Episode Reminder: Uncut Femmes (Season 32, Episode 17)

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Were you excited to see the new episode of The Simpsons last week? Did you enjoy the episode? How did it fare for a milestone episode? Did you remember it was episode #700? Can’t wait for another new Simpsons episode? Well you won’t have to wait too long for the next such episode as The Simpsons is back this Sunday, with an all new episode! Woohoo!

So here’s your official TSTO Addicts reminder…all new episode, the season’s seventeenth episode, this Sunday, March 28th, 8pm on FOX (at the same time on City TV in Canada)….“Uncut Femmes”!

So what do The Simpsons have in store for us this week?

Here’s the episode information released from FOX:

“We learn that Chief Wiggum’s wife is more than she seems. Meanwhile, Marge takes part in a jewel heist.”

Be sure to tune in tomorrow night to see all the fun!

As always, after the episode airs we’ll have a full episode recap!

Are you excited for the new episode? Were you thrilled to see The Simpsons back last week? What do you think will happen in the new episode? Looking forward to The Simpsons tackling a female driven episode? Excited for Sarah Wiggum to get her turn in the spotlight? What’s been your favourite female-centric episode of our favourite family over the past 31 seasons? What’s been your favourite seventeenth episode of our favourite family over the past 31 seasons? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

6 responses to “Episode Reminder: Uncut Femmes (Season 32, Episode 17)

  1. Uncut Femmes sucked, I don’t know why some people like it, but here is my two sense on this ***. It was unbelievable how Sarah was changed up. Everything about her is not AT ALL how she is and should be. In this episode, the viewer basically just gets the impression of her just being an annoying, unlikable *****. Even her past cameos, she is a completely different person who appears much sweeter and loving and has a completely different personality then portrayed in this episode. Yes, she never got to be fully developed or anything, but her quick lines and cameos from past episodes of where she would be either at a place and or with other characters, as well as her interactions with things and other people is enough evidence to show she is a more kind hearted soft person. Plus with Megan Mullally voicing her, she does not sound right at all compared to when Pamela Hayden voices her which is true to her character. Her actions justify her personality enough throughout all these years of who she truly is, and NOTHING in this episode is not at all Sarah Wiggum.

    She is a completely different person in this episode and not at all the person she really is, and is just borderline unlikeable, annoying, and just a cocky *****. Despite this episode being the first major role of her (which is very random as they’ve had a long time to at least fully develop her properly and not just randomly give her an incorrect personality and backstory that is just random and makes no sense for her character), still, just for this one episode, she’s a criminal or some BS like that which is not right at all, and the whole backstory of her being a criminal along with crime partners is just completely unnecessary and randomly slapped together with no build up or ANY evidence of this in the past. None of this makes any sense to Sarah’s already established character and personality, and all of this was just thrown together by the writers randomly to try to make her be something and someone she truly isn’t all for just attention, (Stuff like this is pretty typical for modern Simpsons anyways which is why it sucks now).

    The episode is boring too and forgettable, and I’m trying so hard to forget her and her characterization in this awful episode. She deserves to be portrayed better and how she truly is based on her past cameos which just those alone are enough to give you an idea who Sarah really is, and long time fans of the show know damn well this episode and her characterization isn’t right by one bit, plus, if they really wanted to do an episode with Sarah, this episode would’ve been better off just being a heartfelt episode with Marge and Sarah bonding and being friends like how Homer and Clancy bonded and were friends in the episode Chief of Hearts, as well as Sarah being voiced by her original voice actor to give her the true personality. Another thing to note too is that not only is Sarah a mess in this episode, but it makes poor Clancy look bad too and even more of an idiot then he already is due to his wife basically using him.

    Here are some red flags and certain things in this episode that don’t make any sense whatsoever

    1, at the beginning of the episode, Marge walks up to Sarah acting like they have never met before, and Marge also saying that she’s Bart’s mom. In past episodes, Marge and Sarah are seen together, ie “The Great Wife Hope” and “The Devil Wears Nada” Sarah is seen in a small club gatherings with Marge and others, so they definitely know each other, Sarah definitely knows who Marge is, that Marge is Bart’s mom, and knows who Bart is. Plus with the other moms ditching her also doesn’t make sense either because those other moms are also friends with Sarah as well, one of the lines at that part stuck with me. When Luann comments that she feels bad for anyone that has to stay with Sarah, Bernice comments “What is she looking for, a personality?” This line is particularly weird and makes no sense either because again, Bernice is also long time friends with Sarah as well.

    2, in the backstory sequence, in the part showing how Sarah and Clancy met is incorrect as well and changed up to go with the horrible plot line as well, which is also something that didn’t need to be done as well since the personality changed to this cocky annoying ****** and different voice which doesn’t match her already established character, as well as the jewelry thief *** isn’t already bad enough, In the episode A Star Was Born Again Clancy was dancing with Sarah at a festival and he was telling her she was the most beautiful she’s ever been since the time he fell in love with her to which she blushes and giggles while saying her loving phrase “oh Clancy”, and his excuse to fall in love with her was to plant crystal meth on her so she would notice him because he was too shy to say anything to her, so that way he could arrest her and then hook up with Sarah right there and then and fall and love with her, unless she also fell in love with him at the moment which I’m sure she did.

    Sarah is not a drug addict, or does any drugs or stuff like that, or even a drinker like when she took a swig of Whiskey in the beginning of the *** episode in question this whole comment is talking about, before she went into the “who the hell is this women” mode. But Clancy only planted drugs on her so he has an excuse to arrest her and fall in love despite her being innocent and not doing anything wrong which that moment alone was more charming and cute (especially when she blushed and giggled) then anything in this episode, despite A Star is Born Again was already made a few years after the show declined, but atleast they didn’t start ruining characters yet, and also, if Clancy “arrested” her, Clancy was already a Police Officer, whereas in this episode during the backstory, Clancy is portrayed as being a security guard when he met Sarah, and Sarah was a robber and she is the one that fell in love with him while distracting him while picking open a safe behind him, which absolutely makes no sense and is unnecessary just like this whole episode is. Another thing too in this god awful episode is Sarah at one point towards the middle of the episode says to Marge about Clancy after Marge asks her “You never told Clancy you were a criminal?” Sarah said “Let’s just say he’s always been better at planting evidence than finding it.” which makes 0 sense because that’s how Clancy truly met her as I said above, and how could he have planted evidence and “arrested” her in order to fall in love with her if he supposedly was this security guard? Again, it makes no sense and these all these writers they are bringing in nowadays don’t even know how any of this originally happened in the first place and in return ruin characters and the show itself.

    The episode was ok up until the very few seconds of Sarah being shown comforting Ralph and kissing him, then all instances after that it went down hill FAST, after we get the next scene with Sarah, it was weird seeing Sarah interacting with Marge all awkwardly not being able to piece 2 words together and with a different voice actor, it doesn’t sound like Sarah whatsoever, and since Marge and Sarah already know each other, Sarah wouldn’t talk all awkwardly to Marge, or talk like that in general. Then going outside and take a swig of Whiskey then changes immediately to an even worse annoying, cocky douchebag. And another thing to point out is multiple times throughout the episode they say “Sarah Wiggum, who are you?” or like when Clancy says “She’s just my little schmoop-a-doop, and that’s all there is to her.” Just to drill that point in your face as if true fans of the show, and ones that know about her and have paid attention to her all these years were already saying that about all of this in the first place. Really, who the hell are you? This isn’t Sarah Wiggum, this is an imposter and fake Sarah Wiggum.

    Again, this episode was better off being heartwarming with the real Sarah Wiggum and Marge showing their true friendship and bond together just like Homer and Clancy did in the episode Chief of Hearts. Sarah having a different personality, different voice, having a backstory of being a robber with 3 other girls that have never been present in the show are unnecessary, and borderline just awful and boring, and Sarah is just unlikable.

    I will never look at Sarah the same way again thanks to this awful episode and characterization of her, and she is one of my favorite characters who I personally love. It doesn’t matter if this episode was a one off thing and non canon either, it still is just bad. Hopefully Sarah will get a proper main character episode and proper personality without a backstory or any other out of the blue and random hyped up dramatic BS in the future, or just go back to like how she’s always been (Which in fact will happen 100% which in the end render’s this episode pointless), just having cameos here and there, and talking every so often, either one of those options is be the right thing to do, and we can leave this god awful episode behind us and was only just an attempt to make a background character someone else then what’s already been established.

    Another thing to mention is that show runner Matt Selman answering people’s tweets regarding why Sarah got a different voice in this episode and why she was portrayed like this, as well as why did nothing about her make sense regarding this ex criminal stuff. He said they changed her voice for this episode for the story and plot line to work implying that if Palma Hayden voiced her for this episode, it wouldn’t work because true Sarah isn’t this Awkward quiet weirdo who can’t piece two words together, to this all the sudden cool chick that was a former sexpot robber with 3 other random girls, which him implying that sums up that this was all one off and won’t be apart of her already long established continuity should she appear again. All she is, is just a soft, sweet, loving personality match of a wife to Clancy and mother of little Ralphie, who’s true personality has been established primarily by her actions and emotions.

    Again, to anyone who likes this episode (which is typically new fans or just stupidly gullible fans who for example have never paid attention to Sarah closely over the years, or don’t get the fact that she does have a personality mainly developed by her actions and emotions), please explain what is so good. “A background character was given an episode” or “The episode was AMAZING” isn’t a logical reason why it was so good. People like me that say this episode is bad have logical explanations and points that make perfect sense. Plus this episode is repeating a similar storyline from the episode “The Book Job” with this Ocean’s style heist BS.

    End of rant.

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  2. This was a meh episode for me. Some funny bits but nothing special. It was interesting to see some backstory on Sarah Wiggum and the guest voices weren’t bad but other than that just a average episode.

  3. The 700th Episode was a 💤 for me

    Uncut Femmes interests me for several reasons:

    Nick Offerman voices Captain Bowditch
    Megan Mullally voices Sarah Wiggum
    Bob Seger Guest Stars as himself
    Tiya Sircar and Natasha Rothwell Guest Star and voice New Characters

    Al Jean and Matt Selman have been dropping hints on Twitter, while Fox Animation has offered up YouTube teasers (which I hope someday they will region unlock!)

  4. Apparently it’s only the 14th of February in the UK !?! 🤔 🙄 😞
    ( does that mean I can have a second Birthday ?!? 😄)
    ( and did someone cancel Saturday this week ?!? 🤪)

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