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DID- We Got “The Stuff”…Now What Do We Do?

In this installment of “Designing in Downtime” (DID), I want to go over some of the “stuff” we won during the recent Flanders Family Reunion update.  Not so much the “stuff,” but where you put it.

I know…if any of you are older than 50, “where should I stash my stuff” takes on a whole other meaning.  And of course, ironically, some of the “stuff” from this update was actually related to “stuff” that used to be, or perhaps still is (depending on how you look at it) illegal.

But, that hasn’t stopped EA and the writers from offering it up…most of it almost free (gotta get ’em hooked with a freebie…then they’ll pay).

Let’s take a look on some design ideas that utilize some of the best stuff, as well as some stuff that has been in my game in Cletus’s domain for years and years.

Where did I put my stuff?
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DID – Using Character Tasks as Part of the Decorations- Master’s Class

In the last edition of DID (Deigning In Downtime), I mentioned a handful of my favorite rituals, some regarding characters that I wanted to keep in the same place for eternity.

There are a couple of reasons I do this.  First, I like how they look, and that they make me happy for some reason I have made up, as part of the rituals.  But, over time and function, they have become part of the decorations…the style that gives my town unique flavor.

But, a couple of these take real planning…and a bit of luck…and sometimes a lot of patience (or stubbornness…you choose).
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Designing In Downtime – DID Feature 1

The simple fact is, habits are very hard to break.  While psychologists make the point that changing lifestyle habits may take just 30 days to form, it may take just one relapse before you need another 30 days to make/break the habit again.

And so it goes with TSTO.

A daily habit of almost 7 years (it was originally released in March 2012…before being pulled in June, and then re-released in Sept 2012), is indeed a difficult one to break. Especially if it is something that brings you as much fun and pleasure as TSTO has over this time.

Unlike smoking, drinking, or illicit opioid use, which require more and more quantities, to maintain any semblance of relief (like the old saying, “smoking more, but enjoying it less”), TSTO is a habit that once your 4-hour grind is complete, almost always gives you something in return. And, with events, updates, and constant fluctuation in the game, the prospect for rewards only increases.

So…when EA all but cuts us off, cold turkey (frankly I like cold turkey sandwiches, even better than warm ones, but I digress), there is bound to be some adjustment to the regularity of our daily dose of fun.  And after a lull of this length, we are truly being forced to be creative, patient, and pragmatic about how/if we continue to play.

And so, to help alleviate the pain of Lulldome …I give you the first installment of Designing In Downtime!
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