Share Your Overall Thoughts About the Foodie Fight Mini-Event…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

We’re gearing up to record the Foodie Fight wrap up of Addicts Live and we’d love to get your input for the show! So in the comments below share your thoughts about the Foodie Fight Mini-Event as a whole.  What did you like about it? Hate about it?  You know your Good, Bad, and Ugly.  Also, let us know what you wish they did differently, and what you think we might see next in Springfield!

NOTE: We’ll be recording on Thursday evening, so please try to have your thoughts in by Thursday evening. Thanks!

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I LOVE having y’all participate in Addicts Live, that’s what makes the show so fun, so please let us know what you think and we’ll share your thoughts on Addicts Live on Saturday!

Also, do you want to join us to share your event thoughts in-person (well over Skype) on the next Addicts Live?  We use Skype to record (so you must have a Skype account), and we record on Thursday evenings usually about 8pm ET.  If you think you want to join us, shoot us an email at  Can’t promise we’ll get everyone that signs up into the show, but we’ll do our best to make it work. 🙂


21 responses to “Share Your Overall Thoughts About the Foodie Fight Mini-Event…

    🌈🏆Magnificent mini event; might even be my fave based on the perfectly hysterical intro exchange with Brockman, Homer & CBG, thru the further top notch dialog, & literally ‘over the top’ ridiculous finale with Homer’s Rocket Pigs⚠️🤣💣🏆…

  2. Only my 2nd mini event not been playing long so gave it a B definitely the best one of the year 2 buildings and a character always a winner. As a new player this year my donuts take a long time to accumulate so it’s a shame all the premium items are well out of my reach. Starting to KEM but % is only 63.8! In for the long hual so taking my time.

  3. I gave it an A. Most of the prizes were great. It was great to see 2 buildings, 2 decorations and a character on the prize track instead of 3/5 of the prize track being decorations. My favourite prizes were General Chang’s Taco Italiano and Scotty Boom. My least favourite prize was the Hot Dog Maker.
    Good premiums. Tyler Boom and the Springfield Barbecue Festival are a decent character/building combo and Chili Blasters looks like a fun building.
    Dialogue was pretty good as usual, I liked the bit between Homer and Scotty Boom insulting each other with The Flintstones.

    My only complaints are that more items from the “Cue Detective” episode didn’t appear such as The Pit Master, the Hive, The Raw Barn and its clerk. Exit 35 Appliances and Attic Clothes Simpsons costumes. At least there’s potential for a sequel event or an opportunity for the items in this event to return.

    • My favourite is definitely the Premium Character Combo and – yep – so much Content from ‘Cue Detective’ still available (Pit Master and Hive would be a must for me) to be offered in this Game App. I appreciated the New Characters, as well as creating a new area in my Springfield (hey I got 2 New Restaurants in my ‘Restaurant Row’ now. 😀👍🏻

      Is this my favourite Mini Event this year? It could be …

  4. My grade has to be Incomplete. Still can’t play it due to the new login.

  5. It’s a Solid B! 👍🏻 – Fun and not a loooong boring Multi-Act where a majority of Prizes are not worth your time (lol! I will always prefer a Mini Event!)

    Why not an A? Well, let’s just say the Real Prize is the Premium Character Combo (the Springfield BBQ Festival got me to actually create a new section in my Springfield vs just Plop, or Store – it is huge and we do need a Land Expansion). Both Characters are great, but only one of the Decor is worth it, and why give us a Barbecue Battle Booth – a Stage – with no Visual Character Tasks? (that’s just L-EA-Z-Y!)

    I had fun – I enjoyed this Mini Event – kudos to the Writers, but those doing the Coding are ‘phoning it in!’ (I believe those having a problem with Login due to not obtaining a Code to Sign In are going to reflect negatively on this Mini Event – I don’t blame you, even though it’s important for you to communicate directly with EA or this glitch will never get fixed).

    • Agree, a B, definitely need more land

      • We do need more Land (and we need EA to offer up a better way to file a report whenever there is a Glitch , then have the problem solved in a timely manner). ❤️ my New Content. 😀👍🏻

    • I do like mini updates that get me to tinker with and freshen up areas of my Springfield and I got to do that. Agree that a visual task at the BBQ battle would have been so much better. I don’t understand why EA continues to gives character tasks, especially characters with as many tasks as Homer, to decorations with no animation like the rocket pigs. Why are they called rocket pigs if they’re stationary?

  6. Probably one of my most favorite mini events! I loved the dialogs, the buildings and the characters that came with this event. Not a fan of the decorations but, oh well, no big deal. The premium building sure it is huge, but it just looks sooo good! Finally, a BBQ Festival for my Springfield! I also loved the Chili Blasters and it was my first time spending real money on this game. Overall, an A- from me for this mini event! On to the next one!

    • Oh, I forgot about the premium! I have mixed feelings about it…on the one hand, it takes up a LOT of land (as you said)! On the other, it has some great detail. And I suppose the one plus to it being so large is that, if I ever run out of land and need to free some up, I can just store the one item to get a lot of land back to work with.

      • Like Alissa, an other Tappers, I have Stored Content in order to make room for New Content (I was happy that this Mini Event encouraged me to create a new area within my Springfield). So yes more Land would be appreciated, along with a chance for new Tappers to obtain the Golden Goose Reality). 😀👍🏻

  7. Glad it’s over

  8. Oops, forgot the link the photo of the poem!

  9. I wanted to rate this about a B- or a C+, but Milhouse’s poem (below) pushed my to choose B, rather than C, on your poll. I thought the dialog in general was very good, and the first and last prizes were too. (I haven’t actually gotten to the last prize yet, but it’s a full character, so that, alone, qualifies it as at least “good,” with a chance at “very good.”) But the middle prizes will probably go straight to storage at the end of the event.

  10. Event was a “C” for me. With all the different food varieties we have for Springfield, to present the worst of the worst to a culinary event is pretty bad. I would have preferred to see a parody of one of the cooking channel competitions. We could have had the chefs use a secret ingredient, use an elimination challenge, or throw a twist into the menu. In the end, show that regardless of what anyone says, Springfield residents do have some tasty items that counter some of the more undesirable dishes..

    • If there was an Iron Chef Visual Character Tasks at the BBQ Battle Booth? that would have brought this event from a B Grade to an A Grade. 👍🏻

  11. I graded the event a B. It was nice and short event. I like two out of the five prizes. I got the premium character and purchased the chili 🌶 building.

  12. I am just frustrated with the log in process. I went from playing 3 Springfields to now just 1. My email changed for my one town since I started it, so now the code that gets sent to me does not witk

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