In-Game Update: Season 33 Prize Track

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It looks like EA is once again breathing a little bit of new life into TSTO and trying something different again!  Well…kinda something old, but a different spin on it!

Folks, it looks like episode tie-ins are back! 
But in a new way….

We haven’t seen an episode tie-in in TSTO since 2018!  After being such a fun part of the game since its inception, it’s really nice to see them make a comeback with the start of Season 33 this weekend!

Now, these episode tie-ins will be a bit different than what we’re traditionally used to…and honestly I’m ok with that! It looks like EA is putting a new spin on things, and an attempt to make it more fun and link it directly to the episodes.

So what’s this all about?  Well, let me break down as much as I know so far…

When you log into your TSTO game today you’ll see an in-game update start to download…no it’s not your eyes (or your phone) playing tricks on you…it’s an actual update.  This will load in the Season 33 prize track update.

Once you launch TSTO you’ll start to see a popup appear in your game…

And then you’ll see the Season 33 icon appear in the top right corner, right next to daily tasks…

From there, if you click on the icon, you’ll see another message popup with a little more specifics about what to do…

And again, no your eyes are not playing tricks on you…that really says check back after midnight (east coast) to see the special prize.  (for time zone converter click here)

It looks like EA wants to give everyone, across all 4 mainland US timezones (sorry HI and AK) a chance to watch the episode BEFORE launching the prize.  So for those of us on the East Coast, we’ll have to either stay up late or unlock the prize in the morning.

So what’s the first prize?  Well, you guys know our official policy here is to NOT release spoiler info unless we get it directly from EA with the ok to release it. (ie our event packets)  So, I’m not going to directly say what the prize is…BUT if you look in your character collections, you’ll see that a new character has been added to Helpful Guest Stars…

How do you unlock the prize?  Well, from what I can tell it looks like there will be a series of 1hr tasks for characters…and for those who like to plan ahead those characters are: Marge, Homer, Kirk, Dr. Hibbert, Smithers, Helen Lovejoy, Barney, and Lenny…you’ll also have to collect some sort of even currency.  However, at the moment, it’s not clear to me if those characters will earn that currency on their 1hr tasks, or if you have to earn that currency in a different way.

So what are the rest of the prizes after this one?  Well, EA’s being secretive about it (for a change) and honestly, I really appreciate that! It’s fun still having some mystery in the game!

I can tell you, as of right now, it looks like there will be 5 Season 33 prizes total.  Most dates are TBD, but there is a date listed for the second prize.  That date is October 10/11th. Which is when the THOH episode is slated to air!

And that’s all the info I can give you for now!  Look for something different and exciting to hit our games after the Season 33 premiere airs on the West Coast of the US this Sunday, September 26th!  Oh and look for Safi’s episode reminder to be up, with the episode synopsis, on Saturday!

Thoughts? Excited to see something different?  How frequently do you think we’ll see prizes added?  Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

40 responses to “In-Game Update: Season 33 Prize Track

  1. Is it just my game or has this been stuck doing nothing for months? Has it become another forgotten feature?

  2. Sadly because covid I cant do my hobby 😦

  3. My blonde character from the 33 events dissappeared totally, when I stored her!?!
    Shes nowhere to be found! This is ridiculous!
    I’m glad that it wasn’t a charachter I bought. Would be very mad.
    Yes, I restarted TSTO on my ipad, but she is still missing like a ghost. Weird bug! EA=BS.
    Anyone else having this same struggle? Chatacters gone missing?
    Shame on EA!

    • She should be in your inventory, but she’s not categorized. You have to search your entire inventory list (which I know, can be long) and she’ll likely be at the very end. You, unfortunately, won’t find her in the character category of inventory.

  4. I hope this event doesn’t last until the end of the season. having two events at once may get irritating if a character (homer) is needed for both events.

    • I wouldn’t mind that at all, since it doesn’t appear that these special “33” tasks have an imminent end date and there’s always time towards the end of an event, and between events, when I have nothing interesting to do in the game. If an even bit while I was working on a “33” questline, I’d just suspend working on that for the time being and focus on the main event, then go back to other when I’m done with that. But that’s just how I’d play it!

  5. I’m not sure if anyone else has encountered this, but when I went to send Sasha and Marge on their tasks for the Sasha questline, when I got off the game and got back on later, the two were just walking around and the quest was never done. This happened for all sasha ‘s quests after getting her.

  6. I‘m confused about the time. You wrote midnight east coast time, does it mean midnight in the night 26-27 September? That would be 6 AM where I live (Germany). So will it be on September 27? The game says September 26, 6 AM, but I guess they just didn‘t change the date? Any help appreciated, thanks!

  7. I’m bad at time zones, I’m in the UK at the moment, so at what time does this prize track start for me?

    • Unfortunately I don’t know every time zone in the world, that’s why I put a link to a time zone converter on the post. Click that and it should help

    • The UK is usually five hours ahead of Eastern Time in the US (although we may be out of sync for that around the change from standard to daylight saving time) so I’m guessing 5am your time, or thereabouts.

  8. 😎Nice…..
    About time they re🤓realized STO remains a worthwhile welcome enhancement to be utilized in elevating the show🌠

  9. This looks like a great way to bring back episode tie ins but the only thing I don’t like about it is that the prizes get released at 12/11c (am and pm) which is 4am/3am UTC. Are EA 12 hours off on the time or something since updates and new stuff is usually released at 12/11c (pm and am) which is 4pm/3pm UTC? Is it another thing EA is doing different now?

  10. Is anyone having issues with this update? The game keeps re-downloading the >2G of data each time it re-launches and it logs me out and just loops between the login screen the jumping out to the browser to show their TOS. I have to delete the app, reload it from the appstore and then it will let me log in via the sent code but it DL’s the 2G+ of data again. Super annoying. I am on iPAD with iPadOS 15.0. Anyone else seen this? thanks

  11. Could it be a mega tap were you have to log in every hour to max out the prizes available

  12. I am so happy 😁 that they are reintroducing new things. For this past mini event I liked how they added tappables. I hope they include tappables for the Halloween event.

  13. Just a quick edit for your article there are actually 4 main time zones in the US. Eastern, Central, Mountain, and Pacific.

  14. Thank you for the quick Update, Alissa …. golly it’s been a while since Faerie Wings Maggie and Space Pods (Invasion of the Body Snatchers THOH Episode homage). I welcome anything NEW that’s fun, as well as a break from the Event Formats that I’ve gotten stale. 😀👍🏻

  15. How long will this tie-in last?

  16. I wonder how long this event will run, for the entire season? If it does are we going to have two events at the same time, even if one isn’t really active most of the time? Could make things a bit more interesting.

  17. Also,
    To some extent the criminals will remain. One of the tasks of the new character involves criminals.

    Who knows, bandwidth use aside, perhaps we will once again, in the future, need to visit neighbors.

    I’m in a great mood. Last week renewed my internet contract and upped my speed. After hours on the phone with customer service trying to receive the new speed, a field tech stopped by and within 30 seconds diagnosed the problem and within 2 minutes (took a bit to log in) confirmed the diagnosis.
    Took me less than a minute to implement on all 4 of our devices.

    Filed Technicians ROCK
    (I once worked as one for the water department)

  18. 🙌🏻🙌🏻 can’t wait and so happy for newness to the game!

  19. So what is the deal with website: Who runs it? And why does it always have info posted about the game before your site does? I personally prefer; more so, over the years, to get the latest info and I really rather have enjoyed the community created. Thank you for all your hard work Alissa.

    • I think, like most wiki pages, anyone can post/ edit there.
      As to why they always have info quickly, my guess is their plate is a bit less full than mine.
      Also they post spoilers, where we don’t. And often their information is incomplete.

  20. As usual, thanks Alyssa
    I’d ask everyone to guess what mystery surprise is in my pocket, but to be honest….even I don’t know what it is,

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