Episode 69- Springfield Choppers Wrap Up and Predictions About the Next TSTO Event

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The Addicts Crew is back again with an all-new, episode of Addicts Live! Join Alissa and Safi as they wrap up the Springfield Choppers mini-event! We give our good, bad, and ugly moments…which may surprise you…and share our letter grades for the event. Plus, we make predictions and share conspiracy theories about the next update in TSTO and share community feedback on the Springfield Choppers Event! So don your tinfoil hat and join us for this fun little episode!

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Here’s the results of the Springfield Choppers Event Grade.  Note that a few people voted after we recorded Addicts Live, so the % on this graph is a little different than what we talked about on the show…

30 responses to “Episode 69- Springfield Choppers Wrap Up and Predictions About the Next TSTO Event

  1. Nice to finally have Sideshow Bob!

  2. I probably should have made this next comment in the honest feedback post.. but here it goes 😬

    “Ugly” is such an Ugly word, and fishing for a secondary worse issue / complaint about the events or any of the game content is sort of defeating the purpose of the positivity vibes I thought the community was hoping for.

    I suggest instead of the “the good, the bad, and the ugly” maybe try something different and end on a positive and do “The good, the bad, and the …Best” I know it doesn’t have the same spaghetti western Eastwood feel to it but maybe give it a try (you don’t need to give me a shoutout, I’m just here to help the community) *as I ride off into the sun rise (it’s closer to morning than it is to night when I made this comment). :p *

    • It’s important to us to not to blow smoke about the game. Honestly there are things that are bad but livable and there are things that are down right terrible and a “what was ea thinking”. We need to talk about those moments, otherwise it (the game) won’t improve. (And you’ll notice, we don’t always have a bad or an ugly. This episode is a perfect example…I didn’t have an Ugly moment and Saf didn’t have a bad moment.) So good bad and best really wouldn’t help with that. I’ve been there, it’ll make us sound like we’re shills for EA (we’re not).

  3. How about Krusty the clown suggest ripping off Disney some more for a better Krusty Land experience (I know EA doesn’t have the rights to the Disney/Fox empire, but it would be funny).
    Sideshow Bob might chime in to demand his likeness removed from Krusty Land or he will Sue or worse.
    and Krusty Land needs to hire a couple of Carnies (The Cooders).

    Other than the Cooders I want the “Well I Never!” Mrs. Vanderbilt (perhaps best with a S. Heights update 🤞)
    Or give us Gil as a game character and give some other salesman make special ‘deals’ to replace him.

    • Totbox

      I miss when Krustyland was it’s own vs added to Springfield, and you’ve mentioned some good ideas to add to ‘that place which actually exists at Universal Studios’ (I originally wanted merchandise you could purchase at Universal with a code for Content you’d get in the TSTO Game App, I also want the 1st official Ride mention at Krustyland in a Simpsons Episode – Mount Splashmore Water Park and the H2Whoa Water Slide that Homer gets stuck in and has to be retrieved with a Crane).

      As for:
      (it’s the truth, there will be all 3 to touch on, depends on the Event – and this Mini Event didn’t really have an Ugly, just a Dumb).

      I’m all for anyone to add to it with:
      Better (ie what would make the Event better?)
      Best (ie best part about the Event?)

      I appreciate Alissa and Safi offering up their video commentary via YouTube, I also appreciate everyone’s constructive criticism / constructive encouragement here. 👍🏻

  4. Yay! Saturday Smiles! 😊👍🏻

    My only prediction? You are guaranteed to get a Bart Simpson Screen of Death (I got it Friday, I don’t Tap on weekends, let’s see on Monday if EA can get it’s Network together!) 😅

  5. Does anyone know if Coconut Babaloo comes with its facade (Renovated Coconut Babaloo)?

    • As far as I know it does not. I purchased it in one of my low level games and it’s just the broken down version, with no option to upgrade

      • One less set of side-quests to worry about then, unless the next update fixes that . . .
        Note to self – get on with getting returned content !!

  6. Susan Johnson-Dehn

    I didn’t “see” the poll..but I’d give this event an “A”..I agree that Wilber Nurple was kinda a waste purchase(even though I bought him).
    A gardening event would be nice. I also would very much appreciate more land in Springfield Heights(I’ve wanted this for a LONG time).
    I see an event with Sideshow Bob and his “Redemption” at the bad concrete dam, because of Cecil’s anger from losing to his brother, as a perfect animated prize in that kind of event. Either him swinging in to save Bart(the pole hit would be funny animated) and or the flooding that also happened in the episode.
    Just my thoughts.

  7. Also, I was a ‘C’ voter. I didn’t like that I didn’t recognize any of the new characters or buildings until I was reminded with the WDTCF. However, looking back now after finishing the event, I’d probably upgrade to a B/B-. Not a terrible mini event. The homer motorcycle task was fun!

  8. I really enjoy hearing from you guys each week! Hope you can invite some guest addicts to join you on occasion to give their thoughts.

    Some thoughts:
    1. This mini-event was pretty good. Disappointed at first but once I saw the WDTCFs I remembered much more about the episodes and was much more interested in this event. Thanks for bringing those articles back!
    2. I miss level updates and/or features that stick around and aren’t time limited. I need something to work on after I finish the event and something to spend all this in-game cash and donuts on. Expand Springfield Heights, Road to Riches, and the yearbook, EA! Being a long time player, I feel like after a week of getting through the prize track, I’m bored.
    3. I wish they had a permanent real-cash only mystery box, like the yearbook, with all the previous real-cash items in it. I missed some that I want now and would be willing to spend the money on them, but they never return. Take my money, EA!

  9. Akira was mentioned in the episode as the best premium character that is always available in the store. I just went to buy him but can’t find him and The Happy Sumo now. I think the were pulled from the store.

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