Everyone’s a Winner on Pie Day

Except me I think.

So… Friday, 3/14 brought us Pi Day and in true display of our geekdom, we celebrated with a mini-contest.  Congrats to granmamaDar for her triumphant (albeit randomly assigned by a computer) victory!

So awesome to give back to y’all but it got me thinking.  Why can’t we all be winners?  Yeah, I know, there has to be a divide or no one will know about earning via hard work or trying again and yada yada yada (I’ll be the first to tell you tee-ball should be scored) but this was a silly contest, right?

Pie Man Promo Image Season 15

Well, I figured out how you get to win by my definition.  A pie in the face. GranmamaDar (and quite a few others) said they wanted to see me take a pie in the face and not wanting to disappoint, my gift to you all is pictures of it. First, I have to say I agree with every one else that shoving a pie in someone’s face is a perfect waste of delicious round (and measurable by π) pastry.  There is a fix though.  One of my favorite military fundraisers was the pie in the face contest. Basically, every one pays to have certain people pied and on the day of the event, the victim can buy themselves out.  I’m sure some of y’all have done something similar.  The pies we used were basically a pie crust, whipped cream and syrup.  Well, this one is free for all so enjoy.

pie in the face 1

Mama wookiee went to get the supplies with the youngin and then my little Ewok made a pie.

pie in the face 2

I didn’t really beg but she said the photo would be funnier.  I’m a lot of things but a coward isn’t one of them.  One thing I did do though was take off my favorite Simpsons shirt.  Strawberry syrup stains my friends.  Time to Wookiee up and take it like a champ.

pie in the face 3

Oh the sweet sugary blindness and near suffocation.  It hurts so delicious.  (Don’t worry Alissa, no broken noses today.)  Here’s the aftermath.

pie in the face 4

Yes it got all over my “fur” but it was fun AND tasty.  And that’s that.  Several of you readers got your wish and my kiddo got the chance to shove a pie in her Dad’s face.  Funnily, she said she expected it would be a lot more of a thrill than it was.  I think she just doesn’t want me to know how cathartic the exercise was.

Well, there’s your Pi Day gift from me.  Question is now, are Alissa and Bunny willing to get smashed?  TTFN… Wookiee out!

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18 responses to “Everyone’s a Winner on Pie Day

  1. OK, let me try this again, LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics, and that you really went through with it (so cool).

    Sorry I haven’t been posting a lot, but I’ve been trying to keep up with the posts, My back went out last Mon. & I rarely use my keyboard except to put in my password & to post here. My laptop sits off to the side, and I use my TV & cordless mouse. Anything involving bending (much less walking for the first few days), has been impossible (chronic back problems I foolishly ignored having so much fun last Sat. night). I finally am up to being able to kneel in front of my laptop (1st attempt to switch to both screens ended up no bueno). So for a few minutes I can ‘splain what’s been up. At least I was already off from work from my wrist, but I have exactly 4 days to get my back into shape, to endure standing for 6 hours at a time. Have yet to receive the pies (at least that’s what my son tells me…hmmm, nah he wouldn’t dare). I’ve taken some hilarious screen shots that I will send in once I can d/l them to my laptop. Okaaay, time to lay back down with the heating pad & start my exercise routine. (Needless to say, my Krustyland has been totally remodeled, but I’m in need of more tix to finish off the little touches). I’m here. just will be reading posts for a few more days.

    Hugs ~ granmamaDar

    • NO PIES??!! Hmmm…lemme contact them and find out their location. I will get back to you as soon as I hear from them too. Sorry 🙁

      • Thanks Bunny for checking into it, I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy them yet anyway, but I am definitely looking forward to tasting them 🙂

        Working my butt off is good preparation for them LOL

      • Awww, so sweet Wookiee, just don’t hug too hard quite yet LOL.

        Walked 1/2 a mile this evening, forced myself to not sit down (that bench on the beltway sure did look good, tho’). Sheer determination & stubbornness will have me back to work Wed. morning. I hate being off, I’m so busy most of the time & when there’s nothing to do, I go stir crazy. I’m pretty much out of KL tix LOL, but I’m sending everyone there so I can finish what I started. Only need about 40k more (which is around what I started with before the renovation). It will be worth it 🙂

    • Hope you feel better soon! Big furry hugs from this guy. I had fun getting pied.

  2. Rofl

  3. Hahaha…Sweet!

  4. So funny dude.

  5. WanderingCaveman

    Good show Wookiee!

  6. Only a real man takes a pie to the face! Unless the man is a woman…then only a real woman takes a pie to the face! Unless of course the woman is a child……in which case……this could take a while…….go get a piece of pie and a glass of Bunny water…..I’ll wait……..

  7. Oh my… *swoons*

  8. We get to see the face of another Addict! Nice.

    Pi is an interesting mathematical constant. I personally see e (the base of the natural logarithm) as a more interesting transcendental number, but that’s just me.

    It still amazes me that just by taking two really simple things, the circumference and the diameter of a circle, and dividing them, you can get a number like pi, that has an infinite number of decimal digits.

    By the way I still read your site a lot, but don’t always find the time to actually look more in detail and leave comments. I’ve been getting busier what with a Simpsons re-watch and some real life things.

    • Lol…silly he put his face in his “about me” post. But still…hilarious to see a pie smashed in his face. Lol 😉

      (and how dare you have a life…sheesh. 😉 )

  9. HAAhaa (Peewee style)…I just can’t believe “PianoMan” comes outta that piehole…!!! LOL 🙂
    Good going Wookiee!!!

  10. Now that is de-di-ca-tion!!! Way to go there, my furry friend!!

  11. Omg omg ong omg!!!!! That’s AWESOME!!! Glad you posted pics!!!

  12. Awesome!!!

  13. Love it! What a great sport you are 🙂

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