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Tapped Out Walkthrough: Complete Squidport

Hello Tappers!

Back with another walkthrough for you.  Since we’re caught up-to-date with the newest Walkthroughs (including Level 31, 32, 33 and Krustyland) we figured it was time to take a little trip back to the start of the summer, for some of us, and the introduction of Squidport.  Now some of you may still be working on Squidport and some of you may not quite be there yet.  This walkthrough was created with you in mind.

Happy Tapping Friends!

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Squidport Premium 

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Tapped Out Walkthrough: Squidport Premium Quests

Fantastic Ferris Wheel
After purchasing the premium Ferris Wheel and Tapping Mr. Burns
Mr. Burns: Smithers, look!  A pleasure wheel very similar to the one that Ferris boy was working on.
Smithers: Would you like to take a ride, sir?
Mr. Burns: I’d like to, but I lack sufficient body weight to keep from being gusted away at the top.  Perhap if you rode with me and held me.
Smithers: I…I…I…*thump*
Make Mr. Burns Ride the Ferris Wheel- 10hrs  This also requires Smithers, although there is no prompt for him.  The task will be locked unless both Smithers and Mr. Burns are free. 

Malaria Del Arte
Will appear only if premium character, Dr. Nick is purchased.
After tapping Lisa 

Lisa: Look, replica tribal blowgun!  And the darts are dripped in paralytic compound.  One drop could bring down a charging yak!
Bart: Cool, lemme try! *inhales* Ack!
Lisa: You’re supposed to blow.
Bart: You… blow… heh-heh, zing… *thump
Lisa: Help! Someone call a doctor!
Dr. Nick: Did someone say “Doctor”? Hi, everybody!
Make Dr. Nick Perform Emergency Surgery on Bart– 12hrs
Temporary task for Dr. Nick.  Requires both Bart and Dr. Nick.
Dr. Nick: Okay, little boy, the venom in your system has been counteracted.
 Thanks Doc.
Dr. Nick: No need to thank me. Getting paid is payment enough.

And now officially all of Squidport is complete….for now anyway.
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Tapped Out Walkthrough: Squidport Part 4

We last left off with Homer and Comic Book Guy eating everything in sight at The Frying Dutchman, and the Sea Captain, feeling guilty, went off to pray to the Gods for forgiveness for ruining the Ocean’s Bounty.  We pick our 4th and final Squidport walkthrough up with the Sea Captain finding forgiveness from the Gods in an interesting way….
Missed part of our Squidport Walkthrough?  You can find the previous parts here:  Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3

Squidport Pt. 13
After tapping the Sea Captain

Sea Captain: Poseidon and Neptune have decided they will only be appeased if we build more random stores on the boardwalk.  I know, I was as surprised as you.  Gods, huh?  Who can figure ‘em out?
Have 21 Boardwalk Sections
Reach Level 16
Build Turban Outfitters- $61,500, 24hrs
Keep Homer free when complete

After tapping Homer

Homer: Hey Apu, they just opened a turban shop! You might want to check it out.
Apu: Mr. Simpson! That is racist! Why should I have more interest in turbans than any other citizen of Springfi-… *gasp. Is that a Marathi Pheta? *bigger gasp In saffron? I’ve been looking for that. OMG! A rack of pagadis! My credit card is going to get a work-out today!
Make Apu Try on Turbans-4hrs
Keep Mr. Burns free when complete

Over There
After tapping Mr. Burns

Mr. Burns: Why, I haven’t worn one of these since my days in Bangladesh when I was dabbling in Colonialism.  That was back when suzerainty meant something!
Make Mr. Burns Try on Turbans- 4hrs
Keep the Sea Captain Free when complete

Squidport Pt. 14
After tapping the Sea Captain

Sea Captain:  Y’arr, salty air and sand have caused me tattoos to fade. That and the obsessive hand washing brought on by me OCD.?  Time I go in for some fresh ink!?
Have 25 Boardwalk Sections
Reach Level 17
Build My First Tattoo- $54,500, 24hrs
Keep Bart and Milhouse free when complete

My First Tattoo
After tapping Bart

Bart: Whoa!  There’s a tattoo shop on the boardwalk now! Kids under 12 get a discount! I’m in!
Milhouse: I want one that says “Peanut Allergy”, so I’ll never have to worry about losing my medic-alert bracelet.
Bart: Okay, we’re gonna do that thing again where we act like we don’t know each other.
Milhouse: Yay! That’s my favorite Best Friend Game!
Make Milhouse Browse for Tattoos- 4hrs
Make Bart Browse for Tattoos-
Keep the Sea Captain free when complete
Bart:  I’ve decided! I want a tattoo of Radioactive Man surfing on a wave of lava covering my entire back.
Whoa, is that a needle?
Bart: I looks like a needle, but I’ sure it doesn’t — Aaaaaah! I’ve changed my mind! I’ll just go with what we’ve got. Just a sqiggly… dot.
Milhouse: That’s gonna look cool, Bart. Especially when the scab falls off.

Squidport Pt. 15
After tapping the Sea Captain

Lisa: Mr. Sea Captain? As much as I love your quaint restaurant, there really aren’t many breakfast options.
Sea Captain: 
What are ye talking about? The swim bladder of a kipper is a breakfast delicacy on Norwegian prison ships.
Lisa: Be that as it may, I think vegetarians would prefer pretty much anything else. How about muffins?
Sea Captain: Vegetarians? Preachy blowhards! But I suppose their money’s green enough. Let’s build your Muffin shop!
Have 27 Boardwalk Sections
Reach Level 18
Build Much Ado About Muffins
– $48,500, 24hrs
Keep Moe free when complete

Much Ado About Muffins
After tapping Moe

Moe: Muffins, eh?   I don’t normally go for fancy-schmancy snacks, but maybe it’s time I started treating myself to the finer things in life.
Make Moe Try a Muffin- 4hrs
Keep the Sea Captain free when complete
Moe: Wait. This is a muffin! It’s just a cupcake with no frosting and a whole lotta attitude.  I don’t like my food acting like it’s too good for me just because it is. Into the trash you go!… Hey look, a muffin from out of the trash – now that I can eat! 

Squidport Pt. 16
After tapping the Sea Captain

Sea Captain: The gods have seen that out hearts are tru and that we are trying to please them.  Still, they want us to build a store whose name doesn’t, in any way, explain what kind of products the store sells. They were that specific.
Have 31 Boardwalk Sections
Reach level 19
Build the Crypto Barn-
$81,000, 24hrs
Keep Martin and Milhouse free when complete

Sea Captain: Y’arr let the bells ring out! The Sea Gods have accepted out offering! The oceans are once again roiling with bountiful sea life. And we are killing it as fast as we can.  : And, best of all, my restaurant is turning a moderate profit, all thanks to my renewed humility and mindfulness. And the sign I put over the door: “No Fatties!”
Homer: D’oh!

Loads of Codes
After tapping on Martin 

Martin: The Crypto Barn: A Place For Codes. This may be my favorite store ever.
Milhouse: A place for codes? what does that even mean?
Martin: Isn’t it obvious? They sell codes and code-related supplies. All kinds of codes: Computer, moral, health…
Milhouse: Wow, this is great!
Martin: I know, I could spend hours and hours here!
Milhouse: No, the store sucks. It’s great that I’ve finally found someone dorkier than me.
Make Martin Go the the Crypto Barn– 4hrs
Make Milhouse Go the the Crypto Barn– 4hrs

And with that the Squidport quest is complete.  However, if you purchased premium items there are two hidden quests that will unlock once Squidport is complete.   You can find the premium Squidport Quests here…

Tapped Out Walkthrough: Squidport Part 3

When we last left off more stores had been build, Bart set off flares in the Brown House, some decorations had been purchased for Squidport, and Lisa was browsing the Just Rainsticks store.  We continue the walkthrough with the Sea Captain trying to learn a new skill….
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The Old Man and the Sea Pt. 4

After tapping the Sea Captain

Sea Captain: When ye’re crossing a great ocean and ye got miles of time ahead of ye, it’s the perfect opportunity to hone new skills.‎
Homer: Like what? Knot tying, knife throwing, shark punching?
Sea Captain: Nay! I was able to work up a solid stand up set. Here’s my opener: We all know the difference between a Quartermaster and a Boatswain, right? ‘Bout 20K a year! Ba-dum-bump!
Homer: What language are you speaking?
Sea Captain: Y’arr, I’m still workshoppin’ a lot of this.
Make Sea Captain Practice Standup Routine- 1hr 

Squidport Pt. 10
After Tapping the Sea Captain

Sea Captain: ….and I said, “That’s as useful as a tall powder monkey!”
Homer: I don’t get it.
Sea Captain: If he was tall, he couldn’t fit in the gunwale, which would be hilarious… aw, forget it! My quality sea-comedy’s too good for the likes of you. Ye can amuse yourself with the low-rent antics of boardwalk street performers.
Have a Street Performer– You just need 1 street performer here.  There is 1 that will cost you game dollars rather than donuts. (which is what I would recommend doing) If you already have one, though, you’ll just be told that your task is complete.
TSTO Squidport Boardwalk_performers

Keep the Sea Captain free when finished

Squidport Pt. 11
After tapping the Sea Captain

Sea Captain:  Now this is a boardwalk on which Ahab himself would be proud to play skeeball.  The Squidport is finally ready for the placement of its crowning jewel.
Homer: Jewels? You’re going to share your ill-gotten treasure booty with us!
Sea Captain: Stop calling me a pirate! I meant a metaphorical jewel. Something that will really make the Squidport shine.
Homer: A fried dough stand?
Sea Captain: Better than that.
Lisa: An antique book store?
Sea Captain: Better than that!
Bart: A hundred foot tall climbing wall that you parachute down from?
Sea Captain: Well okay, not as good as that.
Have 16 Boardwalk sections
Build the Frying Dutchman– $43,000, 24hrs
Keep the Sea Captain free when complete 

The Frying Dutchman Pt. 1
After tapping the Sea Captain

Sea Captain: Y’arr, to use an old nautical term: Ta-dah!!
Bart: That’s our “jewel”? A crappy food shack?
Sea Captain: The Frying Dutchman is a charming seafood restaurant!
Bart: You sell fish sticks. That’s not seafood. It’s barely food-food.
Homer: *chomp* I gotta say, *gulp* the boy’s right, Sea captain. This food is… *chew*… just okay. *gulp*
Sea Captain: Did I mention it was “All-You-Can-Eat?”
Homer: Out of my way people, or risk being eaten!
Make the Sea Captain Work at the Frying Dutchman- 8hrs
Make Springfield Residents Eat at the Frying Dutchman (x20)- 
8hrs each you’ll need to send 20 of your characters to spend 8 hours at the all-you-can-eat buffet (or one character 20 times – your choice). I chose to send all of my characters there, as it’s unfortunately another one-time only task.
Keep the Sea Captain, Homer and Comic Book Guy free when complete

The Frying Dutchman Pt. 2
After tapping the Sea Captain

Sea Captain: Yarr!  Business is booming! Booming footsteps? Why is the ground shaking? What’s that shadow falling over the threshold? Neptune help us – there’s two o’ them!
Comic Book Guy: I’m here for you “All-You-Can-Eat” buffet. I have bought my own plate… which is actually a catering pan!
Homer: Well, I bought my kids inflatable swimming pool. It’s a giant bowl you can sit in. (Note: EA makes typos as well – it’s spelt “inflatible” in the game.)
Comic Book Guy: Said pool looks like it deflated. You are currently just sitting and eating off the floor.
Homer: At least I’m eating.
Comic Book Guy: Touche. Make room for me.
Sea Captain: The horror. The horror…
Make the Sea Captain Work at Frying Dutchman (x2)- 8hrs
Make Homer Pig Out at the Frying Dutchman- 36hrs
Make Comic Book Guy Pig Out at the Frying Dutchman- 36hrs
Keep the Sea Captain free when complete

Sea Captain: Everything.  They ate everything.  All the food… even the Naugahyde off the booth.  T’aren’t men, tha’re remorseless eatin’ machines.
Comic Book Guy: Passable. I’ll give it 2.5 out of 5 on my blog. By the way, I’ll be paying with a Groupon.
Homer: Can I have more of these mints?
Sea Captain: Those are pebbles from the potted plant next to you.
Homer: I repeat, can I have more?

Squidport Pt. 12
After tapping the Sea Captain 

Sea Captain: Homer, I’m beggin’ ye.  What can I do to have you turn your mighty eatin’ power elsewhere?
Homer: Well, the only reason I even came down to the waterfront was to get some fried dough.
Sea Captain: That’s it? That’s all we have ta do? Yee-haw! I mean… I don’t know, whatever sailors say when they’re happy.
Have 17 Boardwalk Sections
Build a Fried Dough Stand– $945, instant
Sea Captain: There, take it! Eat ye vast yellow whale! Eat yer fried dough! Eat like the great sucking whirlpool you are!
Homer: Hmm, you know what’s funny? I’m not hungry anymore. I’m feeling kind of nappish.

The Old Man and the Sea Pt. 5
After tapping the Sea Captain

Sea Captain: Y’arr, I have depleted the ocean of her delicious sea life.  What Homer did to my restaurant, I did to Poseidon’s endless wonderland. So, I can see how he’s be sore at me. It’s going ta take a bit o’ sweet talkin’ to get the bounty of the sea flowing again.
Make the Sea Captain Pray to Poseidon- 12hrs

To be continued with our final, non-premium, Squidport Walkthrough….Part 4

Tapped Out Walkthrough: Squidport Part 2

We last left off our Squidport quest with Homer craving Fried Dough, the Sea Captain appearing promising rebuild Squidport, and the first store on Squidport being built the Itchy and Scratch Store.  We pick up our walkthrough with Bart and Milhouse excited about the new store….
Missed part 1?  You can find it here

The Fight and Buy-It
After tapping Bart

Bart: Gather together your birthday card twenties and “get well soon” fives!  We’re going to the Itchy and Scratchy store!
Milhouse: Yes! Luckily I went to the ER three times last month, so I’m flush with cash.
Make Bart and Milhouse Browse the Itchy & Scratchy Store- 4hrs
Keep the Sea Captain free when complete
Milhouse: That place is a rip-off, Bart.  This Scratchy keychain is clearly a re-painted Garfield with an ax in his head.
Bart: This Itchy and Scratchy ball bounces funny and makes my eyes water when I smell it. Also, it’s stamped with the words “Warning: Not a Toy!”
Milhouse: I just found money in my other pocket.
Bart: What are we waiting for? Let’s buy more crap!

Squidport Pt. 6
After tapping the Sea Captain

Sea Captain: T’is a start, but a short boardwalk is like a peg-leg dancing girl.  If she’s right there, you’ll look at ‘er, but enh.  Ye need to build more Boardwalk.
Homer: How do we do that? I mean, I know… but explain it slowly for people who aren’t as smart as me.
Sea Captain: Head ye over to the Squidport Entrance and then, er… I don’t know just build it. And ye can always speed the work along with donuts!
Homer: What a surprise.
Build Squidport Section(s)
Keep the Sea Captain free when complete
Tap the Squidport Entrance and make a few more Boardwalk sections (unless you’ve already done this).  You’ll need a total of 8 pieces to start the next task, but you only need to build 1 to complete the task.  

Squidport Pt. 7
After tapping the Sea Captain

Sea Captain: Little girl, I need some supplies, where can an old salt get hands on rope and tarps?
Lisa: Are you going out to sea again?
Sea Captain: Nay, I’m going to an Adele concert and wanted to unfurl a sign that says I heart her. I’ve got bad seats so it has to be a big one.
Lisa: Well, the boardwalk used to have a place that sold camping supplies.
Sea Captain: And it shall again. Fall on, men – the cheap seats await!
Build the Malaria Zone- $47,500, 24hrs Requires 8 Boardwalk tiles
Keep Bart free when complete

A Flair for Exploration Pt. 1
After tapping Bart

Bart: What kind of store is this? Thermal underwear, waterproof matches, flares… Oh my God! This stuff is awesome! Fires starter, extra long forks, something that turns pee into drinking water? Why haven’t I always been shopping here?!
Make Bart Buy Flares– 4hrs

A Flair for Exploration Pt. 2
After tapping Bart

Bart: A boy and his explosives.  Is there anything more American?
Make Bart Set off Flares in the Brown House-12hrs

Squidport Pt. 8
After Tapping the Sea Captain

Sea Captain: Y’arr!  The boardwalk is coming ‘round nicely, but still there’s something missing. 
Ned Flanders: Mr. Captain, sir? If I could offer a suggestion… a spruce or two could really, well, spruce things up!
Sea Captain: That’s it exactly, matey! You gay men always have the best design advice.
Ned Flanders: Oh, I’m not homosexual.
Sea Captain: Neither am I, wink-wink! Now, let’s get decorating, girlfriend!
Place Boardwalk Decorations1 Boardwalk Lamp Post, 3 Boardwalk Trees & 5 Boardwalk Fences
Keep the Sea Captain free when complete

The Old Man and the Sea Pt. 3
After tapping the Sea Captain

Sea Captain:  Now, my hearties, bring her about and her braced in a broach an ye can lay to that!  Because… un, at three bells as the crow flies…er… sextant…
Lisa: Is everything okay, Sea Captain?
Sea Captain: I’ve been running out of nautical jargon to pepper me conversation with. Which is hard because, ye know, it’s my thing.
Lisa: You could pick up jargon from classic tales of the sea like “Treasure Island” or “Moby Dick”.
Sea Captain: Brilliant! You’re like one of them, ye know, light… buildings that shine for boats and stuff when the weather is… not good… Ya’rr. I’d best get to readin’.
Make the Sea Captain Read Nautical Literature 24hrs

Squidport Pt. 9
After tapping the Sea Captain

Sea Captain:   Y’arr!  I’ve learned a thing or three in me travels.  Things I’d like to share with the good folk o’ Springfield. Maybe a cultural imports store.
Lisa: It’s so wonderful that you want to expose people to the crafts and cultures of distant peoples!
Sea Captain: N’arr, I jest want to fleece tourists the way the locals fleeced me everywhere I went. Maybe unload some tribal gee-gaws I got conned inta buying.
Build Just Rainsticks- $52,000, 24hrs. Requires you have at least 12 Boardwalk Sections to build.

Keep Lisa free when Complete

Just Rainsticks
After tapping Lisa

Lisa: Ooh, an entire store filled with rainsticks!  How can I choose just one?
Bart: Lis, even you have to see those things are beyond lame. It’s a giant, slow rattle.
Lisa: Rainsticks were invented by the Aztecs who believed that by recreating the sound of rain, they could call forth rainstorms to water their crops.
Bart: Well, they should have invented a stick that recreated the sound of them not being conquered by the Spanish.
Lisa: Wow. That was actually historically accurate.
Bart: I perk up in class when there’s ass-whoopings.
Make Lisa Browse for Rainsticks-4hrs
Keep the Sea Captain free when complete.

To be continued….Part 3

Tapped Out Walkthrough: Squidport Part 1

Note: If you are just starting out in the game, the Squidport build kicks off at game level 15 (not XP level 15), once you’ve completed all the tasks that follow the Moe’s Tavern build. By the time you get to building Springfield Downs, you should be able to get underway – although buying that water expansion may be a bit of an obstacle

Homer kicks off the building of Squidport

Squidport Pt. 1
After tapping Homer

Homer: D’oh!
Lisa: What’s wrong, Dad?
Homer: Oh, that wasn’t an annoyed “d’oh” – I was thinking about “dough”. Like the delicious fried dough they used to sell down at the waterfront. Get in the car, kids! We’re going to the Squidport!
Lisa: Dad, remember? You blew up the town. There is no Squidport.
Homer: D’oh! That one was an annoyed d’oh.
Lisa: I suppose we could rebuild the Squidport. It’s be nice to see our town finally stretch down to the water.
Homer: Get in the car, kids! We’re going to rebuild the Squidport!
Lisa: Nobody “gets in cars” anymore. We all just walk aimlessly on the streets.
Homer: D’oh!
Lisa: Which kind was that?
Homer: Little of both.
Buy Beach Expansion
Buy Water Expansion

Squidport Pt. 2
After tapping Homer

Homer: Okay, water expansion bought! …and it was surprisingly easy considering it’s prime oceanfront property and all my money is fake.
Lisa: Great! Now we can build the Squidport Entrance.
Homer: You know what they say: “Every great building begins with the door!”
Lisa: Who says that?
Homer: I dunno. Building builders, I assume.
Place the Squidport Entrance- $4,500, instant

Squidport Pt. 3
After tapping Homer

Homer: Mmm, fried dough. A plate-sized glob of wet flour, deep fried and covered with whipped cream… Ow! Chest pains! I need to exercise. By walking a short distance along the boardwalk to get to the Fried Dough Stand.
You now enter the Tutorial Phase of Squidport.  It will show you how to place the 4 boardwalk sections that came (for free) with the Squidport Entrance.  Note: It won’t  always be this easy to get Boardwalk tiles.

Squidport Pt. 4
After tapping Homer

Homer: Ah, the Squidport! Full of charming junkies and colorful runaways, attracted by the smell of carnival food and shady merchants… Wait a minute! My Squidport doesn’t have any of that!
Lisa: Dad? Is something wrong?
Homer: No, sweetie. Daddy just has to have a talk with his real estate partners. STUPID WATERFRONT! EMBARRASS ME IN FRONT OF JUNKIES AND RUNAWAYS!
Make Homer Swear at the Ocean12hrs

The Old Man and the Sea Pt.1
After tapping Homer

Homer: Uh-oh, did I blow another brain vessel?  I think I’m hallucinating a house out there…in the ocean.  , it’s real! It’s some kind of house/boat hybrid! Hmmm, I wonder what you call that?
, it’s real! It’s some kind of house/boat hybrid! Hmmm, I wonder what you call that?
Build the Houseboat- $15,000, instant

New Character Unlock!
new character unlock message sea captain

The Old Man and the Sea Pt. 2
After tapping Sea Captain

Sea Captain: Y’arr, who be doing all that squalling and cussing at the sea? Ye made me sailors blush. Seriously, some of them cried.
Homer: Sorry, sometimes I have a potty mouth. Anyhoo, who the F@#& are you?
Sea Captain: Captain McCallister. Just let in from a long haul at sea. Been at Madagascar and Malabar and spent half a hundred days floating ’round the giant garrrbage patch in the Pacific. Y’arr, that last one tweren’t intentional. But sit ye down and have a yarn with the Captain. I’ll tell of a ship that near went under, her belly laden with counterfeit Kindle Fires.
Homer: Eh, I’m really not much for listening to people.
Sea Captain: Did I mention there’s be rum by the bucketfull?
Homer: Yarn away! Don’t leave anything out!
Make the Sea Captain Tell Tall Tales-4hrs

Squidport Pt. 5
After tapping the Sea Captain

Sea Captain: Ya’rr, the Squidport! This old seadog has spent many a silver here, having me caricature made and eating Dipping Dots. Tho something’s different now, can’t lay a finger to it. Wait, I have it – it’s become totally lame.
Homer: I know, right? You can’t buy a fried anything or squoosh a penny into a worthless flat oval.
Sea Captain: Me men’ll get this place into ship-shape. The finest builders what sailed the seas!
Lisa: It makes sense that sailors would know carpentry. They have to constantly repair the ship.
Sea Captain: Aye. We’ll start by building a logo store to increase footfalls and up the spill-over effect.
Lisa: Okay, now it’s making less sense.
Sea Captain: Sailors must also be well-versed in mall-science and neuromarketing.
Build The Itchy and Scratchy Store- $32,000, 24hrs
Note: This is your first Squidport build.  This store, and all Squidport stores & buildings can only be placed on the Boardwalk.
Keep Bart and Milhouse free when complete

To be continued…..Part 2