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Addicts Question Corner: How Can You Tell If a Neighbor-eeno Is Worth Deleting?

Hi Everyone!

Here’s a question straight from our comments from Addicts reader poisonshift:

What is the most effective way to discern from users who are viable and stink accounts?  I know ‘things’ happen and maybe a person won’t play for a day or two and it is someone bothersome to keep a tally of 100 neighbors…”

First of all, thank you for the great question Poisonshift!  I thought it was such a great question that it was worthy of it’s own post, since it’s a question that’s not covered nearly enough in the TSTO World.  Typically we discuss how to delete neighbor-eenos, but not how to tell if they should be deleted.  Here’s my take on it… Continue reading

Easier Neighbor-eeno Management for Android Tappers!

Back when TSTO Addicts first began I wrote a how-to guide for deleting inactive friends in Tapped Out.  While, deleting friends on an iOS device was always fairly simple, for Android players it wasn’t so easy.  In that guide I indicated that for Android players the only way to delete friends was to block them via the Origin website.  However, for those of you struggling to remove friends this way & have access to a PC or Mac, you may want to consider downloading the Origin program.  The Origin software is the easiest way to manage your friends list, no matter what device you play on!

To download the program visit www.origin.com.  From there you’ll want to click Download Origin in the top right corner:
Once you’ve clicked on the Download link it will take you to another page where you can choose to download for a PC or a Mac:
Once you’ve downloaded the program and launched it from your desktop the login screen will appear:
After you’ve typed in your username and password the program will launch and you’ll be able to completely manage your origin account:
To Add/Delete Friends from Tapped-Out via the Origin Program you simple click on Friends in the top left, and then  select show friends list from the drop down menu:
From there your friends list will appear (usually to the right) in a long list.
To Add friends simply click on the Add Friend button on the bottom of the list and a box will appear to search friends.  Follow the on screen instructions to add friends:
To delete friends, simply find the friend you’re looking to delete in the list, click on their name, and select unfriend from the drop down list.  Follow the on screen instructions to finish deleting the friend:

So if you’re having issues removing inactive friends from Tapped Out via your Android phone, consider downloading the Origin Program for your PC or Mac.  It will quickly and effectively delete those lazy neighbor-eenos so you can make room for new friends!