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Everyone’s a Winner on Pie Day

Except me I think.

So… Friday, 3/14 brought us Pi Day and in true display of our geekdom, we celebrated with a mini-contest.  Congrats to granmamaDar for her triumphant (albeit randomly assigned by a computer) victory!

So awesome to give back to y’all but it got me thinking.  Why can’t we all be winners?  Yeah, I know, there has to be a divide or no one will know about earning via hard work or trying again and yada yada yada (I’ll be the first to tell you tee-ball should be scored) but this was a silly contest, right?

Pie Man Promo Image Season 15
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Weekend Update: March 9th – 15th

So it is that time again. You know. Where I get to bore you to no end. No? You like to read this? Oh shoot, that means I have to try harder to make it all sound cool…and stuff. OFF WE GO!!

Weekend Update Addicts

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