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Weekend Update: August 24th – August 30th

Something something…

Yada yada…

Spider Pig…


…n stuff

Weekend Update Addicts

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Weekend Update: August 17th – August 23rd

In a land of Myth and a time of Magic, Nerds gathered round a table eagerly awaiting instructions from the Dungeon Master.

The Elf and Cleric were all that was left…it was down to the last roll…the dreaded 20 sided die.

Just then…

Weekend Update Addicts

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Weekend Update: August 10th – August 16th

So a horse walks into a bar…

The horse cries cuz it hurts when you walk into a bar.

The End!

Weekend Update Addicts

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In Game Update- Hot Fix

Another Update just hit our devices. Looks like EA is on top of those glitching issues. I am combing through the new files as we speak to see if I notice any other changes.


So far, your FP’s should be back to normal. (In other words you can see them adding up…but may still see the “MAXED” listed.)

More to come as I see it. For complete Level 39 information, check out Alissa’s post from when it originally hit.

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Troubleshooting 101- Contacting EA

Update 7/27/16 (from Alissa): Here’s the current direct link to contact EA: Contact for TSTO.  Sorry this is the US link, but I believe it should help even if you’re in another country.

Bunny here. Putting on my glasses, getting out my pocket protector, and getting my magic fingers and thumbs ready to type those zeroes and ones. Basically…it’s Nerdy Time!!

For whatever various reasons, our game likes to frak with our minds and heads and nothing seems to quite go right. We panic. Throw our device. Scream. Yell. There may be many tears as well.  Just slowly take your thumbs/fingers off the device or you may crack the screen. Lol.  It’s ok. I am here to help. All of us are. Promise. 

Sample 2

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12-13-13: In-Game Update…Glitch Fix?

Hey Howdy Hey Gift Grabbers!

Looks like we just got hit with a minor in-game update.  My guess is it’s a glitch fix for the complaints outlined in Bunny’s Post here but I have no true way of verifying this via our own games.  Currently all of the TSTO Games run by the Addicts staff are not experiencing the glitch.  So we need your help!  If you’ve experienced the “zero gift dropping glitch” in your town, let us know in the comments below if this update has corrected the issue for you.

We know Bunny has magical powers with all things at EA, but we can’t be certain it’s fixed until we hear from you.  So be sure to let us know! 🙂

2013-12-13 15.26.50

Minor In Game Update 10/8-10/9

Just received a minor in game update…perhaps this is fixing the Lisa/Homer glitch?  We’re checking into it, but for now assume it’s just a minor glitch fix update and nothing is going to change in your game.  As soon as we have more info we’ll post it right here.

Note: Some people got the update yesterday and some people got it today.  We DO believe it’s just fixing glitches since it’s the exact same amount of files.  It is not adding anything new to your game.  As soon as we know more we’ll update it here.

Update on the Update: It would appear…by my own accounts and that of MANY of our amazing Addicts readers…that with this update you can now no longer tap more than 5 ghosts in a friend’s town.  Also, it appears as if the Homer and Lisa glitch has not yet been fixed.
For all of you who still have a character “lost at sea” hopefully it will all be fixed soon!

Happy GOOing everyone!