Addicts Question Corner: How Can You Tell If a Neighbor-eeno Is Worth Deleting?

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Here’s a question straight from our comments from Addicts reader poisonshift:

What is the most effective way to discern from users who are viable and stink accounts?  I know ‘things’ happen and maybe a person won’t play for a day or two and it is someone bothersome to keep a tally of 100 neighbors…”

First of all, thank you for the great question Poisonshift!  I thought it was such a great question that it was worthy of it’s own post, since it’s a question that’s not covered nearly enough in the TSTO World.  Typically we discuss how to delete neighbor-eenos, but not how to tell if they should be deleted.  Here’s my take on it…

The best way I can think of to monitor lazy neighbors is to check your neighbor’s level status after a couple of updates come out. If it seems as though they’re still sitting at level 34 and we’re now on level 36, well then you know they’re probably inactive.

Another way to check to see if they’re inactive is to see if they’re building anything new in their town.  Usually you can always see if someone is in process of building something because of the “dirt” square or rectangle in their town.  If you see one in process you know they may be active, however if you see one in a town in the same spot for well over a week (with the exception of the 5day tooth chipper) you should be able to determine that their probably inactive.

Be cautions when deleting friends though.  Just because they’re on Level 34 and we’re now on level 36 doesn’t mean they’re inactive.  It could just mean they’re on vacation or just caught up in “real life” temporarily.  What I would suggest is monitoring that neighbor.  See if their level changes over the course of a couple of weeks, if not then you should be safe to delete them.

However, just because they’re inactive doesn’t mean you need to delete them. Just by visiting your neighbors (inactive or not) you will still earn points towards your social conform-o-meter ranking & you’ll still earn cash & XP.

Usually the only case I can make for deleting friends is if you have 100 already and you want to add more friends, that you know are active.

Again thanks for the great question poisonshift & Addicts keep those questions coming!  We’re always here to help!

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  1. I found in active / LOW active neighbours are easy to spot just look for the event sound when you enter there town and after the event is over IE winter 2014 PT1 to PT2 the part one had the police siren sound but a updated player’s town does NOT as .the feds are not in part 2

  2. The most foolproof way I’ve used before reading this post, was going into my in game friends list, and tapping on the neighbors name, which will show how active they’ve been. Typically the neighbors I worry about have been inactive for 2+ weeks and more.. Past 10 weeks and it says unknown. In the town of one of those inactive players, I recently discovered their Krustyland is full of frienship ticket opportunities whereas their town is completely barren. So it may be worth checking a player’s Krustyland to keep them around a bit longer.


    • I recently discovered this method as well! And it is the first thing I check anymore, when visiting and there is nothing.

  3. Please add me ginagina777 I play every day

  4. Djwini111 need neighbors

  5. Speaking of neighbor-eenos, is there a way to re-order our list?
    New people seem to get plugged in at random, so it’s harder to find my Real Life friends.

  6. Add me DaianaGonzaga

  7. I have neighbors varying from level 12 to the top. Some may be young and not able to play as often. Some are n00bs. I find that now I’m maxed out, I am monitoring others closer. Watching for dead crops, no advancement, etc…but over a few weeks at least.

    Then for adding, I’m interested in seeing towns from those I’m “social” with, so they get added first. I ran into a LOT of house farmers in the beginning. Drove me mad trying to hunt snakes, now another event is coming and I find my choices becoming more picky. So if I do add a stranger and see they are house farmers and nothing more…they usually go right back off. May sound harsh but I’ve struggled earning game cash and survived without farming. I don’t mind not having everything. If I wait, I can buy buildings cheaper as another level hits. Slow n steady for me. I’ve enjoyed the ride thus far.

  8. I’m leaving on a cruise today but hopefully still be in my net zone while doing the new update from today. Cruise ship wifi is $2 a minute! I’m visiting all my neighbors now while I can. Will be back to my hourly tasks on Monday. =)

  9. Sometimes I think it is not so bad to have inactive neighbors. For one, it is rather easier to find something to tap on. And during whacking day the ones who stayed on a low level were really relaxing to visit, because you didn’t have to hunt snakes all over a massive town 😉

  10. You know it! My wifi went down the other day and I drove well out of my way to a truck stop that had good wifi, sitting through 40 minutes of construction traffic each way just to tap.

  11. And if you’re sitting on 100 neighbors for a month or two and you’ve got people with levels less than 20, its more than likely they’re not constant players and you would probably get more visits from another neighbor.

    And thanks for the nod, despite my embarrassing typo :F

    Tap, tap, tap and away!

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