“Where Did THAT Come From?”- Strongman Homer

Anyone else catch the new episode of Treehouse of Horror? It was AMAZING as usual. I really do like the twisted and dark mind set of Guillermo del Toro. Speaks to all those OTHER voices in my head. (Shhhhh. Don’t say that too loud. You’ll wake up the others.) If you did, you would’ve been able to see just exactly where that Strongman Homer costume came from we all were earning from this years Halloween Event. Not to mention why on earth we needed an Emerald Ring to unlock it. On to the next episode of “Where did THAT come from?”


In the last part of Treehouse of Horror XXIV (Freaks and Geeks), we are taken back in time to a good old fashioned tent circus. The Burnsum and Bailey Circus.


Of course it is full of all the Freaks and Geeks your heart can desire. One of those Freaks is Homer, as the Strongman.

He has quite the powerful tongue. Lol

Marge is his love interest…as he tells her in a forceful way. (Homer in charge? Odd. Really Odd.)


Moe is in love with Marge too, so much so he even wants to give her his precious family Heirloom…an Emerald Ring.


Homer wants the ring. Poor Barney overheard and paid the price. (Where did that ravine end?) He had thought out how will kill Moe after the wedding, so he can have Marge, then kill her, then have the ring to himself. (There’s the Homer I am used to. Just not a bright idea.)

Homer lets Marge marry Moe (she’s a super freak). Marge rejects him after thwarting (it’s a real word I promise) his plans.

As he is sulking away in the rain, the circus folk have another idea what they want to do with Homer. “ONE OF US! Gooble Goo!” (What DOES that mean? Anyone?) They already hung Burnsum (is THAT were the skeleton in the tree came from?)


And that is “How I met your Mother”… per Homer. Lol

So there you have it. Strongman Homer. A cool costume with a new set of tasks. FOR FREE! 🙂

Here’s a look at the tasks:

Task Length  Earns Location
Battle Apu’s Octuplets 1hr $105, 26xp Kwik-E-Mart
Punch Meat in the Freezer 4hrs $260, 70xp Krusty Burger
Drink Duff Bull 8hrs $420, 104xp Moe’s
Impress Rubes with his Strength 12hrs $600, 150xp Outside
Piggyback Mr. Burns 24hrs $1,600, 375xp Outside Requires Burns



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  1. Hi, I’ve seen the circus tent in some of my friends’ towns. Do you know how to get this?

    • Hi Tom. Yes it’s the freak show tent, which is part of the Ghost in the Machine-based App quest. It unlocks at part 12 of the quest. You can find more details on it here.

  2. The only one I thought was good was “the fat in the hat”, the other two weren’t that great.

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