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Thanksgiving Easter Egg and Homer Task Crashing Issue

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So the Thanksgivng Update hit earlier today…and like many updates there’s always more than initially meets the eye. As we “peel back the layers” of this (or any) update we always start to uncover some bugs and hidden “gems”.  So this post is designed to cover both the good and the bad.

So let’s dive into the Thanksgiving “Easter Egg” and the latest bug impacting players….the game crashing.


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Turbo Tappin’ Turkey Day 2014: The Battle of Thanksgiving

Update 11/25- Today’s task has been added to the Turbo Tappin’ Rundown…

Update 11/24- Today’s task has been added to the Turbo Tappin’ Rundown..

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Ah Thanksgiving!  In the words of Homer….”The high holiday of gorging! Uncluttered with Yule logs, Easter egg hunts, flag saluting or the yoinking out of groundhogs.”  That is until Puritan Flanders got in the way!

So now that Thanksgiving has arrived in Springfield, we at least Pre-Thanksgiving…it’s time to take a look at the Main Turkey Day questline.  This year EA has decided to split it up into sections…with part released now and more coming Monday 11/24.  In this post we’ll Turbo Tap the first part of the main questline (ie everything available before 11/24)…and we’ll update this post with the rest once it hits.

So now…let’s get to Tappin’ shall we?!

turbo tap Thanksgiving

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