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Where Did THAT Come From – Two Story Outhouse

Open bomb bay doors… look out below!

Hey hey friends!  It seems EA had some sneaky surprises waiting for us and delivered on more items for our TSTO wargame.  A bunch of different items arrived and as always, I get the privilege to dish on the origins of them.  Today I thought we’d look at the Two Story Outhouse.  For the cost of 3000 Elixir, it boosts your Vanity rating by 800 points and as a nice bonus, can be placed on the grass, pavement, beach and Squidports of your town.  Makes sense, people gotta see a man about a wallaby in all sorts of places.


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Where Did THAT Come From – Rocket Car

Level 42!!!!!!

Anyone else nerding out and thinking about the Hitchhiker’s Guide right now?  I know this level isn’t the ultimate answer to the ultimate question but it’s still a number that easily gets me re-reading my Douglas Adams books.  Anywho… you didn’t visit the site today just to hear how big a geekanerdadorkasaurus I am, did you?  If you did… rock on but I realize some might actually want info on some of the newest and coolest stuff we got.

For this WDTCF, I thought we’d hit something from Level 42 that appears real quick in the Best. Show. Ever.  The Rocket Car.

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Stonecutter #908… The Chosen One

Well hello there fellow Stonecutters!

Wookiee aka Stonecutter #504 chiming in to talk about yet another skin EA gave us with this amazing event.  Anyone who took a couple days to play this event got the skin and I think that’s pretty dang sweet.  I’m of course talking about Stonecutter #908, Homer Simpson.

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Where Did THOSE Come From – Stonecutter Event Decorations

Hey Stonecuttereenos! “ a man who called himself ‘You Know Who’ just invited you to a secret ‘wink wink’ at the ‘you know what’.” How much cooler is life now that the “stupid idiots let (you) in their crappy club for jerks”? Of course, this means we all are Stonecutters now (I call dibs on number 504) and are willing participants in the “weird, strange, sick, twisted, eerie, godless, evil stuff” that may or may not be going on in our Springfields.

So, of course we got a really rad Stonecutters event for TSTO with lots of new bits and bobs for our games. This of course means it’s also time for more Where Did That/Those Come From posts from your resident furry companions here at TSTO Addicts. Problem is, most of it comes from the same dang episode.

Because I like y’all way too much to be glib and just say watch the episode for yourself, I thought it’d be nice to just bunch everything together by decorations/buildings/characters and show you what they look like in TV animated form. Of course, you could skip all my words and just spend 22 minutes of your own time… up to you.

The episode most of our new items come from is of course the legendary 12th episode from Season 6 entitled “Homer the Great”.  For this first edition of Stonecutters WDTCF goodness, we’ll be looking at DECORATIONS.  For clarity, I’ll be showing them all as they appear in the episode.

Sacred Parchment Stonecutter tableark-of-the-stonecovenant                                            Stone of Triumph Tube Slide

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