DID- We Got “The Stuff”…Now What Do We Do?

In this installment of “Designing in Downtime” (DID), I want to go over some of the “stuff” we won during the recent Flanders Family Reunion update.  Not so much the “stuff,” but where you put it.

I know…if any of you are older than 50, “where should I stash my stuff” takes on a whole other meaning.  And of course, ironically, some of the “stuff” from this update was actually related to “stuff” that used to be, or perhaps still is (depending on how you look at it) illegal.

But, that hasn’t stopped EA and the writers from offering it up…most of it almost free (gotta get ’em hooked with a freebie…then they’ll pay).

Let’s take a look on some design ideas that utilize some of the best stuff, as well as some stuff that has been in my game in Cletus’s domain for years and years.

Where did I put my stuff?
But, before we dive into the “Where” a it pertains to the “stuff,” I want to reprint just a couple more lines to establish that Springfield, Oregon is THE REAL Springfieldagain…supported by the writers.

Tapped Out Ted Flanders Icon.pngIt’s the fuzz! Scatter!
Tapped Out Wiggum Icon.pngWhoah, whoah. You can’t sell that stuff in Springfield!
Tapped Out Capri Flanders Icon.png Why not? It’s perfectly legal in this state, you know.
Tapped Out Wiggum Icon.pngIt is? What state is this again?
Tapped Out Nedward Flanders Sr. Icon.pngOne where people have been using “herbal spinach” medicinally for years, man.
Tapped Out Wiggum Icon.pngAll I know is, as an officer sworn to uphold the law… I guess I should probably find out what the law is.

Don’t make me go back and show you the links to the years that all of the other Springfield Pretenders legalized medical, and then recreational pot. Springfield, Oregon, was the first…and shall always be #1 in the hearts of Simpsons fans and wacky weed lovers everywhere!

OK…back to “the stuff” we got in the update.  While I LOVED the dialogue associated with the update, including the Premium character dialogue (which I’ll cover more in my Filler on Friday), I have to say that the offerings for this mini-update were kinda random.

There would have been SO much promise if they had just stayed with the cannabis theme.  But, noooooooooooo….they veered off into a random, seemingly unrelated character (, and a couple of out of place buildings.

Case in point…Brunella Pommelhorst. She is related to the Flanders how?  I know…the writers did their best to tie it together…but, come on. It’s like EA and the writers were just looking at Safi’s lists…and saying “Oh…hey…we haven’t done her yet!”  At least they put her in the Mystery Box, so there was some separation.

I felt the same with the Left Mazon building.  I was kinda torn as to where to add it, but just put it with my other “bad ideas for businesses” section…including the lame version of Comic-Con.

And there was only one place for me to put the weirdly out of place “Humbleton” store.  I carved out a spot near the carnival booths, because the cheap “made in China” china and ceramic figurines, really belong where the rest of the suckers shop.

I had some spare land, being saved with water as a placeholder.  And no real decoration, except for some concrete in front…didn’t add much to my Item Limits. (which still haven’t been increased.

EAsiest of all, was where to place my “Family Reunion” and “Lettuce Cart.”  For me, this kind of gathering, and wares needed to be where the most music fans hung out, in the party/carnival section of my homage to “Woodstock 1999” near the airport. They fit right in…

And finally, a couple of you asked for a clearer, larger picture of my “grow operation” at the “Spuckler Family Farm and Moonshine Distillery.” Happy to oblige.

I did this design years ago, when Item Limits were unimaginable! 

What I like about these early designs is the lushness of the greenery, trees, and shrubs…which makes the Spuckler’s place look remote…even though it;s fairly close to a number of other recreational outlets.

For me, the little details really make the design…but a lot of the fun is in the original buildings.  I love the “wind-chimes” and some of the details in the stills.

Pulling back a bit…and you can see all of the forested areas, the “Fever Cabin” and the flowers that make up my “Peeing Man” aerial sculpture.  I used a ton of the old propane tanks from the original “junk” that used to come with every chunk of land (remember when they used to do that?).

The bottom line, as always, is that there is no wrong or write way to design…especially if you have enough land and Item in your limit cache, available.

I think the dialogue was the best part of this update…but there were some fun elements.   How did YOU use your “Flanders Family Reunion” items?  Inquiring Tappers want to know!


12 responses to “DID- We Got “The Stuff”…Now What Do We Do?

  1. I like the idea of putting the Flanders family reunion sign and the crowd of Flanders in Praiseland. I hadn’t thought of that. I was just going to place them in a corner of a park. The two oddball buildings that really didn’t go with this event, are in business zones of my Springfield. My “herbal spinach” cart is going to probably going to go next to a barn near my wheat and corn fields. I’m hoping for a pier or beach event celebrating summer as the next event.

  2. I know…if any of you are older than 50, “where should I stash my stuff” takes on a whole other meaning 😅 (raises ✋ – yes, yes it does …. and also brings back memories of the high school surf team!) ….

    Gosh, I plopped things down and will be getting back to them (or stored what was taking up space and not increasing bonus %) but gaining inspiration from visiting Neighboreenos …. and I have to salute the writers for the best dialogue in an Event this year (I did thank EA on Twitter, but I still playfully heckle them about that vacant space adjacent to Springfield Heights) 😊

    • Heckle away! And yes…so many places to stash the grass. Just saw an episode of “Pickers” where they found, restored and returned an old band van to Aerosmith. The first thing Tyler did, was show where he stashed his stuff…too funny!

  3. Nice designs Patric👍😁. You always have a creative use for new “stuff”.🎯
    Here’s my take on recent additions…so nice to have something new to design with🥰.

    The Herbal Spinach is growing behind the cart at the Fantasy Rock Camp and has a number of happy customers…

    I added the arena to my Conflict of Enemies building from the last event…

    The Flander’s reunion was catered by Lurleen and served her famous “Roadkill Flambé”…

    The new Left-Mazon went in the Business/High-Rise district…

    And my favorite addition was Humbleton, which fit surprisingly well in the Serfson’s Village…a part of Jessica Button’s World…

    • You flatter me…you are still the Queen of Creative! I love the cart at Fantasy Rock Camp…too funny!

      I considered moving or adding a Pork Roast BBQ as well…but didn’t want to start another conflict with the Veggie Hippies and the Not-So-Veggie Episcopalians!

  4. I have placed the Flanders family reunion on the backyard of Flanders house… the lettuce cart I put in a “park” kind of area around the Rich neighborhood, and Left-Azon around a Vegas kind of style patch… I am updating my town and re-designing everything so…

  5. Rusty Shackleford

    Nice designs Patric. I put the Flanders family reunion inside of praiseland…still trying to earn more walls to complete it. I put the Jesus escalator behind the banner, so to enter the reunion you take the escalator up. Of course I bought tons of Flanders crowds to put all around the park.

    Pretty fun event.

    • Ha! Nice! Why didn’t I think of that? But, not sure how Jebus is going to like the wacky weed cart there. But hey…it’s organic…so God made it. Right?

  6. Thanks a lot Patric! Still no clue about the buidings, but I plan to throw a big BBQ party for the Flanders’ peers 😄

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