Level 37 Quick Tips- READ NOW! :)

Hey there you crazy people. Finding yourselves having to adjust your screen brightness now? Wearing shades to play? Lol

I figured I needed to drop on by with a few Quick Tips and a lil info that will effect you with the Level 37 update.


DO NOT FORGET TO CHECK YOUR CONFIRM DONUT SPEND!!! Switch it to off to avoid any unwanted donut loss.

Those Wailing Walls and Indian Burial Grounds you bought, they are now paying out cash and XP ($300 and 30XP every 12hrs). The Peanut Cart stuck around too ($520). 

The water is back to blue with our friend Blinky and the toxic barrel floating on it.

Now…the good stuff…


In regards to the Gold Calf…DO NOT BUY ONE! Not just yet anyway. During the main walkthrough, Weekend Dad Part 13, you will receive one for FREE. Pretty cool as it has a multiplier of 0.75% on it.


The Office of Unemployment ($313,500) will unlock during Part 15 of the main walkthrough, Weekend Dad.

southerncrackerfactory_menu unlock_luann fleetapita_menu

For those NOT wanting to buy the Cracker Factory w/Luann, you are going to miss out on some extras. Once you complete the main walkthrough, Money Vs. Milhouse, you will be given 2 additional mini walkthroughs for Luann. First up is the Investorettes (Ms. Krabappel starts it). During part 1 of this quest, the Fleet-A-Pita in Springfield will unlock ($5600).  The tasks will involve a HUGE amount of characters at 2 points (you can send practically the entire town to the tasks). Once complete with Investorettes part 4, you will also now be able to place the Fleet-A-Pita in Krustyland too (500 tickets). The second mini walkthrough is Hardly Kirk-Ing (Kirk will kick it off).

So there you have it. A few Quick items for now. Don’t forget this is in “in app market” update. That means you need to go into your Apple or Google market, locate The Simpsons Tapped Out, and select update.


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  1. I’ve been trying all sorts of things to try to get the quest to activate as I really wanted to add the fleet to my Springfield and Krustyland. It said the only thing needed was to start part 4 of a quest chain but never stated that could only be started by paying real money. It should really be marked as premium content in the marketplace shouldn’t it? Sneaky EA!
    I’d love to be able to get the cracker factory, but just can’t afford to spend real money on potentially temporary pixels (have done it in the past with another game when I had some spare cash which eventually got bought out by Disney and then closed down. Lost everything! So not doing that again). Better to spend what little I have on food/bills. 😞 How boring!

  2. Thanks for explaining this, because I have the Fleet-a-Pita locked on my Krustyland, and I thought I had failed to trigger a quest via some glitch – or more memory than my phone can manage (getting a lot of Disk Full msgs with this game) anyway, sounds like without Milhouse’s mom I won’t be triggering the Fleet-A-Pita bus, and it will just stay locked in the inventory. Thank you very much, because without you, i would have just thought I had failed to trigger the quest 🙂

  3. so we cant get the fleet a pita unless we buy milhouses mom?

  4. What if I don’t update the game at App Store for now? Can I stay at Level 36 for a while, and Halloween update – where I have a lot of possibility to collect free donuts? Do EA let me continue playing the game for much long time like this?

    • Eventually all the items will phase out and you won’t be able to play until you update. Also your neighbors will all switch out so you won’t be able to go into their towns after a bit.

  5. Thanks for the info!

  6. Thanks Bunny. good info.

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