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“Where Did THAT Come From?”- Strongman Homer

Anyone else catch the new episode of Treehouse of Horror? It was AMAZING as usual. I really do like the twisted and dark mind set of Guillermo del Toro. Speaks to all those OTHER voices in my head. (Shhhhh. Don’t say that too loud. You’ll wake up the others.) If you did, you would’ve been able to see just exactly where that Strongman Homer costume came from we all were earning from this years Halloween Event. Not to mention why on earth we needed an Emerald Ring to unlock it. On to the next episode of “Where did THAT come from?”

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Sunday: What’s in the Simpson’s Attic? Answer to the Triva

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So despite the Simpsons THOH episode not airing until tonight EA has decided to let everyone take a crack at the Trivia before it airs.  So here’s the deal and how you unlock Strongman Homer…
Throughout the week we’ve been collecting little parts of the Strongman Homer costume:2013-10-05 06.42.57
Today when you tap on the Simpson’s Attic (go to the Simpson’s house and tap on it, then find the attic option and tap on Go):
Region Capture
A trivia question pops up:
2013-10-06 07.14.50
The question is: What item of Moe’s does Homer Covet in this season’s Treehouse of Horrors episode?
The answer is….An Emerald Ring.  Check that off, as soon as you do you’ll receive 10 FREE DONUTS (woohoo more FREE Donuts!!), then tap continue..
2013-10-06 07.14.55
As soon as you do you’ll unlock Strongman Homer, and his costume will AUTOMATICALLY appear in Homer’s list of costumes when you tap on him.
2013-10-06 07.15.10
We’ll be back with more about Strongman Homer a little later on…for now I wanted to make sure you all could unlock him.