Holiday Whodunnit Trivia Time – Act 1, Question 1

Tidings Tappers and TV Trivia Testers,

Another Event has hit our games, but this time with a twist that takes us back to the Stonecutters event. The event introduces trivia into our games. Each part of the questline comes with a trivia question.

Here is the first question and answer for the Act 1, Out Cold Pt 1 questline.


As Alissa so clearly laid out in the Rundown post, as part of the Act 1 Out Cold Pt 1 questline, the following trivia pops up:

But what is the answer?

Answer in…






At Springfield Downs is the correct answer. Please note, the order of answers may be different in your game.

Once you select the correct answer on the first try, you will see the following “Correct” popup and earn a Gift Card:

The Gift Card can then be used to earn an item from the Last Minute Gift box.


Did you get the correct answer? Did you remember the episode? Or did you need our help to get it right? What did you get with your Gift Card? Sound off in the comments below. You know we love hearing from you.


13 responses to “Holiday Whodunnit Trivia Time – Act 1, Question 1

  1. So if I dont care about that gift rewards from box I should wait for the end of the event to change it for pack of donuts ?

    • NanananaChristmas

      Can we do that? Because I don’t really mind if I don’t get those gift cards rewards, I would rather have donuts.

  2. Episode 10 in series 30 what did Marge queued up to buy? I don’t know the answer to this one, it’s the last one and I miss out on the last prize of this box if I dont get it correct. Was it a high definition TV, a BB something BB gun and I can’t remember the third. Please help out with the answer. Thanks.
    The grandpa answer was with the raccoons. And I got wrong which monster haunted Homer.

  3. Down load up date now game won’t load starts fire off then go back home screen with all my apps on Kindle

  4. I cannot get game to open it keeps crashing after download. any suggestions?

  5. S1E1. Best. Xmas. Episode. Ever.

  6. How do you remember the Answer to the 1st Question in the Simpsons Christmas Episodes? Look for the Content available in the TSTO Game App and what might be in your Springfield as a Clue (or know that practically every Christmas Episode has been discussed here with everyone offering up their favourite / funniest \ cutest memory of a Simpsons Christmas Episode and located via the 🔎 Function at the top of TSTO Addicts). 😊👍🏻

    Hey if you are enjoying the Bonus Prizes? feel free to post a thank you to EA at the TSTO Facebook Page (I had a few things to say ‘thank you EA’ today because they deserved it!)

  7. Harry Broadhurst

    I remember that he had just finished last in a race so I went with the race track…

  8. I also got the correct answer…I remember the episode well. The early seasons are my favorite.. I started to watch less around seasons 12-14 or so. This is a pretty cool idea to add to the game.

  9. NOTE TO SELF – don’t hit CTRL and Enter on here or it posts a half written comment !!

    I swear in my A town I did not feel the tip of my finger touch the screen as it marked me wrong !!
    Oh well, 19 more questions and just 3 items in the box . . . 😊

  10. I got it fine in my B town, and when I loaded my A town I was mid tap when I realised the order of the answers had changed.

  11. I got it but had to pause a bit regarding the station

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