Hey there Tappereenos. Figured a lot of you have been DYING to know this information. Well, we were just able to confirm it.

Does Cletus’ Farm Corn Crop speed up for the Part 8 task to plant carrots?

YES!! WOOHOO!!! Alissa started hers around Ned’s Task. Bunny started hers just after Homer, Willie, and Apu finished theirs. Alissa just got to Part 8 and BOOM…INSTA GROW CORN!!Β So there you have it. As long as you start the corn BEFORE you get too far in the questline, it gets sped up as part of the quest giving you INSTANT large amounts of $$$ and XP. Β Just make sure you hit the “Do It” from the questbox to speed it up, don’t tap on Cletus’s Farm first…it won’t work..




Word of advice, for those of you that may not be aware…if you want to plant corn NOW but another crop is there…you just store Cletus’ farm in your inventory and take it back out. You will lose whatever is currently growing in there, but will have a clear farm to plant the new Corn Crop.Β 







sidebar_carrot cletusfarm_Carrots_135


Now for the FREE DONUTS!

sidebar_donutFriend Point FP

“Do we still get a random free donut from our neighbors after maxing out our FPs?”

YES!! Many beyond the Addicts Team have indeed confirmed this as well. Once you max out on those FPs, you will get a random donut popping out here and there as you now are visiting your neighbors for eggs too. WOOHOO!!!

Our Frequent Addict Reader Safi sent us these of their donut tapping splender…

safi 2 donuts

safi 3 donuts

safi donuts


This one is from our very own Addicts Team Leader, Alissa.

Alissa neighbor donut

As usual, feel free to send in your Screen shots of your FREE DONUTS. Feel free to post them in the comments below or send them in to


  1. Just a question, has anyone done the 90day corn grow naturally lately? Curious to know if it activates an achievement or rewards with a prize or donuts after the long, long hike.
    I’m refering to no glitches or event related growing, just naturally waiting the 90 days out. (PS. I’m almost 2/3rds in 😁)

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    This is a great deal if you’re already thinking of switching to Sprint.

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  3. sorry andy cant add you. freind list full.but you can add me niiokai123

  4. Waaaaaa, I am so sad, I’ve been buying donuts so icould get father hen,and that other character. If this ends can I still buy him as a premium item? Waaaaaaaaa

  5. Sibbeltje-age-blink

    Anyone knows when the part 8 starts. Ned’s finished his diner. All the other caracters are done diinge there jobs, but no part 8. (I started corn just before updating, just in case, an luckily I was right, but it still takes a few days)

  6. OMG! I am so screwed! I am level 26, so I thought I’d try this corn thing to get some much needed cash. But I must’ve started it too late (after Ned, but before Cletus started), because now the farm is stuck growing corn, and I don’t have 1080 donuts to fast grow it! Or 90 days! I won’t be able to continue the Easter storyline! Is there any way to cancel a task? I tried quitting the game right away, and deleting the app form my phone. But when I logged back in the corn was still growing. And trying Cletus’s task doesn’t reset it.
    (BTW, your site is great!)

    • Store the farm and replace it, it’ll cancel your corn. Sucks it didn’t work for you.

    • Are you sure you used the computer to do it though? That is the key to getting it to speed it up. You have to get the game to “FORCE” it. Otherwise it won’t work. Just as long as you tap the “DO IT” and let it take you there, select the carrot crop…and POOF…instagrow corn.

  7. OMG it really work even though I planted those corn just before Ned go to make the easter dinner (before Pt7 after Apu finish his shift Pt6)

  8. Melocheand789. Add ME folks

  9. I didn’t know where to post this so I’m putting it ere since i posted here a little bit ago lol.
    I just noticed something when going through neighbors. If you are in one FP bracket and have say 1 action left before going to the next (so 4 FP bracket with 1 left before going to the 2 FP bracket) and then go to the next neighbor and do all 3 action on that neighbor, you get eggs according to the bracket you started on. Make sense? So if you are on the last action for the 10fp per action and getting the 5 eggs (i think) per tap and go to the next neighbor, then all 3 of the EGGS in the neighbor will be at the 10fp amount and not the next lower amount. Am I the last one to notice this? lol

    • I honestly don’t know. I’m maxed out in FP on both my games…anyone else have any idea on this?

      • I was using the FP as an example for the “brackets”…basically if you are in the bracket getting 4 eggs per tap and have 1 tap left on that neighbor but switch to the next neighbor and have 3 taps available there, you will get 4 eggs per tap for all 3 taps not just for the 1 tap on the previous neighbor. I noticed this when I was supposed to only get 1 egg per tap but instead got 2 (easy to see since i was only supposed to get pink but instead got pink and blue)…not certain it works with the higher amount of egg per tap. Hopefully I explained it better lol

        • So this comment helped clarify lol.
          I tried this out….at the 5 egg level it worked, at the 3 Egg level it worked…and you’ve already shown it worked at the 2 egg level.
          Neat little trick, thanks for sharing it! Nice way to get an extra 10, 6 and 4 eggs πŸ™‚

  10. I am sooooo glad you posted this tip about the corn-carrot thing. I started corn after I read this and just now got the quest for the carrots and BOOM…piles of much needed cash. I am level 27 so I am getting into the expensive buildings (I know they go up a ton more form here) and need more land to put stuff on since I started to redo my town. I have horrible luck with the Downs and the scratchers lol. I’ve only won the $1250 prize (the highest I’ve won) from the scratcher twice and usually only get $500. I even lost the 2:1 odds at the downs about 10 times in a row so I just do the 99:1 odds now lol. Enough rambling. Love the site and TY so much for all the info and tips!!!!

    • Well you are most certainly welcome! I remember what it was like to be at those lower levels struggling to get enough cash to keep moving through the game! So glad we could help you earn that much needed cash! πŸ™‚

    • I just wanted to say, I don’t have great luck either, but for the Springfield downs, what does work for me is picking one dog and sticking with it every time. I win much more often now! I still haven’t soon the $200,000 but I have won $40 000 and the others many, many times. I always bet on not a chance!

  11. I was gonna try this corn trick in my B game, by I’m very far from getting Ralph so it’s not really an option. In my A game questline, I’m near the part where Grandpa tells Homer a story, am I too far to try out this magic corn?

  12. I don’t have the four day weekend quest in my task list. Does it disappear and come back again? Did I finish it already and nothing happened? Do you have the complete quest line posted and I missed it? Still stuck with corn and gmo pomatoes task….and moonshine task. And I have been maxed out on FP’s many times now and have never gotten one of those delicious donuts…what’s up with that?

    • You have to keep visiting neighbors after you max out to get donuts & then it’s a bit random. Just yesterday I got my first one, and I’m always maxed out. Just keep tapping it’ll happen πŸ™‚
      As far as the Quest…did you start the Whacking Day Prep? If so what was the last quest you remember doing?

      • I finished having Ned hunt bunnies and thats when it disappeared and started Ralphie off on his quest but that is a different quest I guess…it doesn’t run under the same quest line name… That’s what’s gotten me all confused. I was sooooo happy the read about the corn cashing out and now this…..but I’ll plug along and hope it’ll happen…Loving all those bunnies hopping around!!!!

        • Yup Ralph is a separate quest, not on the same title. The next part of 4-Day weekend should start after you send Ralph to collect eggs.
          Homer should kick off that part, so make sure he’s free πŸ™‚

  13. I’ve been trying so hard to max my friendship level but they always add a new prize before I can finish! I guess it’s not all bad cause it’s more prizes but hopefully I have room to catch up now πŸ™‚

  14. I never got me no free donuts. Rats! I figure you got to be in the inner circle – one of them one-percenter type chosen ones if you will. There be donuts in them hills, argh.

    • lol are you max out in friendship points? That’s the only way to get them. BUT i will tell you yesterday was the FIRST day I got a donut when visiting a neighbor, during the entire Friendship Point event! So it is possible, you’ve just got to be patient sometimes takes a little bit πŸ™‚

  15. Hmm…I remember asking a question about this corn not too long ago…

    About to take a crack at my dominant (Blue) Easter Box. It’s been bad prizes the last two times, so maybe posting here will be the lucky charm. Let’s find out…

  16. I’ve gotten 4 donuts since the Easter update hit, 1 yesterday and 3 today with one of them coming from my Other Springfield (which was a first). I’m definitely going to try this corn crop trick as well and let you guys know how it turns out. This may be a little off topic from this post, but is there a specific number of prize boxes we should be opening each day in order to hit the goal of recieving every prize by the end of the event?

    • It is so random. Too many variables, so that would be impossible to answer.

      and WOOHOOO!!! FREE DONUTS!!

      • Ya I thought so, oh well, I guess that just means I’ll have to keep tappin away until I get everything. Thanks πŸ™‚

    • Nice for the donuts! I never gotten one from my neighbours so far.. and I am neighbourvisiting a lot (every day all 100)! Must be something wrong, or it must be really really random :p

  17. Funniest thing today all my blue houses turned into bunny flouts. Then became white houses. And krustyburgers turned to big gulps. My bunny zapper malfunctions so I have to tap each bunny by hand. As I sing little bunny foo foo. Lol

    • HAHAHAH. Did you get a screen shot of it?

      I have a post on the zapper coming up. It is a lil tricky to use. It works best if a bunny is nearby. Tap on the zapper to activate it. Then press and hold on an area by a bunny until you see lightning shooting out from under your finger (a few trial and error times to get it to trigger), then do NOT let go. Keep pressing and holding your finger to the screen as you move around and zap the bunnies. When you let go, it will stop.

    • Just hold your finger on the screen wait for the buildings symbols to disappear and the lightning bolt cloud like zap effect to appear then drag finger around the town zig zag, up or down go all around if you want zapping the bunnies. It does lag to start it most times by count of 3-5 it will finally start the zapper thing. I hope this helps. Please note no real bunny’s were hurt, but I do get my eggs and if I’m lucky a cool prize from the box(s). πŸ˜‰

  18. Is there ANY chance this speeding up corn thing wouldn’t work? I want to make sure I can get carrots…

    • It worked on both our devices. You just have to make sure you USE THE TASK BAR ICON…do NOT just go to the farm and seek out the “Carrot Crop” from the list of crops that pull down. Let the game “DO IT” and take you there. The game forcing the crop is where the trigger to speed it up lies.

      Let us know how it goes for you.

  19. Thanks Bunny, Planted the Corn while Ned is trying to figure out how to capture the little Fluffies with the net. I tapped my second gift shop in Krusty Land for about ten times, I swear I am finding little Hershy kisses all over the place..LOL

  20. Thanks so much for this information…As usual you guys are AWESOME!! I got one free doughnut yesterday, and two free donuts today. And now I will be planting corn when my current crop of moonshine finishes.

    • SWEET! Just make sure you get that corn in ASAP. If you don’t care for the loss, you can always stop the moonshine by putting your farm in storage and taking it back out. Then it will be clear again.

  21. When should I plant corn to take advantage of the fast grow? I am at the Four-Day Weekend For Our Sins Pt. 4 on the Easter Quest. Do you think I should get the corn seeds in the ground NOW, or wait untill after the 24hr Homer Quest? Thanks for your ad vice…

    • The sooner the better as we do not know the cut off for it. I planted as soon as the first part 24 hour quests were done. Alissa was in Part 4 with Ned on the hunt.

  22. Have u noticed that the song when going to a friends is the same as the Simpsons game in the first level where u chase the white chocolate bunny and eat chocolate bunnies that are found in krusty land. Coolio

  23. Thx for the tip, although everybunny’s special at Addicts πŸ˜‰ !!!

  24. That is awesome!!! I have 45 days left on my corn–sweet! Now I will also get to finally grow the GMO Pomatos… Cletus has been waiting in my taskbook forever for those. Now if only they would give Brandine a task so I could speed up a spuckler without spending my fried dough.

  25. Got my first event donut…saw a bunny on the lawn this morning…in real life…I just smiled…
    So let me go grow some corn… πŸ™‚ …@wesome tip!!!

  26. Thank you so much for this update!! I planted corn about a week ago (needed big bucks and had some time to spare) and was a bit panicky when I read that carrots on the farm would give me more bunnies and by extension, more eggs. VERY glad to hear that the corn will speed up so I can complete the new quest.

  27. I’ve only ever gotten the one free donut after maxing out friends…BUT I just got 10 in my Mystery Box yesterday πŸ™‚

  28. WOW! Thanks for the heads up on that! You guys are ***awesome***!

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