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Random Changes Level 41 Update

Hey there Hoppereenos, just passing by to give you a heads up on a few changes that Level 41 impacted.

Bernice head Dr Hibbert Hibbert


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Hey there Tappereenos. Figured a lot of you have been DYING to know this information. Well, we were just able to confirm it.

Does Cletus’ Farm Corn Crop speed up for the Part 8 task to plant carrots?

YES!! WOOHOO!!! Alissa started hers around Ned’s Task. Bunny started hers just after Homer, Willie, and Apu finished theirs. Alissa just got to Part 8 and BOOM…INSTA GROW CORN!! So there you have it. As long as you start the corn BEFORE you get too far in the questline, it gets sped up as part of the quest giving you INSTANT large amounts of $$$ and XP.  Just make sure you hit the “Do It” from the questbox to speed it up, don’t tap on Cletus’s Farm first…it won’t work..




Word of advice, for those of you that may not be aware…if you want to plant corn NOW but another crop is there…you just store Cletus’ farm in your inventory and take it back out. You will lose whatever is currently growing in there, but will have a clear farm to plant the new Corn Crop. 







sidebar_carrot cletusfarm_Carrots_135


Now for the FREE DONUTS!

sidebar_donutFriend Point FP

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Bonus Level Up!

So you’ve reached the last level that’s currently out for the game, and I bet you’re thinking “Well, there’s no point in playing until a new level update comes out now”. Well you couldn’t be more wrong!

Once you’ve maxed out the highest level available you’ll notice your XP bar goes from blue to pink and a little gift box appears at the end of the bar:
TSTO Bonus Level XP Bar
This indicates that you have enough XP to move on to the next level (whenever it comes out) but you’re now working on the bonus level! 
Once you fill the XP bar you’re presented with a pop up screen with 3 gift boxes that looks like this:
TSTO Bonus level up
Your bonus is you get to select one of those boxes. Each box contains 1, 2 or 3 donuts, so tap wisely!

The neat thing about the bonus level is if you don’t select 3 donuts on the first tap you can buy another box, additional boxes cost $50,000/ea. Keep in mind however that if you’ve already chosen the box with 2 donuts for free it’s possible your paid choice could only have 1 donut in it, although this does happen you can buy another turn!
TSTO Bonus level up2
Donuts do not accumulate on the individual bonus game. So say on your free tap you chose the box that contains 1 donut and decide to buy another chance,  the second box contained 2 donuts, they don’t accumulate so you’d now have 3 donuts. The total number of donuts awarded is the number is the last box tapped.

Think of the bonus level as a place keeper until the newest level is released. As soon as that level comes out you’ll level up again and start the process all over!

Keep this in mind when playing for the bonus game: Once a new level is released, no matter where you are on the bonus XP bar, it automatically goes back to 0 to start the level. So if you’re really close to the bonus game and an update is expected any day try to max out the bonus XP ASAP! (buying weather stations and volleyball courts is a good way to do this)

Good luck!