Christmas 2022 Update Available

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Spoiler info is here…but the latest update in TSTO Christmas 2022 is available in the app stores to download!

This update will trigger snow in your Springfield…

Remember the new event won’t go live until tomorrow, December 7th, but be sure to download the update now so you don’t miss it tomorrow when it hits.


21 responses to “Christmas 2022 Update Available

  1. I love it. It seems like there’s more snow falling then normal. 🎄🎄.
    Enjoy ! 😎

  2. I hereby declare this day to be Snow Day – the funnest day in the history of Springfield!

  3. Please go over how we get all the sleighs to fly and who we need for them. Thanks 😅

  4. It’s live! Need Homer, Marge, and Grandpa right away for the first task. I forgot about Grandpa, I have him in the middle of an 8 hour task. D’oh!

  5. So excited!!! Snow means Christmas is coming!!!

  6. I love the snow again. I hope that this year, it sticks around through Smarch.

  7. Woo! Love the snow on everything, excited for all of it!

  8. Trying to remember/find what time today 12/7 the update actually goes live

  9. As usual, the update is still not in my store as of 2am

    • Sometimes you have to go into your app store, search for the app, tap on it when it appears in the list, and then the update button should be there. This happens to me all the time on my iPad. Although for some reason it actually popped up in my update list this time, which was nice to not have to go through the process I explained above. Hope this helps you.

      • Thank you, but nope. I’ve done that. It literally is never there. I checked one more time at 3am ET, and it still wasn’t there. It FINALLY appeared in the App Store at 9am. (I know, I’m an insomniac and never sleep.)

    • It’s working now thank you

  10. Wooo hooo!

  11. Love the snow time of year in Tapped Out. ^^

  12. No…mine worked fine. Try force-closing the app and restarting it?

  13. I did the update but now my game won’t load? Anyone else?

    • If the download did not download correctly, you may have to uninstall it, restart your device and redownload TSTO. But only uninstall if you SIGN IN to play.


      The snow looks great 🎅🤶🧑‍🎄❄️

      • Yep snow looks great & that’s about as good as it gets. Thought EA might have put in a few extras to at least make the event feel different but apart from the snow it’s a pretty poor update. Scrooge would have loved to have worked for EA !!!

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