TSTO In-Game Update: 10 Year Anniversary Celebration (and the Golden Donut)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Some of you may have noticed something a little different when you logged into TSTO this afternoon…a special 10th Anniversary celebration!

Here at Addicts we celebrated the 10th Anniversary of TSTO a few months ago, as we went off the original App Store launch day…but today EA’s celebrating the 10th anniversary of the re-released of TSTO to the app store.  This makes sense, because originally it was only in the store for a hot minute.  BUT…let’s all be thrilled EA remembered and they’re celebrating it!

Anyway…when you log into your game you’ll get some fun and an even neater decoration. Let’s break it down…

When you first log into TSTO you’ll see the following dialogue…

Ten Donuts for Ten Years

Homer: Sky Finger keeps tapping me!
Marge: Sky Finger taps you all the time, dear. It’s basically our entire existence at this point.
Homer: But this seems more…tappy than normal.
Sky Finger: *taps Homer repeatedly*
Homer: See? SEE!?
Lisa: It’s probably just trying to tell you that it’s our tenth anniversary today.
Homer: What?
Lisa: Ten years ago today, you blew up the first Springfield in this game.
Homer: That’s weird. It’s not like me to forget an anniversary…
Marge: Our anniversary was a week ago and you totally forgot.
Homer: No, I… uh… was just waiting for your present to arrive… delayed shipping… uh… but it’s here now, I think… Sky Finger, are we getting anything for this tenth anniversary dealie?

Homer: Woo hoo! Happy anniversary, Marge!

At this point you’ll receive the Gold Donut Statue…

It’s 3×4 in size.

Now being the Head Addict that I am, once I unlocked it I immediately Tapped on it.

And out popped a donut.  Then I tapped on it again, and again…and out popped two more donuts.  This was followed by some more dialogue…and some cracks in the donut.

The Cracks Begin To Show

Homer: Marge, you’ll never guess what! Remember that giant donut statue?
Marge: The one you got me for our anniversary?
Homer: The one I CLAIMED to have gotten you for our anniversary, yes. Anyway, the Sky Finger tapped it, and it spat out a donut. So I had them do it again and another donut came out. And then I had them do it again and guess what?
Marge: Another donut came out?
Homer: Yes!!!: Also, it cracked.
Marge: *annoyed murmur*
Homer: But don’t worry, I have a plan to fix it.
Marge: Does this plan involve tapping it more times to see if more donuts come out?
Homer: Happy anniversary, baby!

So of course at this point, I continued to tap it.  What kind of Addict would I be if I didn’t?

Out popped more donuts, and as I tapped the gold began to fall off revealing a giant pink frosted donut…and some more dialogue.

The Donuts Come Falling Down

Homer: Marge, I have good news!
Marge: You fixed the giant golden donut you got me and it’s back to its former glory?
Homer: No. We tapped it a bunch more, and a bunch more donuts came out, and then all the gold completely fell off it.
Marge: How is that good news?
Homer: Because there’s something even better underneath… a giant real donut!
Marge: *sigh* Well, I guess that’s still something. Just promise me you won’t have Sky Finger tap that into oblivion as well.
Homer: Are you kidding? I don’t want to eat something covered in Sky Fingerprints.
Marge: You’re going to eat it?!

And again, this lead to more tapping on my part and even more dialogue…

Ten Sweet-Toothed Years

Homer: *groans* I think I bit off more than I could chew…Which is why I swallowed it all without chewing. Marge, can you please Heimlich me?
Marge: *Heimlichs Homer sending pieces of donuts everywhere*
Homer: *eats donut pieces that just flew out of him*
Marge: Well Homer, our anniversary present is ruined. I guess I just can’t have nice things.
Sky Finger: *taps Marge*
Lisa: The Sky Finger is saying you can!

Marge: You mean I can go back to the pretty gold statue? Thank you, Sky Finger!
Sky Finger: *thumbs up*

And that’s that my friends…at this point if you tap on the statue you’ll see the variety of facades that you can choose from…

And here’s a better look at your view options:

Choose wisely my friends!  And happy anniversary to TSTO!

Oh and be sure to get your Golden Donut by September 16th when the opportunity to get it will leave our games!

You can check out the Addicts 10 Year TSTO Celebration on our Addicts Live episodes here!  Hear from former Addict Bunny, The Wookiee, Brooders from ToUk, and YOU…the readers of this site on our awesome readers round table!  The complete collection is here:

Happy Tapping friends!

31 responses to “TSTO In-Game Update: 10 Year Anniversary Celebration (and the Golden Donut)

  1. I’ve been playing the game for 2 years thus far (I joined during the 2020 THOH event so I wasn’t able to finish that story on time but I did do the later quests, to the point that I keep telling my iPad to “remind me to check my game in 4 hours”)!

  2. Oh wowww thank u for revealing the sweet sweet secret of this Donut! I just plopped it next to the Lard Lad factory & didn’t even think of tapping it! I’ve only been playing 3 years, very casually. Envious that I didn’t start 10 years ago, I’d be farming by now with you all (can’t be bothered to level those 750 levels..). Happy anniversary Tapping friends! Here’s to another 10 years (or at least five more…) Enjoy the sprinkles!

  3. Not sure if it was intentional, but I found that if you were mid-quest line with this (as in, had the statue but not yet gained the ability to choose facades) you were then able to visit your neighbours and, if they also had the statue placed in their Springfield, you could tap their donut statue for each neighbour to get an extra donut each time! This stops working once you complete the quest line and gain the ability to choose facades for the statue, though.

  4. Wow, ten years, like Bart who is forever ten years old. 🙂
    It is a nice gift from EA, I think it is a cute decoration. I like the pink design with part of the doughnut missing, as though Homer has taken a bite out of it.

  5. Thanks, Alissa! After 8 years, your think I’d have learned to ALWAYS tap on new decorations, but it never occurred to me with this one! (I was also glad to know, pre-tapping, that I could choose whichever look I preferred when I was done…ever since they made the IRS building not returnable to earlier looks, I’ve been gun shy about “upgrading” stuff until I’ve checked here to see whether I’ll be stuck with the new look of something.)

    I honestly don’t know how people pay this game without a site like this…they must miss SO much!

    • The IRS has 2 facades,

      The run down IRS and the fancy IRS

      • Yes, but unless they changed it, once you go to the fancy look, you can’t go back to the run-down one. (Or unless I’m confusing this with another multi-facaded building….the one I’m thinking of is the one that gives you a bigger tapping radius as you improve it. Besides the fact that my IRS building looks better run-down in the area I put it in, I also didn’t want the max radius, because sometimes I like my tapping to be more “surgical,” and the level I have it at is the best balance for me of collecting a wide, but not too wide, area. (It’s also possible that you can change the façade but that what won’t change is the tap radius once you’ve made the maximum upgrade.)

  6. Amusing coincidences…

    Last Sunday was our 40th wedding anniversary, and next Sunday I’ll have been retired for 1/3 the time TSTO has been running, according to EA!

    I’m deeling old, all of a sudden, but not grown up! 🙂

  7. 🌠Glory😬of😬Glories🌠

  8. Wish they would bring in fun events like tapball, clash of clans, the superhero fighting. I’m tired of just sending them on jobs.

  9. I know. I know…was joking that it FEELS that long ago!

  10. Thank You so much for doing this post, otherwise I wouldn’t have known. Am gonna go run into my game now. Hopefully I won’t break anything. Oo.

  11. I joined many Tappers by thanking EA on the official TSTO Facebook Page (it’s nice to get free 🍩’s, a new Statue that you can change the appearance of, a funny short Questline where Sky Finger 👇🏻 is a 👍🏻 after Marge ends the dialogue!) 😀

  12. Sweet, I just got it.

  13. I was kinda wishing the golden donut was another ongoing donut producing building. Ohh well, I’ll keep it around for awhile but pretty sure it’s getting stored eventually

    • We can hope that a new donut income building and or Costmo and or Lard Lad Donut Factory returns, for special buildings like those, you usually have to wait for Black Friday.

      I missed out on Costmo and LLDF since I wasn’t playing the game at the time, I’ve since returned and I’m hooked !

  14. I’m totally leaving my donut statue on the eaten look. This was a fun surprise to find in my game.

  15. Thank you for this post. I am going to choose the facade with the bitten donut. I was surprised to see dialogue when I open the game.

  16. I wish I would’ve started my previous comments with…”Yo…it’s prison Mike”….maybe that calmed the situation…oh well

  17. What a fun treat, pun intended. I just can’t believe I’ve been playing this game for 10 years!

  18. Hard to believe 10 years? But the bigger question… how many of those 10 have been these boring/cookie-cutter main events and mini-events that we’re all so ‘fond’ of??? Right now…seems like 7 ir 8 of them? 🙁

    • They started in 2018(multis)…Christmas 2018 to be exact. So December will be 4 years.
      Mini events have been longer. Once they eliminated level updates (level 60) they rolled out mini events. I believe Mona arriving triggered minis

    • I’m fond of them all. My motto has always been anything new is great…and nothing isn’t all that bad.

    • While I might wish for a few more clever changeups in the events, even most of the “cookie cutter” events have had some fun dialog and some good characters, buildings, and decorations. I do like when there’s a new fun twist in an event (like being able to play games in the casino event, for example), but I find it hard to complain too much about a game that’s free and that has allowed me to become in-game rich enough to play however I want. I frankly also don’t miss the much more aggressive goals in the earlier events…I remember being totally stressed out on vacation at a folk festival with no wifi, because I was afraid I wouldn’t get in enough tapping sessions each day to keep up with the event that was going on in TSTO at that point. (Back then, you had to complete each act before the next one came out, and a lot of items you had to….omg, I can’t think of the term (senior moment!)…but, it was when you had to grind for them separately.)

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