Christmas Peril in Live! Act 1 Rundown and What You Need to Know

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s the most magical time of the year!  Snow in Springfield! And this year it’s a Christmas Pril! (dun, dun, dun…..)  Will our pocket-sized towns survive the holiday snow?!  Only time…and 5 weeks of tapping will tell!

Once again we see another multi-event in Springfield.  So love them, or hate them, they’re still here.  So let’s all try to make the best of this…

Anywho….things kick off with a series of 6s tasks for Homer, Marge, and Grampa…

After you’ve completed the initial task you’ll kick off the Christmas Event!

First, remember this was an app store update available for download.  So if you haven’t already done so, and you don’t see the Splash Screen above (or a variation of it) for your game, or snow in your Springfield head to your app store and update TSTO.  You may have to search the store for Tapped Out, as it doesn’t always appear on the update list initially…

Second, if you’re looking for details on what’s to come (beyond this first Act), so you can prep donuts, etc..check out the Spoilers post here.

Now on with the details for Act 1!

Here’s EA’s event synopsis:

The first few flakes have started to fall on what predictions have labelled “the storm of the century,” and the residents of Springfield are starting to prepare for a long winter. The business owners are the most nervous, as the blizzard is threatening to close their stores during their holiday sales, and without that revenue, many aren’t sure they’ll be able to last through the season. Even the children aren’t immune to the worry created by this storm, as Springfield Elementary is remaining steadfastly open. But as the storm intensifies, a mysterious figure has begun buying up every business in Springfield, and no one seems to know who they are. So, once again, it looks like it’s up to Bart and Lisa to figure out who this person is, what they’re planning to do, and how they can stop them from fulfilling their nefarious plans, which would be much easier if they’d just close the school already. Time is running out as the snow gets deeper, and if they’re not careful, they’ll find themselves at the mercy of A Christmas Peril.

We should all know by now unless of course, you’re new to TSTO that the prizes for this event follow the same questline format to unlock as our regular mini-events do.

Here’s the event schedule:

Act 1 Starts December 7th (WEDNESDAY)
Act 2 Starts December 16th (FRIDAY)

Act 3 Starts December 25th (SUNDAY)
Act 4 Starts January 3rd (TUESDAY)

Event Ends January 11, 2023 (WEDNESDAY)

As I stated above, the initial quests are 6s.   Once completed you’ll start the Pushing and Shoveling questline, which is the Act 1 story to follow.  This is how you’ll unlock the Act 1 prizes.

The First Few Flakes

Brockman: Our top story tonight is the blizzard heading to Springfield. Experts predict that this will be a once-in-a-century storm just like the ones we’ve been getting now for ten years running. Local authorities are urging the people of Springfield to stay calm as they prepare for the storm.
Quimby: I’m pleased to announce that I have been able to restock my bunker, so go wild, people!
Brockman: Which leads to our next story — looting at the Kwik-E-Mart…
Marge: *nervous murmur* Homer, do you think we need to get more food before the storm hits?
Homer: We’ll be fine as long as we have the essentials: Beer and… there’s probably something else we need.
Grampa: Back in my day, storms lasted for years! And when one ended, the next one started!
Homer: Who let you in?
Grampa: In where?
Homer: That’s something we need, Marge. A new front door lock.
Make Homer Check the Locks- 6s
Make Abe Wonder Why Homer is in His Room- 6s
Make Marge Worry About the Storm- 6s
Bart: Did you hear that, Lis? Storm of the century!
Lisa: I hope the plows are up to the task. Standardized testing is this week.
Bart: How can you use the “T” word at a time like this?
Marge: All right, kids. Time for bed. You’ve got school in the morning.
Bart: We’ll see about that…
Marge: Well, see about it from bed!

And this triggers the entire story premise for each act…

(and yes, just like I did for the past multi-events, I’ll be posting full dialogue)

Now let’s talk about what’s included…

Here’s the Act 1 Synopsis from EA:

The snow has begun to fall, but it’s still business as usual for the residents of Springfield, as nearly every year is declared “the storm of the century” these days. A blockbuster sale at Costington’s gets the residents out in force, and even the normally dour Mr. Costington finds himself smiling at the sales numbers. But when the weather reports turn even darker, the residents of Springfield finally start barricading themselves in their homes, and he finds himself with shelves full of unsold merchandise and ledgers full of red. But a mysterious investor reaches out and makes an offer that he truly can’t refuse – he’ll maintain full control and the store will keep its name, and he’ll be able to stay afloat through the season. And finally, as the snow looks to start falling even faster, Springfield Elementary is finally closed, leaving Bart ecstatic and Lisa forlorn.


I’ll lay out specifically what you need to do for each part in the turbo tappin’ post, but I don’t want any of you to get messed up with this.  So don’t forget to SCROLL!

Currency Act 1, Show Shovels

Here are the prizes for Part 1:

Put Up Lights (Animated Task for Homer)- Pushing and Shoveling Pt. 1 and 155
Santa’s Tavern (Facade for Moe’s)- Pushing and Shoveling Pt. 2 and 155
A Christmas Peril Mystery Box Token- Pushing and Shoveling Pt. 3 and 125
Christmas Costington’s (Facade for Costington’s)- Pushing and Shoveling Pt. 4 and 155
Snow Day Bart (Costume)- Pushing and Shoveling Pt. 5 and 195

Questline, which I’ll post later, will show how each is unlocked. 

Characters who can complete tasks for Act 1:
The Ghost of Christmas Past (Premium)
Mr. Costington (Premium)
Plow King (Premium) Costume for Barney
Ebenezer Burns (Premium) Costume for Burns
Old Man Winter (New Premium)

Each Act will have a new premium character that will earn event currency.  From what I can see, based on the info from EA, characters will be used throughout the entire event.  So Act 1 will be used in Act 2, 3, and 4…etc. 

Characters earn:

5 /4hrs for Freemium
7 /4hrs for Premium
8 /4hrs for New Premium

The Store

Here’s what’s included today:

New stuff…

    Old Man Winter & Geriatric Snowman – 150 .  Will earn event currency for the entire event. (Geriatric Snowman is a decoration, Old Man Winter full character)

Donut Promos

Dodgeball Skinner & Nibbles + a Tray of 132 Donuts- $9.99 USD. (Costume for Skinner & NPC)

The promos will be available in the store until the event ends

Bonus Donut Promos are also available…


Mystery Boxes…

A Christmas Peril-  Mystery Box Token Only.  Includes:

  • Santa Kang
  • Kodos Claus
  • Conductor Otto + Arctic Hypertrain
  • Kwanzaa Dr. Hibbert
  • Festivus Comic Book Guy
  • Claus
  • The Grumple
  • Krusty Claus
  • Sexy Santa Marge
  • Herb Tannenbaum
  • Santa Sideshow Bob
  • Elf Moe
  • Santa Snake
  • Best Snowman Ever
  • Claus Co.
  • Egg Nog Bar
  • Giant Snow Globe
  • Gingerbread Mansion
  • Holiday Tree
  • Hot Squishee Station
  • Ice Palace
  • King Winter’s Cave
  • Nativity Scene
  • North Pole Station Bundle
  • Santa Flanders
  • Santa’s Village
  • Sequel Stop
  • Ski Lift
  • Springfield Skating Rink
  • White Witch Burns
  • Manger
  • Rigellian North Pole
  • The Peak Inn
  • Krusty’s Kristmas On Ice
  • Rigellian Queen Festive Bundle
  • Toy Workshop and Toy Workshop Bell Bundle
  • Carnaby Street
  • Towne Centre at Springfielde Glenne
  • Gnome In The Home Dome
  • The Actual North Pole
  • Christmas Cabin
  • Candy Cave
  • Rigeillian Christmas Spaceship
  • Re-Gifting Machine
  • Jesus’ Carpentry Shop
  • Eski-Moe’s
  • Gingerbread Simpsons’ House
  • Christmas Tree Farm
  • Santa’s Castle
  • Snake’s House

You can check to see which items are in the Yearbook Box here

 Returning Premium:

All returning premium content will be available from today until the event ends. 

Here’s the returning content…

Here are the holiday facades…

Shattered Dreams Mystery Box

Will post the details on this version of the box once we hit Act 4…this one is Nature Themed.

Note: This will NOT launch until you’ve finished the event prizes. So you won’t see anything until Janaury, for now you’ll just collect tokens when available. 

And that’s it my friends.  The details of Act 1 of the Christmas Peril Event!

Your thoughts on the event?  Thoughts on the content?  Excited to see the storyline? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

64 responses to “Christmas Peril in Live! Act 1 Rundown and What You Need to Know

  1. How does one get the Mrs. Claus outfit for crazy cat lady?

  2. When oh when will crazy cat lady and the sea captain be able to fly their sleighs?!?!?

  3. Loving the snow and the princess Martin tasks!
    Enjoy getting all characters which can fly, up in the air flying thru the Blizzard, including the Texan with his Cadillac!
    Noticed too Santa’s Helper can lead the sleigh ridden by Marge and Maggie even after using donuts to end her sleigh flying task early in order to free up Marge to obtain shovels. With the dog still actively leading the sleigh, Marge and Maggie remain inside the flying sleigh until the completion of the 12hour task.

  4. I completed the task for the mystery box token, but no sign of the token anywhere. I never get the mystery box because I must already have everything, but I usually get the token?

  5. As of today I can no longer cancel a daily challenge for a new one. Any idea if this is a permanent change or glitch?

  6. Does anyone know what the currency’s for act 2, 3, and 4 will be?

    • Considering you can’t carry over currency between acts does it matter ? If you leave people on the act 1 currency task after earning your last prize, they won’t generate act 2 currency when you collect at that start of act 2.

  7. The snow looks fantastic!

  8. I have a task that I can’t seem to clear and it’s really bothering me.
    I’ve had it since the last event started. There’s a picture of a token
    and when I tap on it, it says Day Old Donuts! and to Spend a Golden Token on Donuts. It then takes me to the Store but there is nothing there. Is this happening to anyone else?

    • Yep, happening in both my games…

      I’m hoping it will sort itself out when I get to the tokens on the prize track, but I’m not holding my breath!

      • Yes I have it as well. 3rd reward on prize track is a token, maybe it will solve the issue..? Find out I guess

    • Yes, I have that too. There’s no Mystery Box in my town either.

  9. As a pretty recent player I can get some of the previous christmas items in addition to the new content so I am enjoying the update but of course older player might feel bored


    I seem to have tokens I can use to exchange for donuts, am sure I used them last time they were issued? I don’t have a mystery now and didn’t think that couldn’t be saved? Anywhere to tell how many I have?

    • Event tokens expire at the end of each event…they do NOT carry over to the next event. So, if you didn’t trade them in for donuts in the previous event, you lost them. That point had been made here many, many times…given that you’re a “regular,” I’m surprised you missed that info!

    • I have the same issue. I think fast fingers before the task popped up I’ve spend my token instead and got George Washington instead of the task asked for to spend it on donuts. It just wouldn’t go away, the OCD part of me was hoping the Xmas update would have fixed it. Now, there’s a token to be won but I am not sure if it’s worth spending it on donuts so that task will go away or if it’d be waste of a token if it’s a bug that won’t go away. If you know what I mean? Thoughts?

  11. Now at least we don’t have to worry about Super Premiums, Now that we know EA might return them.

    We have the Mr. Plow’s Plow for ONLY 80 DONUTS!

  12. Hi everyone,

    My daughter and I have both updated our games with the Christmas update, but hers has not triggered the quest line. Her springfields IS Snowing but the event itself isn’t showing up anywhere. Would this be because her age is set to 13? Would it not trigger for kids her age or is it a glitch ?

  13. I love this game. I’ve been playing since nearly the beginning. It’s amazing to me how, after all this time, the writers and artists are still able to come up with great new content. A big shout-out to EA for years of fun, and hope there will be many more years of this game. And thanks to Alissa and Safi for this wonderful site. It makes the game even better. You guys put in so much hard work into this site, and it’s appreciated!

  14. Ezequiel Garcia

    New to this page love it. Is their no ice flooring? Been waiting all year!

  15. Early thoughts from this event (didn’t watch the spoiler video)
    -old man winter meh, kinda wish it was a costume but the snowman fits perfect into the winter themed area, bought it
    -despite only have 2 items left in the mystery box, I love it when they give people to earn mystery box tokens and give people past content for free instead of making it pure donut purchases
    -interesting choice with past premium earning 7 / new premium earning 8 / love that the game forces you to use the skins to earn if you have them, instead of offering the task skinned & not skinned.
    -Skinner in a dodgeball sack I’m undecided on but I’m sure it has some funny animations…. To bad one of those probably ain’t coach throwing balls at Skinner

  16. Is Costington’s worth the donuts for the facade

    • For me, it’s not worth it just to get a facade, however, Mr. Costington does earn event currency at a premium rate, so it may be worth spending the donuts for that reason. And you’ll have a permanent premium character in your town. That’s just my opinion. It’s really up to you to decide. Not sure what your donut balance is so it really depends on how you budget your donut spending and what else you may be looking forward to for premium purchases.

    • I probably wouldn’t buy it if your only motivation is the facade in the prize track. It’s a decent building that’s kinda big. So if you don’t have a space near other larger buildings I wouldn’t buy it. Here it the building (without facade) in my town

    • To me it is because it really like the building design and the character plus I love getting christmas facades

  17. I received the mystery box token for act 1 and I can’t use it because I don’t have a mystery box. Unfortunately I don’t see a way to exchange the token for donuts and I think there should be a way to do that

    • If it’s not there now it will be.

    • I usually see mystery box tokens exchangeable for donuts after the event is over. But in my situation I don’t use the tokens because either I don’t like anything in the box or can’t risk getting something that’s too big for my town (if it earns money or has an XP bonus I keep it in my town). I’ve never run into a situation in which no box is available because I have all the items.

    • I think that exchange token to donut task was leftover from Thanksgiving which I missed and spend the token on mystery box instead of exchanging it for donuts, I blame fast fingers. Now that’s it’s over but it won’t go away and not available to exchange for donuts anymore.

  18. You need 155 shovels for Part 1 to be completed.

  19. Hopefully Mrs. Claws skin will make an appearance this year.

  20. 155 shovels for first task Alissa

  21. You don’t have it listed in the facades above, but I purchased one for 3 donuts for either a the mountain range or a mountain. I can’t remember which one and I don’t see it in my Springfield and I don’t see that option in your list above! Did you come across that facade or am I going crazy? Thank you!

    • You’re probably talking about the facade for Hank Scorpio’s volcano lair. If you have him, check if that’s it. He’s a premium character & I don’t know if the facade is offered regardless of whether you have him & the volcano lair.

    • JV, I recall seeing reference to a mountain facade in the Spoilers video, so you’re not imagining it. Sometimes those mountain facades get put directly on the mountains, in case you didn’t check there.

  22. any chance of god coming back?

    • .In the Beginning…Good always prevailed over All Man’s Sins…but in time, the …something something grew weak, and something something else then happened …and He then met an Uptown Girl, formerly known as Billy Joe from Green Day’s…….

  23. The snowfall is so heavy its difficult to play and is giving me a headache

  24. I’m not seeing a Christmas mystery box. Could this be a bug or maybe I have everything in it already and that’s why it might not be showing for me?

    • Yes – whenever you don’t see a mystery box that’s supposed to be there, it’s because you already have everything that’s in it. I rarely get any mystery boxes anymore.

  25. Another update and poor Princess Opal is still stuck in Task Book purgatory. Will she ever be able to Read Tarot Cards and complete her quest line? Who knows???

    • That is a nice visual task. Is it glitched or do you just not have the other character needed for the task? The task requires both Princess Opal and the Fortune Teller (a character/building combo that includes her pink fortune telling tent.) If you don’t have her I hope you get her in the mystery box.

      • The 8 hour task, that needs the fortune teller, is entirely different to the 4 hour quest the task needs.
        The fun part is there were 2 versions of that, the animated one if you have the tarot table and a non-animated version if you didn’t.
        I stored the table in one game to try and find a way to help fix that problem and it left me stuck where the task wants you to do the non-animated job but the character goes on the animated version and it doesn’t count.
        I’ve gone through the team at EA Answers on this a few times and today put another through with a suggested fix, but it’ll need the Studio to action that, or any kind of fix, and issue a patch if not an update.
        All you can do for now is ignore the quest and wait.

      • Love the splash page. Now we know – Skyfinger is Mr. Magoo without his glasses.

    • Im still stuck on this as well!

  26. For some reason update is not available to me. Are there any known problems? And WOW! Thank you for all the work you do on our behalf the rundown of this event is amazing!

  27. Thank you so much. I can’t wait to start this event.

    • The fancy igloo is only 5 donuts and gives 0.5% bonus, best deal I’ve seen since burning bush was available for money a couple of years ago.

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