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In Game Update: HotFix/Patch

There was another update to the game. It looks to be to correct a lot of errors and issues with original release. I am currently going through the info to see what changes it has made and see if it clarifies whether the Gypsy Fortune Teller Shop and Maude are 25 donuts or 150 donuts. The original files showed 25 donuts.

update 492014

Will update with info as I find it…

CONFIRMATION. The combo is now 150 donuts. So for all you lucky people that got the combo at 25 Donuts…you got one heck of a good deal. For everyone else, sorry. You now have to pay the full price for post. It makes a lot more sense now as to why just Maude was 90 donuts.


Until Next Time…

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In Game Update- Hot Fix

Another Update just hit our devices. Looks like EA is on top of those glitching issues. I am combing through the new files as we speak to see if I notice any other changes.


So far, your FP’s should be back to normal. (In other words you can see them adding up…but may still see the “MAXED” listed.)

More to come as I see it. For complete Level 39 information, check out Alissa’s post from when it originally hit.

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