Tapped Out Premium Walkthrough- The Investorettes

Now for the 2nd of 3 Walkthroughs brought to you courtesy of buying the Cracker Factory and Luann (the first one is here). This one unlocks the Fleet-A-Pitas.

Investorettes Pt.1

After tapping on Krabappel

Investorettes 1

Krabappel: The Cracker Factory is really booming, Luann. Any tips for us amateur investors?
Luann: Well, I could tell you my secret but then I’d have to kill you.
Luann: Just kidding, the cracker business hasn’t been a front for the mob since 1973.
Agnes: We’ve been planning to pool our money and buy a business but we can’t decide which. We’d lover your opinon.
Krabappel: I’m leaning towards a company that specializes in Hawaiian shirts for dogs.
Agnes: And I think Hawaiian shirts give dogs bad ides. We’re in quite the stand off.

Investorettes 2

Make Luann Go to an Investorettes Meeting- 12hrs

Make Mrs. Krabappel Go to an Investorettes Meeting- 12hrs

Make Agnes Go to an Investorettes Meeting- 12hrs

Investorettes 3

Investorettes Pt. 2

After tapping on Krabappel

Investorettes 4

Krabappel: You’re right, Luann. One of the safest investments is a restaurant. But why stop there – how about a fast food franchise?
Luann: The timing is perfect – we haven’t built a health department yet.

Investorettes 5

Place a Fleet-A-Pita

Investorettes 6 Investorettes 7

Investorettes 8

Agnes: I’m in charge of coming up with the slogan. How about “Eat Up, You Fat Slobs!”

Investorettes 9

Investorettes Pt. 3

After tapping on Krabappel

Investorettes 10

Krabappel: Now the real work begins, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get cookin’!
Agnes: My sleeves will stay down, thank you. This isn’t Woodstock.
Luann: Why stress ourselves out with chopping and frying?

Investorettes 11
Luann: We’re business owners not business workers, let’s hire the local riffraff and pay them next to nothing.
Luann: Then we’ll sit back and watch the money roll in like it exploded out of a giant floating thumbs up.

Investorettes 12

Make Local Chumps Work a Fleet-A-Pita Shift- 10hrs (at least 3 people, I listed all I could send)

Homer, Willie, Carl, Lenny, Hans Moleman, Cletus, Kearney, Otto

Make Springfieldieans Eat a Pita at Fleet-A-Pita-12hrs (at least 15 people needed, I listed all I could send)

Investorettes 13 Investorettes 14

Investorettes 16

Investorettes Pt. 4

After tapping on Krabappel

Investorettes 17

Krabappel: We’re a hit! All those years spent embezzling field trip money have finally paid off.
Krabappel: And I think those kids still learned a lot on those retreats to the school’s parking lot.
Luann: It’s time to act like my husband’s waistline expand, expand, expand!

Investorettes 18

Have a chain of Fleet-A-Pitas (Place 4 more for 5 total)

Make Springfieldeans Eat at Fleet-A-Pita- 12hrs (20 needed, same ones as above are able to go again)

Investorettes 15

Investorettes 19

Luann: Thanks to cutting employee pay and reducing our meat with M.E.A.T. Brand Substitute, we’re raking in the dough.
Luann: I think it’s finally time to splurge a little bit. I’m going to invest in some quality all-natural blue eyebrows.
Agnes: I think Seymour is becoming too independent – like a dog in a Hawaiian shirt. I want to get him microchipped.
Krabappel: I was thinking of buying something nice for that lonely kid-
Krabappel: -ney shaped pool in my backyard. Solid gold pool noodles!
Agnes: Ladies, we’ve done it again. Investorettes: 1 Springfield: 0. Suck it, Sucktown!
Krabappel: You’re not allowed to come up with anymore slogans.

Investorettes 20

And so ends the Investorettes. Next Up…keep Kirk available for Hardly Kirk-Ing Walkthrough.

Hardly Kirk-Ing


10 responses to “Tapped Out Premium Walkthrough- The Investorettes

  1. I’m a freemium player at level 55, just spent 150 long-aquired donuts on Cracker Factory to unlock that damn Fleet-a-Pita that has been taunting me forever. Investorettes questline triggered and finished (with BBeeman wrestling) and am near the end of Luanne’s Money Vs. Milhouse (pt 5 now) questline. BUT…. the Real Investorettes never started! The damn Fleet-a-Pita is still locked and mocking me! Help!!

  2. I have all four characters, cracker factory and completed all 4 parts of the tasks. There was no mention of the Fleeta Pita truck, The whole quest was about bumblebee man and and putting on a wrestling show at Moe’s tavern. There’s no more truck?

  3. I’m at level 50. I have Helen Lovejoy and purchased Luann to continue with Helen’s quests. I also purchased Luann to ultimately get the Fleet-A-Pita trucks. The Real Investorettes quest line is complete but without the Bumblebee Man. And the initial Investorettes Level 1 is complete but Level 2 won’t launch and no option to get the trucks! Any ideas?

    • Let me add by saying I stored the Cracker Factory and replaced it. I got the option to place a food truck. However, these three ladies must repeat having a meeting for 12 hours since the next level won’t launch with the truck placed. Screwy glitch! Something must have gone wrong between the two Investorettes quest lines (original quest & Helen Lovejoy’s) happening at the same time as I’ve already gone through the dialog of Level 3 & 4. Sending Springfielders to work at the Cracker Factory and not on the food trucks seems to be the point where it all went wrong. I guess it’s just a waste of 12 hours for something already completed.

      • It could be that, or you have too many quests open. What was the last quest you completed in your task list? If your list is short, I would try to get in touch with EA (wait till Monday) and see if they can roll you back to correct it

  4. calgrynkotbgirls

    …do I need Luann (premium) to trigger it?

  5. calgrynkotbgirls

    Hi, how do I trigger this quest? I Can see the option but it’s not playable. Task list is many months past this & have never been able to get this to trigger…am I missing something? Thanks!

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