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Where Did THAT Come From: Fireworks, Candy and Puppy Dog Store

Boom goes the fireworks while the candy melts in my mouth and the puppies melt my heart.  Woo hoo… new building!  Of course, I’m sure you can guess I’m talking about the newest premium building that came with the 2014 TSTO Easter Event.  The Fireworks, Candy and Puppy Dog Store.

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Where Did THAT Come From – Fabergé Egg (updated)

Easter is over but a lot of us wabbit whackers and zappers should be finished with the Easter questline or really close and that means it’s about time this Wookiee got around to writing about an item available at the end of the Easter questline… the Fabergé Egg.

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Where Did THAT Come From – Mojo the Helper Monkey

Hey there Addicterinos!  How are all my favorite wabbit whackers doing?

Easter is upon us and of course with a big event like this, it means lots of new content.  You know what that means, right?  Yup… more WDTCF fun from your resident writers.  For today’s edition, I thought it might be nice to turn our heads away from all the fluffy cotton tail antics and concentrate on an anima near and dear to this fuzzball’s heart… MONKEYS!  And not just any monkeys, but helper monkeys.  More specifically…. MOJO!

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Where Did THAT Come From – Banana Dictatorship

Hello hello whackers of wabbits.  Ok, you may not be bunny boppers and actually more like shockers but you get the gist.  Wookiee back for another Where Did THAT Come From.  This time we’re gonna go over one of the prizes from the golden egg box… the Banana Dictatorship.

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Where Did THAT Come From – Blocko Store


No real reason for a little Shyriiwook to start off the post, just felt like it.  For today’s WDTCF, I figured it was about time I spent a little time talking about a building that is available as a unique prize in the pink easter box… the Blocko Store.

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Where Did THAT Come From – Johnny Fiestas

Ay ay ay, una restauranta mejicana en Springfield.  Es muy bueno!

That’s right wabbit whackers, Wookiee’s back with another WDTCF.  This time it’s Johnny Fiestas.

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Easter Has Arrived in Springfield!! (Updated and Complete)

Photo Apr 15, 12 27 12 PM

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well the speculation and splash screens gave everyone reason to think an Easter update was coming and….it looks like it has arrived!  Although not quite the date many of you were thinking it would be (or the date…which goes to show you that the “EA Reps” on live chat know about as much as everyone else does when it comes to updates.  ONLY the director of the game itself knows when the updates will release).

This is an APP STORE update…version 4.8…so check your App store to see if the update has hit for you yet (remember iOS usually gets it first.)

The update is currently live on iOS.
Update is now live on Android
Update is now live on Kindle

As always as we uncover more information we’ll update THIS post with it.  And for those who like to be surprised to the content we’ll keep all of it below the fold…so warning SPOILERS AHEAD!

Homer auto starts this update with some remarks about…Whacking Day

If you’re having trouble getting the update to start…remember the basic troubleshooting steps Bunny posted about here.

Update on FP’s: If you are NOT maxed out in your FP’s you will now earn 1 FP for EVERY handshake in your town.  So what that means is when someone visits you and you clear that handshake you’ll earn an additional FP.
Also, when visiting neighbors it’s the usual structured FP points

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