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Tapped Out Premium Walkthrough- The Investorettes

Now for the 2nd of 3 Walkthroughs brought to you courtesy of buying the Cracker Factory and Luann (the first one is here). This one unlocks the Fleet-A-Pitas.

Investorettes Pt.1

After tapping on Krabappel

Investorettes 1

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Where Did THAT Come From- Fleet-A-Pita

Enjoying the new level 37? Did you kick in your 150 donuts to buy the Cracker Factory and Luann? Not yet? Well, if you want Fleet-A-Pita’s all over your Springfield and Krustyland, you’ll have to invest.

fleet a pita 3

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Level 37 Quick Tips- READ NOW! :)

Hey there you crazy people. Finding yourselves having to adjust your screen brightness now? Wearing shades to play? Lol

I figured I needed to drop on by with a few Quick Tips and a lil info that will effect you with the Level 37 update.


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