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Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Hey there fellow Addicts. A quick hop by and reminder to that will help ALL the community. If you are looking to add or request new friends there is ONLY one spot to put your info. If you place it ANYWHERE else within the comments (including this one), it will just get lost (and Grumpy Grumble Bunny will have to delete it. She is such a Scrooge). We also have a cool icon you can click to add Neighboreenos right on the home page. 

“ADD FRIENDS PAGE” http://tstoaddicts.com/add-friends/

Having trouble adding/excepting requests? Use the Origin Desktop Manager.


Addicts Housekeeping Item: Adding/Finding Friends

Hey howdy hey Tappers!

Hope you’re GOOing well… 🙂

Just wanted to take a quick minute to let you know we’ve made a few minor changes to the friends pages.  To make things easier for everyone to find we’ve created a second page.  The first page is still there, and now labeled Find Friends while the second page is labeled Add friends.  Our goal is to make it easier for everyone to find and add new friends!

As a reminder please make sure you put your Friend & Add Me requests on our Neighbor-eeno page.  This will ensure your Friend request doesn’t get lost in the other comments!  We want to make sure your request is seen by all of our readers looking for new friends!

Happy Ghostbusting!


Addicts Question Corner: How Can You Tell If a Neighbor-eeno Is Worth Deleting?

Hi Everyone!

Here’s a question straight from our comments from Addicts reader poisonshift:

What is the most effective way to discern from users who are viable and stink accounts?  I know ‘things’ happen and maybe a person won’t play for a day or two and it is someone bothersome to keep a tally of 100 neighbors…”

First of all, thank you for the great question Poisonshift!  I thought it was such a great question that it was worthy of it’s own post, since it’s a question that’s not covered nearly enough in the TSTO World.  Typically we discuss how to delete neighbor-eenos, but not how to tell if they should be deleted.  Here’s my take on it… Continue reading

Are You A Homer Simpson or A Ned Flanders Kinda Neighbor?

The more you play TSTO the more you start to realize that visiting your neighbors and tapping their buildings doesn’t just earn you Cash/Tickets and XP it also helps (or hurts) your neighbor as well.

So You Wanna Be A Flanders Huh?
If you really want to help your friends the most you should tap on the buildings that take the longest time to generate income (ie: Burns Manor, Duff Stadium, Mt. Krustmore etc). Why you ask? Because tapping on these buildings restarts the earning clock on that building. So now when they get back to their own town they can collect the previous cash on the building AND have the clock already progressed into the next income cycle!

Also, if you see any dead crops in your friend’s town you might want to show them your green thumb and tap away. Tapping dead crops not only brings them back to life for your friend, but it also generates cash and XP for you!

To Homer or Not to Homer?
Some of the buildings in TSTO do not generate income (Town Hall, MOE’s Tavern, Police Station & Springfield Elementary). When you visit your neighbors town these will either have a Spray Can Over them or a Mop. While either action generates cash & XP for you, think before you vandalize. Vandalizing your neighbor’s buildings can negatively change their righteousness rating, it can also impact yours! However, cleaning graffiti off of a building will positively change both yours and your neighbor’s righteousness rating.

Whomever you decide to be, put a little thought into it and choose wisely!

Why Won’t it Let Me Add Friends?!

If you’re unable to add more friends it could be for a few reasons: 
1) You’ve already reached the max of 100 friends

2) The person you’re trying to add has already reached their 100 friend max. 

If you know for certain you have well under the 100 friend limit just move onto the next name on your list to add. If you’re adding someone from a posting on an EA Forum or other site they often get maxed out quickly. If you’re finding you can’t add a lot of names on your list try adding your name to the Tapped-Out Origin ID page, and others will add you. 

How Do I Add Neighbor-eenos?

The info on this post is a bit outdated since they’ve made several changes to Origin/EA.  Check out this post for some better information:

In case you didn’t know TSTO is a social game and one of highlights of the game is getting to visit “other Springfields” and see what your friends have done! (not to mention you can collect money Krustyland tickets & xp from visiting your neighbors) So get on it and add some Neighbor-eenos already!

Not sure how to do it? Well first things first you’ll need to create an origin account. Creating an origin account not only allows you to add friends to the game, but it also allows you to save the game (so if your device decides to crash your town is safe). So follow the in game instructions about creating an account (you get free donuts when you do…mmm donuts), just click on the origin logo to get started.

Assuming you’ve created your origin account adding friends is really easy. First, tap the Milhouse and Bart icon on the bottom right of your Springfield screen:

This will take you to your Neighbor-eeno screen. Here’s where there’s a difference in the Android and iOS.

If using Android:

On the bottom right you’ll see another Milhouse and Bart icon, but this time it will have a + on it:

Tap the icon and it will bring up a “Add Friends” box on your screen:

Just type in the Origin ID you wish to add and follow the on screen instructions. And invitation will be sent to your friend and if/when they accept it they’ll be added to your Neighbor-eeno screen.

If using iOS:
On the bottom right you’ll see the orange Origin logo with a + on it:

Tap the icon and it will bring up the Origin Task bar:

Just type in the Origin ID you wish to add and follow the on screen instructions. And invitation will be sent to your friend and if/when they accept it they’ll be added to your Neighbor-eeno screen.

When you’ve finished adding friends just click the Simpson House icon on the bottom right of the screen and it will take you right back to your town.