Episode Recap: Winter of His Content

What are you all doing up at this hour? OH?! You came to read my post? Well then, ummmmm…was there a show on tonight? Yah? I better go watch it really quick then. Just sit there and …ummmm….write me a letter, you know, a REAL letter. Hand written. Ink or marker or pencil or letters cut out of magazines. That should keep you busy for a lil bit while I go watch the episode.

Winter 1

You about done with that letter? You gonna mail it to me? What is Mail? You know that cute lil box outside your house that all the junk ads come in? Well once upon a time people would put things in it, a silly person on the wrong side of the car would come by and take it away, and leave stuff for you from other people in its place. Cool, huh?

Now, on to what you came here for. To read me babble on n on n on about the new episode. Winter of His Content.

Whoa, Marge and Homer are quite all over each other in the beginning of this episode. I am not sure I should continue on, but I will. They are really all over one another. Did someone take the kids away? Nope, just a night out WITHOUT the kids.

Just as they were about to make it to the room, the phone starts ringing. Lisa answered it and yells from the other room that the Retirement Home lost its license and now Grampa has no where to live. Well there goes the love life. All the old folks are out on the lawn waiting to be picked up. Even Dr. Hibbert had to go get his dad. Wait…Hibbert has a Dad? Alive? I don’t remember ever seeing him around.

Homer is not too happy about this, but one of the guys explains that there are a LOT of violations that need to be cleared up. Like the wheelchair lift on the van that instead of lifting people into the van, it catapults them far far away. Mannequin nurses (well that COULD be interesting if they came to life at night. It’s a movie. Watch it.) Not to mention the choice of “beverage” coming out of the soda machine. ***shudder***

Winter 4

Homer is trying to convince Marge to let Grampa go instead to the really nice dog boarding place. Marge’s grumbling and stares make him change his mind pretty quick. As Homer is loading up Gramps luggage, Marge notices a few others have not been picked up yet. She goes over and asks when their relatives are going to be there. The Old Jewish Man & Jasper say that they are all alone in this world. Marge decides that both of them are coming home with the Simpson family too.

Winter 5

WAIT WAIT WAIT!! HOLD UP A MINUTE!! They are gonna live in the basement??!!! WOOHOO!!! NEW FRIENDS!!! Ooooooh, and they brought the party favors. Sweet! These old guys really now how to live it up.

Meanwhile, back at the Elementary, looks like Nelson’s Mom had a lil mix up in the undergarment area. OH! I guess his Mom can’t afford to buy him clothes anymore. So he is now stuck wearing her hand me downs. Ummmm…EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! I would rather go commando. Of course all the kids point and “HAAAAAAAH HAH!” at him. Bart steps in. Looks like Nelson isn’t the ONLY one with hand me downs. Again…EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! Nelson appreciates Bart for making a stand and they are now, “Tight as Whities.”

Winter 7

Back at the Simpsons, Homer is noticing quite a change in the type of foods in the cupboards. They have to keep a defibrillator around the house at all times. Of course it also comes in handy when Homer gets the Power Bill….FOR HOW MUCH??!! $2,487??!!! What the heck are they running down in the basement?

Oooooh, the Itchy & Scratchy show that Lisa is watching on TV is parodying my favorite PBS show, Downtown Tabby. Lol. Homer walks in and just starts to go off on how annoying it is with the 3 old man in the house. They pee all night, they cry all day, they even change the font on the computer to really HUGE. Lisa tries to offer Homer some wisdom in the lessons learned from caring for the elderly. Homer starts going off about how her Grampa treats Homers Grampa…ummm…wait…he’s alive? All sorts of stuff we are learning in this episode. Lisa begs Homer to try and be nicer. She explains that Gramps is a treasure.

Marge is getting a lil worn down on their demands too. Homer tells her he will step in and find a way they can coexist.

Winter 10

Bart gets a rock tossed through his window (what is it with people still doing that?) and slides down the gutter to go see who is telling him to “go outside.” It can only be good, right? A hood is put over his head and he is wheeled off in a shopping cart in the dark of night…while the cops look on. Lou thinks something looks a lil fishy about it, but Wiggum (eating a donut of course) thinks it is just Lou’s suspicious mind. Reminds him of the Elvis song, Clam Bake, cuz he opens his clam when things get hot. Lol.

Bart ends up in an empty pool at the closed Country Club. He is surrounded by all the bullies. They tell him to climb out and enter….the Stolen Bike Graveyard. They’ve decided to make him an honorary bully. They put the Necklace of Unknown Retainers on him. Ewwwwwwwww! Bart isn’t sure he wants to be a bully, but it is too late…he has seen there faces. You know, the ones they’ve always had. Lol.

Meanwhile at Skobo’s, Homer and the old guys are just finishing up from a 6 am breakfast. He didn’t know they served breakfast at 10AM!

They now wanna get a lil exercise, at the Springfield Mall. They go “mall walking”. Homer is shocked. “THIS IS EXERCISE??!!” Gramps welcomes him to the club. Next up, Bingo & BBQ night. Homer gets hit on by the old ladies there. Gramps warns him they are only interested in getting a chicken dinner out of him, so he brings a chicken dinner home to Marge. Lol.

Winter 14

Homer starts to freak Marge out though. He is starting to act and talk TOO much like Gramps. Saying 80 degrees is too cold. Wearing sock garters. Saying, “in my day” to Marge when they are the same age. He is really starting to turn into his father. The next morning Marge is telling her sisters at just how frustrated she is. He is getting OLDER than her. They just want her to admit it. She is no longer attracted to him.

Bart and the bullies head into the secret underground to join others at the Bully Summit. Like the Blinky Sneaks, Krusty’s Kids, Purple Nurples, Scary Potters, and the Baseball Furries. They are all meeting at Six Flags Over Krusty (lots of Krustyland items in the background). Even Nelson’s Weasels showed up.

Winter 15

The Head of the Bullies, Chester, is leading them all in a pep talk/speech. Though the next in line to take the Bully throne wants him out of the picture. He swipes Bart’s slingshot out of his back pocket, and fires a rock at Chester. Knocking him to the ground. Of course he blames it on Bart.

Winter 16

A hunt begins to track down Bart as they all think he did it. So Bart, Dolph, Nelson, Snake, and Jimbo hide in one of the Ferris Wheel and try to wait it out. The Bully that shot Chester is on. They jump off and run. Oddly enough, Moe and a “date” are now stuck on that ride. Poor woman. Oh good, she knows Parkour and is able to make her way down off the Ferris Wheel.

After the S.A.T. Preppers fail to stop them, Bart and the Bullies are running for their lives now down the street as they are being chased by all the other bully groups in a giant torn up bus. (This is starting to become VERY reminiscent of a quite popular cult movie. Do YOU know which one? 😉 )

Winter 18

They finally make it back to the subway, but the Baseball Furries are there waiting. Bart uses his slingshot to break the street light and distract them. One stayed behind. Nelson sacrifices himself for the others. The boys make it back to Springfield just as the sun is rising. They are safe…or so they think. They were followed. “Buuuuuuuuuulllies…come out to plaaaaaaaaaay…”

Winter 19

Looks like Bart and the Bullies aren’t the only ones on the beach though. Homer and the old guys just so happen to be taking a stroll too. Homer sees his son in trouble. They have to help them, except…the old guys don’t really want to and start making excuses. He rushes over and punches the New Bully in the face. The New Bully proclaims he’s never been in a fight. He whines and runs off. Homer and the gang all head home. Now how did we get here?

Winter 20

Oh and goody, looks like Homer and Marge are back to kanooooodling while every one else is asleep.

All in all, a great episode. Loved the music, the themes, and the overall plots. Made me giggle and get my floppy feet tapping many of times. Now with 3 new people in the Simpson home, I wonder what wild and crazy things are gonna happen.

What did YOU think of the episode? Favorite Moments? Hated moments? Sound off in the comments below. Now, time for me to go to a local Bingo game. I am STARVING and now am craving a chicken dinner. I am sure there is SOMEBODY out there that will get me one. 😉

Now don’t forget to log into your games tomorrow (March 17th, 2014) for that sweet surprise we have been hinting at since the update dropped. 😉

Until the next time…

HOPPY Tappin’


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  1. I love “The Warriors” and since I live in New York City, I was very happy to see a Simps’ parody of it, including gangs the Springfield subway map. Thanks for the great update, Bunny!

    • The warriors scene…I had to watch it over and over a few times. I laughed so hard. Great way to tie it in to the episode. Not to mention the bottles “clink clink clink” 😉

  2. I really enjoyed this one too. I doubt the three seniors will continue living with the Simpson family, though. At the beginning of the episode they mention that the Retirement Castle is closed for *temporary* repairs, so by the next episode I’m guessing that they will return back to their rightful place.

    • Lol…but still…it would add some humorous elements into the household. 😉

      But I am sure Jasper will start to miss his “girlfriend”.

  3. CentralCali559

    I missed the episode! Oh well. I wish EA would add more Krustyland items. That Krusty farris wheel would be sweet in our parks. And I love the movie The Warriors!!! Great recap Bunny

    • We have been hoping for more to be done with Krustyland too. Especially more interaction with ALL the characters.

      And thanks! 😉

  4. So that’s what you kids call it now?…motherkanoodler, please…

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