven years but it seems like thirty!
Marge Ziff: *chuckles* Oh, Artie, sometimes you don’t make any sense.
Artie Ziff: What about me makes you so happy? So deliriously happy?
Marge Ziff: Well, for starters you’re an excellent provider for our children. Bartie has his own bully/butler, and Liffa can finally afford to go to a school with books. And you always seem to have a stool nearby whenever I want to kiss you.
Artie Ziff: Is now a “whenever” time?
Marge Ziff: You know it is. *kisses Artie*
Artie Ziff: Jealous!?
Make Marge Ziff Kiss Artie (On a Stool)- 4hrs
Make Artie Ziff Find a Stool- 4hrs

Live, Love and Loathe Pt. 2
Marge Ziff starts

Marge Ziff: Honey, I was thinking about stopping by Spiffany’s today to pick up a little something.
Artie Ziff: Of course. Buy anything you want. Don’t forget, you’re married to the wealthiest man in Springfield!
Burns: Pish posh! Wealthiest under eighty!
Artie Ziff: In fact, while you’re there, buy the whole store! We’ll rename it “Ziffany’s”!
Make Marge Ziff Go to Spiffany’s- 4hrs
Homer: Marge? What are you doing here?
Marge Ziff: I’m buying an anniversary present for Artie.
Homer: An anniversary present? Oh, wait. You must be another version of Marge. Is this the “I’ll Never Forgive Homer” timeline?
Marge Ziff: You make even less sense than Artie.

Live, Love and Loathe Pt. 3
Marge Ziff starts

Marge Ziff: While I wait for the escrow to go through on the sale of Spiffany’s — I mean Ziffany’s — would you like to grab lunch?
Homer: I dunno… I’m already in enough trouble as it is for holding a mixed martial arts tournament in the dining room…Plus, my Marge would kill me if she found out I was having lunch with another woman.  Although, she can’t really get mad at me if I told her I was having lunch with her own self from an alternate timeline! Everyone knows that’s not against the rules.
Marge Ziff: Great! Want to go to Swanky Fish?
Homer: I don’t think I can afford that place.
Marge Ziff: My treat!
Homer: Woohoo! Do they have pork chops?
Make Marge Ziff Take Homer to Swanky Fish- 4hrs
Make Homer Go to Swanky Fish- 4hrs

Live, Love and Loathe Pt. 4
Marge Ziff starts

Homer: Tell me about yourself, Alt Marge.
Marge Ziff: Well let’s see. I became a police officer…
Homer: No way, so did regular Marge! Did you quit the force too?
Marge Ziff: No, I became Captain. After that, I needed to do something about my fear of flying…
Homer: Yeah, normal Marge had a fear of flying too. She beat it through psychiatry. What did you do?
Marge Ziff: I became a pilot. But not before taking my pretzel franchise international!
Homer: Really. Ordinary Marge’s Pretzel Wagon had to close after I got it mixed up with the mafia…
Marge Ziff: Sorry to hear that. Oh, did your Marge also become a famous painter?
Homer: Well…it depends on your definition of famous…
Make Marge Ziff Continue to List Her Accolades- 4hrs

Live, Love and Loathe Pt. 5
Marge Ziff starts

Marge Ziff: I’m sorry. I’m rambling, aren’t I? I do that sometimes when I get nervous.
Homer: That’s okay, so does Marge Sub-One. It doesn’t bother me.
Marge Ziff: You know, you’re sweeter than I remember. Is that what got your Marge through all those tough times?
Homer: Oh, definitely.
Marge Ziff: And you were at Spiffany’s to buy her something nice to cheer her up, weren’t you?
Homer: Undoubtedly.
Marge Ziff: Boy, you’re so thoughtful. If only things between us had been different. Or the same. Or — you know what I mean…
Make Marge Ziff Second Guess Herself- 4hrs
Marge Ziff: Why were you at Spiffany’s anyway?
Homer: I was buying Marge a Valentine’s Day present.
Marge Ziff: But Valentine’s Day was a while ago.
Homer: Yeah but I forgot about it and bought tickets to a wrestling match. Then I left her at home to go with Lenny. When I got back, she threw me out. Hey, that gives me an idea! You two have the same brain, right? What do you think I should do to make her/you take me back?
Marge Ziff: After hearing the way you treated her/me, I’m thoroughly convinced that I made the right choice marrying Artie all those years back! Goodbye, Homer!
Homer: So… maybe a scarf?

And that’s it my friends, the details on Marge Ziff’s questline!

Thoughts on her questline?  Did you buy Marge Ziff? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

3 responses to “Love and War Premium Dialogue: Marge Ziff

  1. I enjoyed Marge Ziff’s Questline ….. Marge Ziff w/Ziff Mansion is my favourite Premium Character Combo for this Multi-Act Event (so far!) 👍🏻

  2. I bought this character because I loved the building design although i did not like it was a big building EA could of made it a bit smaller. I just started the quest-line today.

    My favorite part from the dialogue:
    Marge Ziff: After hearing the way you treated her/me, I’m thoroughly convinced that I made the right choice marrying Artie all those years back! Goodbye, Homer!
    Homer: So… maybe a scarf?

    • Essence-1919

      Yes I would preferred a smaller Ziff Mansion, since I’m running out of Real Estate (anytime you want to open up that vacant space adjacent to Springfield Heights , EA, anytime) 🙄

      I guess that’s why I use extra Pier Tiles to put Buildings on (for now)

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