Tapped Out Walkthrough: Squidport Premium Quests

Fantastic Ferris Wheel
After purchasing the premium Ferris Wheel and Tapping Mr. Burns
Mr. Burns: Smithers, look!  A pleasure wheel very similar to the one that Ferris boy was working on.
Smithers: Would you like to take a ride, sir?
Mr. Burns: I’d like to, but I lack sufficient body weight to keep from being gusted away at the top.  Perhap if you rode with me and held me.
Smithers: I…I…I…*thump*
Make Mr. Burns Ride the Ferris Wheel- 10hrs  This also requires Smithers, although there is no prompt for him.  The task will be locked unless both Smithers and Mr. Burns are free. 

Malaria Del Arte
Will appear only if premium character, Dr. Nick is purchased.
After tapping Lisa 

Lisa: Look, replica tribal blowgun!  And the darts are dripped in paralytic compound.  One drop could bring down a charging yak!
Bart: Cool, lemme try! *inhales* Ack!
Lisa: You’re supposed to blow.
Bart: You… blow… heh-heh, zing… *thump
Lisa: Help! Someone call a doctor!
Dr. Nick: Did someone say “Doctor”? Hi, everybody!
Make Dr. Nick Perform Emergency Surgery on Bart– 12hrs
Temporary task for Dr. Nick.  Requires both Bart and Dr. Nick.
Dr. Nick: Okay, little boy, the venom in your system has been counteracted.
 Thanks Doc.
Dr. Nick: No need to thank me. Getting paid is payment enough.

And now officially all of Squidport is complete….for now anyway.
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