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  1. I’ve got a dead email and been locked out for over a month. I logged into my EA account on my laptop and registered a problem. They then started chatting on the live chat feature and asked me security questions and failed me on them.
    My EA profile has none of my details such as phone number, and I don’t use it for any other games yet they still refuse to help. The fact I’ve even signed onto my profile via a browser using my dead email address login and password should be a clue that I am a real person. Useless customer service team too.

  2. Hi Alissa ( and everyone )
    Sorry, spent a couple of weeks posting and reading on Answers and the forum trying to get EA to notice.

    There seems to be 3 main issues :

    Dead emails – I know you’ve seen Debbie’s tips on that and it’s a big post so I’ll leave that out of this post

    Invalid codes : –

    Firstly it must be your game email you used to use with a password to log in, using another email not connected to your game account won’t work !!

    the original suggestion is to type your email in all lower case
    If the email contains a capital the code fails.

    Turns out that doesn’t always work , this was posted on Answers -.
    Type the email in ALL CAPITALS – it fails of course
    Type the email in all lower case and request a new code
    The new code works ( cool tip, I like break it to fix it tips !! )

    Active email not getting codes : –

    I noticed at least some affected players also can’t be sent PMs on the forum.
    It seems posting this all over has given EA techs a clue as to the cause and they may be able to action “Account Updates” to solve it.

    I also thought of this, but I’ve got no feedback yet on if it works –
    Create a new EA account
    Start a new game
    When you can, register the new game and log in
    If that gets codes grab the Mayhem ID, Origin ID and email for it etc.
    Contact Help and ask if they can swap so your main game’s Data / Mayhem ID is on to the new account
    Hopefully that will mean the game that gets codes contains your lost town

    Aww, man, my brain hurts and I feel for all the badly affected players
    I really hope they get this working for everyone soon.

    PS, Thanks Alissa, you know why 😊

    • Fair warning for everyone too . . .
      Even if you’ve escaped this so far, only playing on one device and never logging out – it is a ticking time bomb !!
      One of my 2 towns got logged out at random and I struggled to get back in
      ( I have a device per town, but that didn’t save me )

      Make sure your EA account details and email are up to date
      Make sure you set up a recovery email in case you need it sometime
      Make sure you get a screenshot of your Mayhem ID

      That way if or rather when you find you need a code you’ll have the info needed for Help if it doesn’t work !!

      • What is a Mayhem ID? I think I only ever had an Origin ID…

        • Tap on the store, then the “cog” for settings, then info, then about and under the version number is a huge serial number.
          Easiest to screenshot rather than try and get all 38 or so digits written down carefully and without errors !!
          Origin ID is your game-name and that helps Help too 😊
          ( it’s what I’d see if I ever get round to neighbour visits from my main town and found you on my map. That town of mine has an Origin ID almost the same as my screen name here )
          Last key bit of info they really like is the game account email, the one you used with your password to log in back in the good old days

          • Oh, ok – thanks! Fortunately (and I hate to even say this) but, (knock wood, kineahora) I haven’t had the login problem yet. I was just curious, because I’d never heard about that “Mayhem ID” thing before.

  3. So I got hit with this thing today for the first time. I was lucky, I think. I was near my laptop and the verification code worked first time.

    What I don’t understand is *why* they’ve done this? What was wrong with the password that I set up to go with my own account? When you originally mentioned these codes, I thought it was an extra step for some kind of two-factor verification, but it seems the password you can remember has been replaced by the need for the code. It seems… less secure now, as well as a lot more convoluted (because the need to log in seems to be random)?

  4. I don’t see why they bothered extending it a week, when they haven’t even bothered to fix the problem. What on Earth was the point in that?

    • They fixed the issue of needed a new verification code every time you close out of tsto. So now you can do it on 1 device and don’t need 2.
      For whatever reason the verification code is here to stay. Seems silly to me because a password should be sufficient (as it has been for all these years) but EA has always done weird/stupid stuff…

  5. Can’t get in. It won’t even send the code to my email at all. Same exact email and everything. I try again and again and again. Nothing.

    And they are doing nothing. No fixes, nothing. Looks like I can’t play any more. After more than 7 years this looks like it for me. If they don’t change it tomorrow frankly I will delete the app, because its now useless, after years. They don’t seem to be doing anything to change this at all.

    Playing phone games should be fun. But instead of relieving the stress of living in Not So Great Britain, its adding to it!

  6. Day 11.still can’t log in.been in touch with EA 4 times. Guess after 7 1/2 years, I am done.

    • Sharon Mulcock

      Hi I had the same problem and gave up all hope until today, when a fantastic person named Jack, told me to try logging in with email address all lower case letters, well it worked and now I am so happy because I thought I had lost 8 yrs of playing. Really hope it works god you

  7. This is frustrating. I was able to get EA to change my email address. Still not getting the verification code. At first I thought it was because they don’t like Hotmail emails so I switched to another email address. Still nothing. I did all the steps

  8. So I guess the moral to this story is keep your Origin Account Information up to date (Login Name and / or Email Address, Password, etc) …. because time flies since 2013! 😉👍🏻

  9. Richard VonErich

    Hi tappers
    I finally got back 9n tapped out yesterday afternoon after 5 days but my wife was not so lucky she had forgot her email address she first used when first starting tapped out back in 2013 so she’s had to start again from scratch she wasn’t happy to say the least

  10. An update when I logged in to to play yesterday, an update at the app store just now and the verification code problem is still there.

  11. I did live chat too as have an old email address that I can no longer access. I gave all the info they asked for to verify my account but they could not do this as I couldn’t remember how much in game cash I had. How many people know that? I said err it’s a lot but I don’t know exactly how much. Been playing since 2013 and now that’s it?

  12. Live chat wouldn’t accept the info. I gave them. I don’t know how they expect me to remember everything I put 9 years ago. Not helpful. Thanks Alissa for keeping us up to date.

  13. I’m still unable to get into the game. 🙁
    Have updated, uninstalled/reinstalled, talked to live chat.
    Tried with my laptop open to get the code and type into the game on my phone and still not working.

  14. I just logged in. It’s extended 14 more days.

    • Kind of what i expected. 1 week beyond the original end date, so they eliminate that week off in-between events. Hopefully the next event will start just as this one ends.

  15. Thanks for the update.

  16. While they’re at it why don’t they fix all the bugs in the game .
    I would not mind it if they shut the game down for 2 weeks or more
    to fix things .

    A few other things I’d like to see changed .

    (1) Fix sky finger so you could use it every 4 hours .

    ( 2) Land expansion in S. H.

    ( 3 ) Friendship points .

    ( 4 ) Event storage where everything from a event would be stored .
    I can’t remember what’s what anymore but then again I can’t remember nothing anymore.

    ( 5 ) See I can’t even remember number 5 .

    ( 6 ) Bonus percentage items storage .
    Everything with a bonus percentage is stored in one place .

    ( 7 ) Remove cash limit .
    The whole purpose is to make as much money as possible .
    Do you think that when EA made their first million they said well that’s it we won’t be making no more money ; NO !

    ( 8 ) During events make more items available for ingame cash .

    ( 9 ) Land tokens . Make the Golden Goose Realty building available at all times so new players can move on .

    But what do I know I’m just a monkey sitting on a rock that is lucky to be alive .

    See ya bye . 👽🖖

    • Agreed 💯

      There are numerous things with this Game App that need to be taken care of by EA (it wouldn’t hurt EA to use the official Facebook Profile, Instagram, Twitter to maybe get the message out that TSTO will be down for maintenance during certain hours! If I couldn’t Tap for two days because EA needed to fix everything? I am fine with that, too – just communicate EA vs waiting for Tappers to communicate wiu )

    • Hi Hondoriley,.
      I haven’t been coming to this site for a while. It’s been a crappy year. But I missed your one liners so I had to come back. Lol 😎

      I like and agree with ……..1,2,3, 8 . And would like to add 10. a better way to access the directory of characters for a faster way of finding who your looking for.
      Another Addict had posted a couple of good ideas, but I can’t remember his or her name. Don’t want to claim this idea as mine. I missed all THE USUAL SUSPECTS (addicts) too. 😘😛

  17. That’s weird. My game had an original end date of May 31st.
    Those game gremlins are really screwing with me. Lol
    Oh well. 😎

  18. Hey Alissa, thank you for following up on the ‘Code Glitch’ (I sure hope this doesn’t turn into the ‘Rollback Glitch’ or we are going to lose more Tappers). 👍🏻

    Another day installing 5G Networks, another day dodging those who believe 5G Networks are dangerous. 😉

  19. I’m happy that those affected by the bug will get extra time to play, but I hope that doesn’t push out the start date for the next event. I don’t like when there’s too much downtime between events…

    • Still haven’t seen anything regarding the timing actually changing. It’s pretty rare for extensions, so I still take a wait-and-see approach. But I think if there is an extension it would end when the next event would start. We usually have that week of downtime anyway, so my guess is they’d just extend it through that and have this end when the next would start (my guess would be June 9th).

  20. Thanks for the update! As I play three games,one with my email and the other two that are my daughters,it was not possible to go through the hoops to play. I look forward to this being resolved! First event since 2012 that I’ve not played. Cheers 🇨🇦

  21. As always, thanks for your hard work Hope your 9 to 5 work is less hectic.

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