Episode 94- Circus, Circus

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Welcome to Addicts Live!  We hope you enjoy this week’s episode, as much as we enjoyed putting it together…

The Addicts Crew is back again with an all-new episode of Addicts Live! Join Alissa and Safi as we wrap up the Cirque du Springfield update!  We give our overview reaction on the event, share some good, bad and ugly moments, and give our final letter grades on the circus event!  Plus, we offer up a bonus contest!  Watch the video for more details!  You won’t want to miss the fun of this one!

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13 responses to “Episode 94- Circus, Circus

  1. Looks like they listened, perhaps, and there’s a new way to earn in this next mini event from part 2 on – it’ll be interesting to see how that works if I read things right . . .

  2. Another fun episode…I think a C grade is fair for the event. It wasn’t great but wasn’t terrible.

    And I think it’s a trick question. He’s not in Vegas at all. Super Safi is at the Metropolis Mariott. 🙂

  3. Thank you Alissa & Safi for taking the time to deliver another TSTO Addicts YouTube video (and thank goodness Safi didn’t have another fire alarm evacuation!) 👍🏻

    So, it’s a mutual agreement that are 🚂🚃 ‘s in Game App deserve train track Land Tiles!

  4. 🤫 people don’t know we have boutique and business hotels out here in Las Vegas 😉

    I wish everyone was at Resorts World with me today! ☺️

  5. I’m sure my neighbor CJ knows the answer, I really don’t know but I am going to take a wild guess. Seeing that Safi said there is a circus behind him and the header of this post says Circus Circus, that is my guess.

  6. Venetian

    • Thanks Alissa and Safi!

      One thing you mentioned in this video that’s still puzzling, Alissa, is that you say in this video that there’s a task at the Circus Cotton Candy Stand but there isn’t. If you click on that task for Wiggum he will ONLY go to the Krustyland Cotton Candy Stand. Even if the Krustyland Cotton Candy Stand is stored Wiggum won’t go to the Circus Stand.

      • Just going by what i see in the files:
        Job id=”253092″ name=”CheckIfThePermitsWerePaid” time=”4h”
        Location name=”CottonCandyStand”
        Character name=”Wiggum” good=”false”

  7. Don’t think it’s asking too much for ground tiles that look like train tracks, but making all the trains we have move would take quite some doing.

    Still disappointed that prize track deccies end up in store for donuts, it might be different if they had a bonus attached or an income.
    Yeah I know they usually term income generating items as buildings but there are deccies out already that do pay something every few hours.
    Paying donuts for me is no biggie, this is the eejit that got about 5,000 snowcats this christmas between my two towns, but when they have no boost for a player they should be in store for IGC for the newer players to be able to get and have some fun with too.

    Random guess – Radisson ( or perhaps Bates Motel 🤪 ) ?!!

    • Didn’t know there was a Vegas hotel called Circus Circus, that might’ve been a better guess.
      Seeing as I’m in the UK and never crossed the pond I’ll leave it at that and not copy and paste an A-Z list of possibles !! 🤪

  8. I have no idea.. so I will guess Residence Inn.

  9. I like your idea about the tracks. It doesn’t seem to hard to replicate the roads (e.g. cobblestone) code with a “track” design”. Using the road hack then you can place the “track” underneath the train.

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